Secret Rendezvous, Not So Secret

Rihanna-Chris Brown Prior to hitting up Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards, singer Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna were spotted enjoying what they thought was some private time. The hit making duo was (clearly) photographed by hidden paparazzi while sipping drinks and relaxing in the hot tub of their Ocean City, Maryland hotel. Since officially becoming an undercover couple, the two have been hounded relentlessly by the press, leading the pair to often travel alone and show up at events separately.

More Rihanna and Chris below…


  1. That is not a flattering pic/angle for Rihanna. I am so tired of seeing Chris’s draws. What branch is the photog hanging from to get these shots? lol Other than that, I like these two together!

  2. These two are so cute together, even though they suppose to be only “friends”…. yeah right…

    But is she squeezing a spot from his chin in one of the pictures????

  3. Too cute!!! I love them together and I love the undercover love going on!

  4. Aww, they cute. I know when they see these pictures they gon be like, “Dang! We can’t NEVER creep!” 🙂

  5. Boy, celebs get no privacy. When I was twenty, there was no way I was allowed to be away with my man like this. My parents were pretty strict (Christians), but they did let me get some partying out of my system. They were cool!

  6. Dang I know they were mad when they saw these pics…..

  7. She’s totally popping a pimple! LOL Nice…

    I also love them together–they’re adorable together and I hope they stay that way. But all the secrecy… WHY? People CAN see, ya know! Time to give up your “cover” Ri and Chris. 🙂

    OC, Maryland… reminds me–I need to get back there. I love the beach. 🙂

  8. i must be the only one who thinks chris brown is so gross yuk. i think they look so odd together. i know their the same age but she looks so grown and he looks like a little boy

  9. Damn!!! Is it that serious that the paparazzi have to hide just to get a picture? I think this is an invasion of privacy and that some of these photographers need to get a life.

  10. @ Miss T- I was going to ask the same about the second picture 😆 and gross if she is!

  11. You mean to tell me you ladies have never popped your man’s pimples before, especially the ones on his back and chest?

  12. I think the pictures are just fine for ther personal use. I really dislike the stalk-a-razzi. Even if you are famous and in the public eye, there is no reason for them to stalk people from above. I would love to see someone begin to stalk the owners of the media outlets that pays the photographers to follow people. I am sure they have several skeletons in there closets they dont want released.!!!
    I’m just saying…….

  13. i really dont get it yall think that rihalien and chris brown undercover love is so cute but beyonce and jay-z dont want to dish out all they life they being stupid now i’m not no big jayonce fair but yall need to be fair

  14. just friends???….what friends you know adjust their entire schedule to be able to hang out together ALL THE TIME?…they” just so happen” to be able to go on vacay at the same time & “just so happen” to be performing @ the same events…puhleeze!….stop lying and just say you’re together….im sure the interest would fade fast after that happens and you could get some of your privacy back…because that IS what you want, right?…

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