Rihanna Calls Gossip Blogger Her “Bitch”

For some ungodly reason celebrities seem to gravitate towards gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Few celebs outside of Madonna and Lady Gaga escape his poison pen. Despite this, A-list stars just keep lining up to kiss his shiny ring. Rihanna adds her name to the list by actually having Hilton appear in her “S&M” video. So when asked by a fan via Twitter why she would give Perez face time after he slammed her so vehemently during her “Rate R” era, the singer had a classic response.

Check it out below…



  1. I love Rihanna for her response. But I think it was a definite inside business decision.

    I hate Perez. He and his blog are overrated. He only loves white women who kiss the gay community’s ass.

  2. Black celebs think this racist hag has so much power but he doesn’t. Like all whites (he look white so I’m calling him white) they ignore black celebs until we make them hot (like what Necole Bitchie did with Nicki Minaj) and then they jump on the bandwagon and get all the scoops and hits on Google. Alicia Keys sucked Perez dry by giving him the scoop on her video and it didn’t work cause her sells plummeted from not only lousy music but from sleeping with another woman’s husband. The same will eventually happen to Rihanna. Once Perez uses her to get scoops and exclusives he will once again turn on her and use his blog to destroy her name and career. That is how whites and people who look white operate. Look how he he tried to talk down about Beyonce saying Gaga was so much bigger and better than her because her tour was supposedly sold out while Beyonce’s wasn’t. That is the work of a racist. Their goal is always to prove that a white person is superior to a black person. Rihanna will soon discover that you never lay down with snake because no matter how nice they act, they will eventually bite you.

  3. @Jason: Alicia keys sales did what ? That girl CD sold well, so did her tour,It’s okay to build up little worlds in your head just don’t say it out loud. The element of freedom was a solid piece, Just like any music Alicia out out there, how very little of you, to try and mix her personal life with her artistry…
    beyonce married an ex-drug dealer, I guess people should stop buying her music now? Just hush

    I do not expect people to get it, It was a powerful message for rihanna to walk Perez like a dog in her video, and please stop trying to predict that young girl’s future; What you have God’s Cell Number?

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