Rihanna “Cheers”

Mary J. Blige and Beyonce aren’t the only divas debuting new music/videos today. Rihanna has officially thrown her hat into the ring as well, unveiling the video for her brand new single “Cheers (Drink to That).”

As previously reported, the video features mostly scenes from Rihanna‘s concerts- mixed with a bit of personal footage shot when the singer visited Barbados on vacation last month.

Check it out below…

Click here if the video doesn’t play.


  1. Love the song, but thought the video could’ve been a little better (as far as the treatment) but I do like it.

  2. best personality in the entertainment business, she will always be fine fi she keeps smiling and having fun, she looks gorgeous, i feel like i caught a glimpse of who rihanna really is and i love it, I’m glad she got Avril on here, i respect her for acknowledging people that make her successful, This has been my song SINCE LOUD came out, good for her, she will go far.

  3. This video is so fresh, exuberant, etc. No pretenses, no bullsh*t, just freedom. LOVE

  4. love the video- nice to see behind the scenes looks when she’s not in full make up! I feel like going on a mini vacation though 🙂

  5. baddest woman in the game, that’s a STAR !!! go byatch represent barbados to the fullest .

  6. love rihanna. Her personality shines through on this video. I love the song, a great weekend get you in the mood for fun type of joint. Go ri ri.

  7. This video is fab love it, it gets u upbeat an ready for fun time , rihanna has barbados all over this video CHEERS to that.

  8. I like this song…good video…I love her seeming zest and openness…life is about having fun…this song will be used in various promo…friday songs generally are…Go Rihanna!

  9. well i like the video its cool the coten of the song is cool too but dose not thrill me. blah blah blah..whateva man

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