Rihanna Calls in Sick


Rihanna’s vocals have once again caused the singer to have to cancel a tour date, this time in Houston, Texas.

RiRi was scheduled to perform at Houston’s Toyota Center tonight but canceled the performance due to an undisclosed illness. However, a backup dancer on the tour tweeted, saying the singer had “lost her voice” and was “unable to sing.” It should be noted however that those tweets were quickly deleted.

Rihanna’s almost sellout Diamonds Tour has been plagued by cancellations since it kicked off last month. The singer canceled shows in Baltimore and Boston, also due to vocal strain and a short bout with the flu.

MTV speculated about the latest cancellation, saying the singer most likely pulled the plug because of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Unlike her previous cancellations, Rihanna made no statement on Twitter, instead choosing to only acknowledge the tragedy in Boston and sending her prayers.

Update: Rihanna finally responded to her fans concerning her canceled shows in Houston and Dallas.

According to the ailing pop diva, she “fucked up” and should have taken more time off to recuperate after her previous tour cancellations.

Read her full statement below.



  1. Rihanna has become such a mean girl on Twitter. It is such a turn off. Karma is biting her in the patooty. I see more cancellations in her future.

  2. I don’t wanna speculate but I’ve heard her tickets were still on sale there…many tickets.
    But whatever the case may be, I wish her a speedy recovery.

  3. Furthermore what’s up with all this illness from her??? Antioxidants Rihanna…Antioxidants. And with her cash flow she can obtain the most powerful.
    I take mine everyday and haven’t been sick in years.

  4. Her ass isn’t sick. She is partying and drugging. She has no respect for her voice or her fans and could care less about putting on a good show.

  5. She just canceled Dallas, too.

    I hope she gets better…

  6. she needs a nutrionist to tour with her. shes at that young and reckless age.

  7. No what she needs to do is settle down. Don’t post all these pics then cancel two concerts because you lost your voice. I’m sorry but you don’t see A Keys, Beyonce etc doing nonsense like that. This is a J.O.B and ppl are paying to see her. I feel like she should probably not even bother with Texas anymore…She’s cancelled 2 concerts in Houston and the last concert she had in Dallas was cut short due to ‘technical difficulties’. Her Texas fans probably aren’t too pleased with her.

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