Rihanna’s New Book & New Man

Rihanna is moving on… finally. We all know after bad break-ups men tend to hop right back into the swing of things- hitting the dating circuit usually in record time. Women however are generally just the opposite. We tend to grieve for a while- take time to reflect and then… maybe once pushed by friends decide to open ourselves up again. Chris Brown didn’t seem to grieve the loss of Rihanna too long as he was seen in the company of various women almost immediately- while Rihanna was seen mostly with girlfriends and newly hired bodyguards.

That all seems to have changed now. As my Grandma would say- Rihanna is “keeping company” with a new man and he’s not too shabby. His name is Matt Kemp and he’s a Los Angeles Dodger. He’s also a slight Chris Brown look-alike, but that’s another story in itself. The two have been spotted together before and seem to be openly letting the world they that they are item… or traveling buddies.

The two were seen arriving at LAX last night- fresh off of Rihanna’s New Year’s Eve gig in Abu Dhabi.

… and in other RiRi news- the singer is adding “Author” to her many list of credits. According to Amazon.com, Rihanna will release a book in conjunction with writer Simon Henwood called The Last Girl On Earth. Due to hit stores on June 29, 2010, it is already available for pre-order.

A lot of people are wondering what the book will be about but common sense tells me it will be nothing more than a professional tour book– an extravaganza of all things Rihanna and “Rated R.” The book is listed in the musical category and if memory serves me correctly The Beatles and Madonna have done something similar in the past.

Btw, the contributing writer to this book, Simon Henwood, is Rihanna’s all around creative director and a quick glance at his website- even while I am still writing this post- just confirmed my theory. According to SimonHenwood.com “A photo book documenting the artists: designs, film, and visuals for the American singer will be published in 2010 by Rizzoli, New York.


  1. Chris Brown and Rihanna have been linked to other “girlfriend/boyfriend types” since the incident equally. SMH. So I disagree with the immediately statement. They are celebrities. Not entirely a big fan of her, but I would like to read what she has to say in a book. =)

  2. No they were not both linked to people. Rihanna was seen standing beside Drake in a club once and both denied being anything but in the same place at the same time.

    Chris started getting his groove on the minute Rihanna was gone. I bet he had sex with another girl within a month of his breakup with her. Men don’t go too long without sex oce they become active.

    As for Rihanna, if they are dating I am happy she has moved on and is able to trust men again.

  3. Rihanna has not done one thing in her life that warrants a book and I mean nothing! She cant even keep a note so who is going to buy her book? She’s moved on, good for her cause no one was holding their breath wondering or hoping she would find another. If anything this will bring to light her mental state when dating! Ms. Clingy…

  4. This is Rihanna second time being photograph with Matt. Her album went platinum also after 5 weeks.Iam glad she has moved away from Corny Chris Brown

  5. Rock on Rihanna. Keep making moves and doing big things with your career.

    Take it slow with Matt, but do lowe r your jerk-guard slightly.

  6. I love Rhiannas style and music, but i wont buy the book….sorry its a recession!

  7. @Cicely THAT’S BEING LINKED TO SOMEONE EVEN IF THEY WEREN’T MESSING AROUND! She’s been linked to a lot of men even before she started dating CB, and it doesn’t mean she was actually intimate with them. How long did she deny Chris? And still did even when she actually was with him. What I meant by linked is being associated with someone romantically weather it is false or not. I am sure Chris linked with other girls. That’s not a crime. But we don’t know for sure immediately after the incident. Who cares. I do hope Rihanna has found new love. Just hope she doesn’t plan on rushing into it.

    And LMFAO @ Lisa Jones!

  8. @Jane Doe

    Rihanna went platinum globally. She isn’t even close to selling a million on American soil.

  9. WHO CAREZ!!!!

    Honestly Rihanna and Chris Brown can F*** whoever they want….Chris Brown is not dating, he is a handsome 20 year old who is in the prime of her personal life…Rihanna and this BOOK…WHY!!!!And Rihanna Went Platinum Globally in 5 weeks,…NOPE NOT TODAY!!! I dont feel up to a fight..

  10. i doubt there will be anything in her book that is interesting or relevant to what people really want to hear.

  11. Ok .. To the person who said who wud buy this book cuz she has no talent well just to inform u that doesn’t matter these days she looks gud and after all it is a pic book no one is buyin it to here her screeching… And another thing wit that is the point of a picture u can find prolly every pic in that book on the internet.. And as far as CB .. Why must we have to include him in her post all the time.. LEAVE HIM ALONE.. Let that boy breathe dammit.. And yes u r rite it does take women longer to get over things but not every.. Nd rihanna has made herself out there.. Just cuz we don’t have evidence in the form of pics doesn’t mean it never happened


  13. I Looove Rihanna’s style & music! I’m so glad that not all good music sounds alike. I like variety. I wish Rihanna the best in life. If not wanting your man to cheat on you is being clingy, then all women should have enough self-love & self-respect to be “clingy”.

  14. @toy I haven’t heard of rihanna being linked to any men before chris. Chris was the first man I ever knew of rihanna dating. Also she took almost a year off since the incident, and this is the first man I have seen her out with since then as well. Brown sista was right with her assessments. People want to try to paint this girl as some hoe, but we know its far from the truth, because she was with CB for a while, and is just now stepping out again in 2010. She is young, so she should rightfully be dating, so do you ri ri.

  15. That’s right move on my sista..because men have no problems doing the same thing…..As far as a book..she does not have that kind of history every one has had a bad dysfunctional relationship might not have been physical but it damn sho has been verbal!

  16. ummm if thats the guy in the picture…he does not resemble Chris Brown…or at least I dont see it…maybe I need to see another picture

  17. A couple of things:

    1. This is 2010- some of us DO move on and don’t waste time letting stupid men get us down and out. I am a HUGE advocate of self-love, self-care and trying new things. As one who used to sit at home crying my eyes out over exes, I decided to try it the other way, and it worked for me.

    2. Rihanna’s new man makes CB look like small fries! Plus, he has more money, and is lower profile. There is NOTHING desperate about this to me; women deserve to be happy, we aren’t meant to be alone. Thats Biblical.

    3. I have read elsewhere that she plans to discuss how abuse has changed her life, as well as her relationship with Jay-Z and her career in general. So, its going to be an auto-bio mixed with photos. Can’t wait, I’m going to buy it. So BORED, I also disagree with you here too. She has had quite a life to be so young, and her voice does need to be heard.

  18. hmmm….I dont think he looks like chris brown either.

    I like her hair here.

  19. A book? What could she possibly have to write about at such a young age that would be of interest besides capitalizing off of the Chris Brown incident which I’m completely over and tired of hearing about.

  20. @WHATEVER She was actually linked to 3 actors including Shia LeBouf and linked to both him and Drake after the incident. Yes they were rumors but read my definition of being linked again. Like @LMAO said who really cares who they fucked. I was just saying it’s no point in saying “Chris immediately messed around” when they are two grown adults with separate lives now and his new “flows” have nothing to do with her and who she chooses to be with.

  21. Wow! Rihanna needs to slow it down. She is like the black Marilyn Monroe-every mans slut. She needs to get her life and career in order. Being young doesn’t mean being stupid. At this stage she should be laying the foundation for a great future instead of living like a candle in the wind. Where are her parents? Its like she doesn’t have any one person in her life with wisdom to help guide her. SMDH! As for the book, I’ll pass. She doesn’t appear to be intelligent enough to come up with anything clever or thought provoking, and I don’t have any money to line her pockets. I have my own needs, wants and goals to finance. Good luck with that tho’!

  22. Stefany & Red lipstick—I couldnt have said it better myseslf!

  23. She’s young and she should date. But she aint got to let everybody know that dude is “getting the drawls” lol. She could have been a little more discreet with the a** grabbing and all that but then again she is Rhianna and she could have been a little more discreet with everything she does.

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