Rihanna Blows Up The Charts

Singer Rihanna scored her highest career debut at Rhythm Radio last week when Umbrella entered the R&R (Radio & Records) BDS Rhythmic chart at #31-bullet (the #2 Most Increased audience of the week, +1.2 million to a total of 4.9 million!). Last week marked the song’s official impact at radio. Umbrella is the #1 most added at the Pop and Rhythm format, with over 110 pop stations on impact and over 50 Rhythm adds.

The single has over 40 million in audience and over 5300 spins. Umbrella is the first single from Rihanna’s highly anticipated third album (in two years), Good Girl Gone Bad, set for a June 5th release. I guess the sista had plenty to smile about while taking in Chris Brown’s birthday bash over the weekend. Congrats to her !!

On the pages below are new pics of Rihanna hosting MTV’s TRL on Monday, May 7th.


  1. I believe the music term for this is called, “payolla.” When a record company pays radio to play a song.

  2. Payola? πŸ˜† Is that kinda like Crayolas with cash? LOL.

    Wow. It’s her presence, totally. The song is okay, her voice is ‘less-than’, but the video makes this song soar!

    You know, I watched Dreamgirls the other night. I realized something, if a lot of these R&B artists were out back then, they would not survive..hell, they wouldn’t be signed. Why? Because you didn’t have videos to help sell your song…it was about the voice, the sound. Many like Rihanna wouldn’t even be on the radar. A lot has changed in the world of music, no? πŸ™‚

  3. can someone please explain to me how this is payola..

  4. i don’t think it’s payola. I think it is just her time and whatever she does will be embraced by the industry. Every artist has there moment where whatever they touch just turns to gold and this is lil Rihanna’s moment. I saw this coming last year with the endorsements and all the promotion she was getting even with no album out. Right now she is a force of nature that cannot be stopped. The best song writers and producers will be called in to ensure she becomes the next big thing and that is what is happening now.Five years from now she will be where Beyonce is now.

  5. JBL I hope not :loser: I mean, more power to her for making the dough. I would support her hustle just like any other black person, but she can’t sing. Beyonce is in freaking overkill mode right now…she is irritating as hell but she has a voice at least. If I had to hear this girl on the radio, see her on tv and in magazines as often as Beyonce, I would have to give up on entertainment altogether to keep my sanity. :stop: Rihanna. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. You’re lovely but Jesus…enough is enough.

  6. Guess what!You know how many artist,mangers,and record companies excs. Pay radio stations to play their artist music.A many and a plenty that should let you know right their.
    have you been listening to the garbage on the radio today.


  7. :iagree: with JBL. I think it’s just her time. Besides a lot of artist do that and you can tell who they are. They’re the ones who get air play and don’t sell no records!!! πŸ˜† Yes the video is hot. Go ahead rihanna do your thang :thumbsup:

  8. It’s rhianna’s time to shine. congrats to her. ANd the video makes that song defenitely.

  9. Beyonce used payola as well with her first album which I really enjoyed. So I know she had to do it for this B-day crap b/c I liked all of 3 songs on that if that many! So Rhianna can do it the girl looks damn good and I like her new song. Not saying she is the best singer but geez who can really sing now and days. But she’s young and cute she will be ok times are only getting worse for our (so-called) R&B artist!

  10. Rhianna is doing her thing with umbrella y’all ain’t the one in the industry. Y’all dont know what it is like to have to make your fans happy, and dealing with the lies and propaganda. Just be happy for people if you don’t like it keep it moving. Payola yeah right.

  11. That darn song is really starting to grow on me. Eh eh eh eh :dance:

  12. [quote comment=”6777″]I believe the music term for this is called, “payolla.” When a record company pays radio to play a song.[/quote]
    Loveher your comment made the Black Voices Blog for Blog comment section. They got your name wrong though πŸ˜†

    View-> here

    Live view . Scroll through the images on the left and click the pic of Rihanna.

  13. That song is wack wack wack. Jay-Z’s flow ain’t even hot on that one. I guess B said you can only rock a hot flow on my shit!!!

  14. :banana: That’s my jam :banana:

    I’m feeling the video, too.

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