Rihanna & Chris Brown Marriage Rumors

chris_brown_and_rihanna Speculation is rife that Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged after she was spotted in London with a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger. There have been rumours before that the couple were to wed but Ri’ and CB (she is 20 and he is 19) have always denied they were even in a relationship. According to The Sun Chris proposed over the New Year as the couple performed at the O2 Arena. Rihanna was joined by Brown on stage at Elton John’s New Years Eve party and personal photos of the couple spending Christmas together were leaked to the net as well.

In years past Rihanna had always spent holidays in Barabados, so photos of the couple’s familes together have only added to the speculation that the two are getting serious.



  1. The fact that they are so young, AND in the music industry, i don’t think so. it just doesn’t happen. lol

  2. People are so desperate to make them the mini version of Beyonce and Jay Z. They aren’t about to marry because it would be bad for both their careers. Chris’ fans are already mad he got with Rihanna anyway 😆

  3. Stephanie, I agree with you because people need some gossip since there is no sizzle going on with Bey and Jay in regards to speculation about their relationship like it once was. I actually believe that it is a publicity stunt to keep them interesting in addition to their music. I am not saying they are not together, but I doubt if marriage is what is going on.

  4. Rihanna has been wearing that ring for months sparking engagement rumors. Chris responded via YouTube(over the summer) that he’s too young for marriage and denied buying the ring.

    I don’t believe it.

    @Stephanie—yes, girls all over the world were (and still are) pissed with Chris over RiRi!!! LOL

  5. The thing is, I don’t understand why people are so interesting in relationships of entertainers. Does them being together really make some buy their records? I could careless who an entertainer is with as long as they do the darn thing with their craft.

  6. Who leaked these photos? LOL. This is a convenient “leak” by someone from Chris or Rihanna’s camp to generate buzz about the two singers. This photo was not taken by the paparazzi.

    Their puppy love is cute, but they are so young. I doubt that they’re getting married anytime soon. If they do, It’s a high risk for divorce.

  7. It’s sad that in the celeb world when you get engaged everyone expects you to be married by the following weekend.

    I think they’re level headed enough to wait until they’re sure before jumping the broom. Nothing wrong with wearing that rock though 😉

  8. It would be career suicide for both of them if they get married this young.

  9. noo way this is a big LIE, U kno
    THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, so hay that is so gay i tell u
    wat ever cuz go on some were but here k, 1 day chris willll get this rigth here
    if he be good lollllll. bye got 2 go 2 my bball game , i love chris 4 life .

  10. The “leaked” photos were actually stolen from her brother’s myspace page. He is forever posting pics with him, Rihanna, and Chris. I think their coupledom is cute but I doubt they are engaged or close to getting married. Even if she is wearing a ring on her marriage finger who cares? I’m rocking one on my and I ain’t no where close to being engage, married, or whatever.

    I hope they are happy together laughing at all the silly posts and comments that pop up about them…

  11. Like I said, the “leaked” photos came from someone from Rihanna or Chris’s camp. Anytime you post something on the worldwide web, it is for public eyes to see. It’s nothing wrong with her brother posting the pictures, but we can aknowledge the fact that he wanted someone, whoever that may be, to see them. Free publicity is a perk in most cases. Are they laughing at your comments too. LOL. Man, Stephanie I love your blog!

  12. Leave them alone like come on please. They cute and young and having fun if they want to get married that there business. Let them live damn.

  13. in the past people used to marry young and last forever,so we cnt judge other people when it comes to relationships,every relationship has got its own rhythem and love is different for everyone,so we shudnt projects our owm personal fears on to them.You can love someone at first sight, declare commitment the nextday and last a lifetime,some people take longer to reveal their trueself thats why you have to spending time trying to get to know them and other people are just transparent so when it comes to love there is no one size fits all

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