Rihanna & Chris Brown Set To Tour Together

Rihanna and her good friend Chris Brown are set to wage a small tour across New Zealand. The pair, who have been seen spending quite a bit of time together over the last few months, have topped the charts in the US and around the globe, New Zealand included. Rihanna presently sits at the top of the charts in the small country with her single Disturbia, while Chris Brown topped the charts there earlier this year when both his singles, Forever and With You, hit #1. Look for the dynamic duo to play Auckland’s Vector Arena on Monday, October 27th and Wellington’s TSB Arena on Wednesday, October 29th. Future dates and a possible US tour are also in the works.

And what would a Rihanna post be without pics? Here the sista is pictured below shopping for what we New Yorker’s call “Ghetto Gold”. Rihanna is in town preparing for her VMA performance on Sunday night.


  1. They are really such a cute couple! I’m glad that they’ve taken a page from the Beyonce/Hova book and keep their relationship status mums. It really isn’t none of our business. Cause the minute they admit to something you ‘ll start hearing break up rumors, cheating rumors, abuse rumors, and just pure BS fodder.

  2. Just how many tours can you do off of one cd? Are they strapped for cash or something? Cute couple tho.

  3. Mary J. Blige toured with Jay Z earlier this year, embarked on her own solo tour and now is going on tour with Robin Thicke as well. Mary has toured 3 times with her new cd and there may be more to come. Rihanna is a lightweight compared to Mary when it comes to touring.

  4. Oh this is why Bey and Jay announced they may be touring….Go RIH and CB….

  5. @ Brownsuga Diva, you are right. Everyone says that touring is where they get the big bucks! Good luck to them, I think they will do well, the teen boppers like them. Even though I am grown and sexy, I like Rihanna style and music! Go girl.

  6. Considering the fact that they say Ri Ri is broke as hell, I’m not surprised.

  7. Brownsuga Diva : I agree
    thisisme: really? she been doing a lot of shopping for a broke person but hey maybe she is spending her last dime is gucci gear 🙂

  8. Gucci just sign her up to be spokesperson so she don’t really have to buy the shyt

    Rihanna has been selected as the spokesperson for Gucci’s first ever Unicef ad. She’ll be appearing in their Tattoo Heart campaign, which will begin in December.

    Creative director Frida Gianninni says, “When we decided to dedicate a full ad campaign, more than just creating products, to really come out and show our commitment to UNICEF, I felt a musician and a beautiful woman was the perfect icon for this campaign.”

    The photos will feature Rihanna and Gucci items, and 25 percent of the proceeds will go to the children’s charity.

  9. She always goes to Australia to tour. she’s huge in Australia This is the time when artist start touring down under because spring is about to start.

  10. Rihanna maybe a lightweight too Mary in North America, but not in the rest of the world. Across Europe besides Beyonce & Alicia, only Rihanna as black female artist can sellout arenas night after night check out the GGGB DVD

  11. They have to be the cutest couple after Jay and Beyonce. i’m also glad that she’s dating Chris so people can stop saying that she wants Hova! Iheard they’re engaged? someone, is this true? you never know with thses celebrities!

  12. Mandy I suggest you get your facts straight because the Jay/Bey tour was announced waaaaay before this little chris/rihanna tour. chris/rihanna copy everything Jay/Bey does so this is no surprise.

  13. My facts are straight…the RUMOR of Jay and Bey was just announced following the annoucement of a concrete tour by CB and RI…there’s is already planned, booked, tickets printed…those old swagger jackers need to go make those babies. Get your facts straight..what arenas have already been booked for this jay and bey show…they just trying to get some shine…as usual…old foggies.

  14. Did Rihanna copy Bey haircut? Fasihon sense? Song choice>? What the heck is your beytarded azsz talking about then…copying how?

  15. You wish…you have been programmed and its not healthy or funny…use your own brain…how is Shut up and Drive or UMBRELLA like anything beyaki has EVER done…stupid fool.

  16. I think Rihanna is awesome, I don’t really like her and CB as a couple, but I don’t have to. Only she has to. XD

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