Rihanna Chooses Next Single

With her current single “You Da One,” shockingly languishing at the bottom of the charts, Rihanna and her label have decided to keep things moving, officially choosing the singer’s album title “Talk That Talk” as the next single.

Despite what I predicted when the “You Da One” video premiered, the single has not reached the top spot on iTunes, or even the top ten.

I personally thought the single was ten times better than “We Found Love,” which eventually went on to become the singer’s biggest hit to date, spending 8 (maybe more, I forgot) consecutive weeks at #1.

Rihanna released the artwork for the new single below, check it out.

“Talk That Talk” is expected to get the video treatment later this month.


  1. TTT is a good single… she is the queen of singles. and with Jay Z accompanying her on this track along with baby Blue/Ivy here….

    it will do well

  2. Truthfully… You da One’s melody was annoying. The song eventually grew on me, but it took a lot longer than most of her singles for me to find it even tolerable. Also, the obvious — it would have been a perfect summer single. Releasing it in the fall/winter made no sense, and the video, while visually pleasant didn’t really elevate the song. It’s hard to get into someone singing about this great love, when they’re by themselves in a room spinning in circles, grabbing their crotch and making sexy eyes at the camera.

    I think Talk That Talk will do ok, mostly because of Jay-Z, but I think Where Have You Been will be what takes her back to the top. The thing is, WHYB has to be released towards the end of the TTT “era” because of the similarity in style to We Found Love (which IMO is still the better song).

    There really aren’t that many single worthy songs on TTT because it just wasn’t a very good, honest, or cohesive album, IMO. There was a theme to GGGB, a rawness to Rated R, and a cohesion to Loud that TTT simply lacks.

  3. @ella umbbrella- i agree with your comments, esp about it being a more summer type song. I actually think it’s more of a filler to be honest 🙁

    I think that TTT was too thrown together – even though there are songs that I like.

    On the positive side though, I think that We found love is back at #1- 9 weeks at number 1 is unheard of these days! kudos!

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