Rihanna & Chris Back Together Again… Sorta

Rihanna & Chris Brown Well we knew it had to happen eventually. All eyes were on Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, last night as the two sat just feet away from each other in the front row at Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Not a total suprise, as rumors of the two asking to be seated next to each other started to fly even before the game began. However, both singers arrived alone and according to reports, retreated to separate private lounges during half time. This run in comes just days after Chris lost his bid to have his hearing delayed and Rihanna was hit with a subpoena to testify against him.

The two will once again cross paths on June 22nd when both are expected to appear in court.

Pics from the game below…


  1. i believe there still together just keeping a long distance relationship…….BUT then again WHATEVA

  2. ummm…..maybe he’s enjoying the game?

    Lakers-3 Magic-1

    go L.A! lol

  3. @Rashida get over it he is smiling beacause he is happy .Chris doesnt need your forgiveness the only forgiveness he needs is from Rihanna and god and he already has it.

  4. i agree with Jenny 100%
    some people get on my last nerve? why he is smiling?!? what the h*** is supposed to do walk around with a sad face should he jump off a bridge? Dang people move on!!! This is a kid who made a mistake.. let him without sin cast the first stone.

  5. @Rashida, are you serious? This young man has been through enough with this blown out lie. He cant walk around smiling cause people believe he’s a monster. Chris is not a monster an on June 22, 2009 people will see!

    The only reason Rihanna was there was to show him she is not with the Drake guy (another lie, the sites reported) this girl forgave this young man 2 seconds after she started the fight in which she got hit back..

    If he said he was sorry to her that was enough, I truly believe they forgave each other a long time ago it’s just the media want let it go for nothing, just to make a story. But I’m glad he’s smiling, keep smiling Chris!

  6. Now, if you want to get upset, get upset about Orlando losing!

    Darn Lakers!

  7. I actually think They’re still together or at least still friends…well If so I hope she’s not too stupid to show it cause I’m sure her career would be over!!!
    However she has shown again that she’s the HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME!!! This girl’s style is just fabulous and she’s very beautiful here!!

  8. I agree!
    I think until the truth is out people cant judge anyone… and lets be real, how many of you have done things you wish you could take back and do over. I think we should start having a little compassion for people and not be so willing to stone them as soon as they have a slip up. 🙁
    I’m not pointing any fingers I’m making a general statment!

    BTW! I hate the Lakers! 😡

  9. @Rashida
    Damn the boy cant smile?! PLEASE I guess folks expect this 19/20 year old boy to suffer for the rest of his life?! Thats not fair…YES what he did was wrong but he is still very young (younger then her) and like I said there are 2 sides to a story and he hasnt been parading around here like he didnt have a care in the world…so I think if he wants to come to a b-ball game to kick it thats OK. I think he’s been hiding long enough and why should he continue to stay out the public eye when Rihanna is every where ALL the time living her life while C-breezy has been under a rock somewhere…I think he has suffered enough being as though he plead NOT GUILTY. Anywho I still got MAD love for him, I dont give a rats a$$ about what anyone has to say about it either. Im out

    BTW..GO LAKERS!!!! Kobe all day baby!!! 🙂

  10. @ Virgo… we were on the same page love until you made that last comment!
    ‘ Kobe all day” no way! lol 😉

  11. @Everyone it was dumb and stupid on his part for hitting her period. Regardless what happen. Yes i think he should not be hiding from nothing. He have to come out sometime so i think he is doing the right thing. Deep down he know he did wrong for doing that.

    They both young and trying to enjoy there life and get it together. Yes the media is a hot mess when it comes to black people period.

    Im at this point let just let them go to the next chapter with there life.

    I hope they both put out good music and movies.

    Rhi-Rhi know she have a hot fashion game lol.

  12. @rashida, are you serious with that shit???? please get back on your meds asap.. that boy has suffered enough and he needs to live his life…love to see him smile…however i think folk in here are cool so aint gonna rant on my feelings about riri.. june 22 just come soon enough..

    BTW, she needs to chop that hair off.. its flying to mars where she ******** 😆

  13. @VIRGO, they need to ban you from this board with such foolishness like this!

    BTW..GO LAKERS!!!! Kobe all day baby!!!

    But your comment was on point! About Chris and No Talent!

  14. Fluck Chris Brown and what he been through. Anybody who has problem with what I said can kiss it.

  15. Okay now, do they have the same publicist? Is someone stalkin someone? come on, what are the odds.

  16. UGH, why is everyone still talking about how this dude has no shame?

    “WHY IS HE SMILING?” Ok, why is Rihanna club hopping left and right like she ain’t taking the shit seriously? WOW.

    I’m glad to see him out enjoying himself!

    But ummmm, KOBE IS A NO GO! LOL.

  17. Awkkkwwwwaaaarrdddd anyone? -_o HELLO whoa. Rihanna is a pretty lil’ somebody.

  18. He young and yeah yeah live his life go life but girl beaters deserve no love (I mean that as unapologetically as one can make a statement). *throws up peace sign*

  19. First off, LAKE SHOW baby, getting ready for the parade over here 😀

    Hate to say it but homeboy will never live this one down. That’s the price you pay when your in the spotlight so he’s going to have to deal with it. Although I do not agree with what he did he’s human and we all come up short sometimes. Hopefully he realizes what he’s done and he’s working on his anger “issues” and that goes for RiRi too. I hope she will stand her ground in court and move on with her life and work on her “issues” as well. But that has got to be one of the most awkward moments, I know everyone was watching them because they showed her on the jumbo tron 😆

    I wish them both the best of luck because they’re both two young, beautiful and talented to just throw their careers away. 🙁

  20. LOL@ NiNi and Bored…Dont hate ya’ll…there’s room on the Lakers banwagon for the BOTH of you!! 😀 Cause the LAKERS is taking us ALLL THE WAAY 😎 …

    Sweetie lets think b4 we speak…think about God and how many times he forgives us a day!?! So who are YOU to say that what he did was unforgivable?? Only God can judge him, you and me. He knows what he did was wrong and EVERYONE else has made that clear to him, but like I said he is only 19 years old…he can only go UP from here learn and grow from this. He’s only human.

  21. Virgo SWEETIE maybe you should before you speak. I sure always do. I don’t really need to think about God since i’m not a subscriber to any organized religion major or small. One shouldn’t be so assuming everyone is Christian here. How many times does God forgive someone in a day? Who am I? Someone who has seen enough abuse from men to women and watch females and males young and old coddle them and pat them on the back and they continue to do it and quite sick of it that’s who I am. I’ve seen people burned with hot water, noses broken, stabbed in the thigh with a fork, etc. and people forgive them especially because it’s supposed to be this Christisan thing to do and they get all this counseling and say their i’m sorry’s and it usually never works. That’s WHO I AM. He can learn from his mistakes but I am young and that is no excuse so please miss me with that. He also deserves to not be coddled and patted on the back……I didn’t ever say string him upside down but um being human doesn’t excuse anyone from beating another human up the way he did….honey.

  22. EBZ202 DARLING Ive always made it my business to think before I parted my two lips to say a damn thing. Im not patting him on the back nor am I “coddling” him. Im just saying that you are judging him which is no where near you’re job (leave that to GOD)…My BF was a victim of abuse so I’ve witness some of the same things that you have. It doesnt matter if you are a Christian or not MOST other religions speak on forgiveness as well. People make mistakes. Chris isnt a Ike Turner who beat on Tina for years?! huh….this is first offense and word has it that SHE ALWAYS puts her hands on HIM…so based on that How do you know Chris didnt just get fed up wit it all like most people do in an abusive situation Oh I guess b/c he’s a man and Rih’s a woman there’s no way huh?! Bull S***…there is only so much a person can take period. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR AND BELIEVE ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE …Things arent always what they seem sweetie….you said you’re young and I can tell proabably alot younger then me based on your comments (Im 20) All Im saying is people change and no one is perfect, if J-Hud can forgive a man who KILLED her mother, brother and nephew then again my questions stands WHO ARE YOU to say what he did was unforgiveable??? Dont worry Ill answer that for you… NO ONE b/c you’re not GOD baby cakes. so ➡ ➡ ➡

  23. @Ebz202

    I totally agree with you 100%.. thats the problem, people wanna sit and use whatever they can to excuse this fella for what he did. I am so sorry but in my book he messed up and has not paid the price. So what he lost his endorsements and radio stations are not playing his music…thats not punishment. Chris Brown has not come out one with a public apology…but feels he needs to call bloggers liars on video with Bow Wow. Black women and Black men have the highest domestic violence rate amongst any other race, which means this type of behavior can not be pushed under the rug because examples need to be set. I know he is only 20, I get that, but he still needs to learn a lesson. Money and Fame has made this child feel he doesnt have to pay for his crime…sorry baby…ask Mike Vick could money and fame save him. One thing I can respect about TI is that he at least made an effort to let his fans know how sorry he was and how wrong it is to have guns.

    I dont care who doesnt agree with me…I am nobodys follower. I make my own decisions in life based on my experience. After seeing a man beat a woman on a regular basis, maybe makes me look at what he did different than other who have never witnessed it.

    When he goes to jail, does his community service or whatever, God, Allah or whomever else will be with him…trust!

  24. Well, what were they supposed to do, run across the floor and throw some chairs? Rihanna was actually seeming pretty happy at the game, so I hope she moves on. As for Chris, I don’t like him and he gets no pity or points from me. For what I care, he could take the bullet to the back.

  25. VIRGO it doesn’t seem like it. You don’t have to agree with me not caring for him or for not showing him any love for being a girl beater and I will remain unapologetic for feeling like he should not patted on the back for what he’s done. AGAIN he may be young but I wouldn’t feel right in wishing him further success in a music career. If he was anyone else I would that’s where I come from. Before this he was just ANOTHER person who just happens to be famous. Excuse me (not really) for feeling like I’d feel if he were anyone else I found out was beating up his girlfriend. S.O. abusers are scum they can get the counseling they want go ‘head and learn from what you did that’s fine but you’re still a punk. I’m not going to leave anything I do to someone that’s supposed to be sitting up in the sky.

    WTH it DOES NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT matter how long he beat Rihanna up…or how severe…. he still put his hands on her. AND IF WORD is true she was putting her hands on him she’s wrong as hello too. I’m not just equal opp only when it benefits females. His reasons for beating for beating her up doesn’t freakin’ matter either. That’s insignificant what matters is he did…..all those injuries she didn’t do to herself. I’m not under 20 nice try trying to go at my age and breaking news honey a woman hitting a man is wrong and a man hitting a woman IS WRONG….it’s all wrong. Me being an owner of a vagina doesn’t automatically make me want to run to ladies side because i’m female. You speaking of a god of any kind doesn’t mean anything to me and you’re no one to tell me i’m no one….I’m Ebony LaShantae’ Coe daughter of Barbara Coe, anti-abuse, sane, pretty awesome and not a coddler of girl or boy beaters. Whatever gets Jhud through the night at that being forgiving who killed her mom and nephew whatever works for her and yeah I do get no none is perfect but when people are like oh he’s so young oh leave him alone oh bwa bwa hugs and kisses that blows my mind he should get no special treatment because if it was non-famous dude next door of ya’ll wouldn’t be talking the way ya’ll are. JW sugar ‘kins um if i’m no one and you’re not a god either it’s a nobody calling a nobody …. a nobody ❓ My opinion is different from yours GET OVER IT and sleep well…I will.

  26. Ebz202, Well said Sister, you summed up my feelings, And rihanna is not back with Chris brown, until i see a compromising picture of the two of them all this non sense can stop, I am actually afraid for Chris brown since his people, are really being out there talking non sense about rihanna, there is no telling of what she will tell the court and how it will affect his life, Sometimes having the right people around you can make a situation a little better, look at her after all she been trough she can still smile and you know it’s a sincere smile, Chris needs to find jesus ASAP

  27. Go ‘head Ebz202, Preach I totally agree with you.
    Me personally , I often keep it moving when I see posts about about him or her ,I don’t wish him to be sent to death row but he shouldn’t get off scot freejust like. Unless Rihanna came at him with an offensive weapon, I don’t see how his response was justifiable. Simple. Yep we all make mistakes but some are more costly than others and a simple sorry won’t justify no matter how much one regrets it . This will always be brought up in the media whenever they’re somewhere.

    @ Virgo, do you know the nature of their relationship and secondly, it doesn’t matter if someone is beaten once in a relationship or the entire time by their partner ‘s just like it doesn’t matter if someone is physically, sexually or mentally abused just one time or over a period of time. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, IT’S STILL WRONG.
    I hope they’re both getting the necessary help still

    Anyoo, I don’t care about basketball, Football ( soccer for the Americans) anyday

  28. @ CHYNAWES…YOU shut the hell up! Im entitled to my OWN opinion and like you IM NO FOLLOWER either, honestly I could care less about what you think about a damn thing b/c my comment was not directed to you so keep it moving ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ :

    I dont expect you to agree with me nor am I trying to change your mind. NO ONE has heard his side of the story, but everyone is jumping to conclusions. By any means I dont condone what he did to Rihanna and I dont think he deserves a pat on tha back, or any slack but he has been in hiding since Feb, he lost all of his endorsements, he’s been slayed and still is… he did plead NOT GUILTY meaning there is more to the story but no one knows the REAL story yet. Everyone knows Rihanna is a violent person she said that out of her own mouth and I quote from a 2007 interview , They asked her did she think the movie 300 was too violent here’s HER EXACT WORDS (Oh, not at all. That was the good part. I’m the oldest child with two brothers. We talk all the time now, but we used to fight—and when I say “fight,” I don’t mean arguments, I mean physically fight.I hit the older one in his face with a glass bottle) now what kind of sh*t is that?! Like I said Believe only HALF of what you see, if she would do that to her BROTHER (flesh n blood) hell she will do that to ANYONE…she’s not so innocent either and I dont give a damn what anyone has to say about it…why do you think at first she didnt want to testify against him?? B/c she knows what she did…WE JUST DONT KNOW YET When I say he’s young Im not “blowing him kisses” Im speaking the truth…when you’re young you make dumb mistakes, Im sure you put your hands on someone like a friend or BF when u were young and Im sure the person is over it. I feel he needs to do sometime for what he did to her period wheather its jail time or community service b/c its NOT OK to put your hands on a woman BUT ITS NOT OK TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON A MAN EITHER…I cant bet a million dollars that boy didnt just UP and beat her a$$ for no reason at all… You peopl keep thinking “Oh poor Rihanna” YEAH RIGHT Ill say that when I hear the full story and How does anyone know that he hasnt apologized to Rihanna already??? Just b/c it wasnt public doesnt mean he didnt do it. Im sorry but Rihanna seems crazy to me and I know how females are and how violent some are too, so until I hear his side Im not passing judgement on anyone…just b/c I seen her pics…WE HAVENT SEEN HIS PICS after the fight…so FLUCK everyone that has an issue with my opinion, who cares?? NOT ME 😎

  29. lol ooohhhhh wow uuuuuhhhh Virgo you just said a whole lot without saying that much.

  30. And you know I’ve heard that more than a few times he never told his side of the story …. HE HASN’T TRIED TO TELL IT EITHER you go ‘head and keep cryin’ what about po’ ol Chris. He’s on video yes saying oh i’m not a monster oh how cute. And oh please I’ve had some mega fights with family members but i’m not necessarily violent… I got a bad temper but at the same time I try to avoid conflict because I lose it when I fight AND I don’t go around beating up boyfriends or anyone else. Her having a few violents fights in the past don’t matter and it doesn’t mean she could’ve been beating him up. A friend of mine was like that oh yeah she was a tough broad would try to beat almost anyone up but when she fell in love she was the punching bag and never laid a finger to him so why the HELLO is it impossible he didn’t just beat her “for no reason”. AND “for no reason”?! That’s some ol BS too these lil’ punks always have reason to beat their S.O. up smh still making excuses. WTH is FOR NO REASON?! No one reported Chris Brown being or looking all beat up especially not when he dipped from that car after he beat her up and then went in to turn himself in and was out within like 10 minutes hmmm oh ok.

    @ the other comments since my last I’m glad i’m not one of the few sane one this id ridiculous.

  31. again…VIRGO…just shut the hello up

    You defending a guy you dont even know or who doesnt even know you. Take it for what it is, he beat the chick down and he needs to pay for his mistake. End of discussion!


  32. @EBZ202 and you made 2 comments that wasnt really saying much either…so much where I didnt even take the time to read it LOL . My opinion still stands and Im sure yours does too. Thee End!

    Girl BYE …Who are you again sweetie NEVER seen u around these parts b4?? lol how ironic…I wont say who I think you are b/c I can tell you wanna be “anonymous” but ummm….what are you really doing?? Rihanna doesnt know nor care about you either but yet your also coming to her defense…so what does that say about YOU? Girl run along and stay outta other peoples bizness thank you! 🙄


  33. Ebz202 let me tell you something girl, Everyone and that is including people not posting are loving you, whatever i was fixing to say you already said it, virgo is cool but virgo is a stan which means that whatever bad happens to rihanna is cause to celebration to her and the rest of them welcome to the internet life girl (virgo you can start denying…now) people like her only realize shit when it hits home, you are wasting your breath, the average women with enough common sens knows that although everyone makes mistake, Chris brown is arrogant bout his and feels like we can all kiss his ass because he is rich and famous, he came up with a whack ass apology and figured that he could be left off the chain, it makes me laugh for real because rihanna will get out bigger than him she was already the big star before the incident and she will remain, no matter what anyone in chris camp has to say, now i have an insider who told me whose judge would preside the hearing and if my source is correct not only is his ass going to trial he is also going to get some serious jail time, so instead of calling people haters (and i blame parents who take their children out of school to milk the sh-t out of them) he needs to figure out how he is going to get out if this mess, with his stupid ass, and his stupid ass fans!

  34. @VIRGO

    Girl…this is a blog site and because I dont spend every day and hour posting my opinions on the computer doesnt mean I am hiding something…how stupid of you! I mean lets be real…I browse this site sometimes…pretty positive site. I gave my opinion…my name is chynawes…chick thats all you need to know. You the one going back and forth with me and other chick about our opinions…dang let it go. Are you banging Chris dang! You have your opinion (stupid one) and we have ours. Leave it alone. Goodness and get a life.

    Yours truly

    PS you want my number/email since you so concern on who who I am?

    I am laughing at you while I leave this comment…hahaha

  35. Lol I love the internet sometimes you can’t dead something that was beat to death a long time ago Virgo. I

  36. @ Virgo *sighs* Lol I love the internet sometimes you can’t dead something that was beat to death a long time ago babe. If you wanted to just end w/e lol because a few posts back didn’t have all that much left to say you can do that and no will be mad i’m very sure of it lol okay? okay.

    @ voice that’s kinda well sick actually to celebrate thinga like if a young pretty girl gets beat the flip up or w/e that leaves a lot to be desired in one’s persionality. She claims someone she knows was also a victim of abuse but if you truly sympathize with them and they were close to you I don’t think you’d vehemently defend for w/e silly reason a s.o. abuser. Liken Insaid you know how many of them would be like oh leave that poor lil’ boy lone if he was Drew around the corner or something and he was a construction worker w/e. When you start going hard to defend a celeb that does stuff that “regular people” do you automatically put them on a higher pedestal and I think that’s what helps them get away with a lot of stuff and people complain later that oohhh bwa bwa they get away with everything because they rich and fasmous. Rich or not you should get the same treatment under the law and in society IMHO.

  37. This site is wwweeeeiiirrrddd sometimes where did that one above my previous come from -_o lol. We need an erase button (some people might get happy w/ that tho hmmm)…. definitely not supposed to be 2 different comments.

  38. chris brown shud be trialed for attempted murder,she was threatining to kill her and left her unconscious in the middle of nowhere…..her face was a mess she cud have sustained a serious head injury,the purpose of strangling a person is to take their life,to stop them from breathing and existing….anyone who wants to argue with my point needs a life coach.

  39. wow, i thought i would respect people here but most of here have rubbed me the wrong way.. i keep hearing that chris left her unconscious, chris tried to kill her, chris did this and that…

    1. rihanna herself did not press charges, the state did..clearly the so called victim did not see the reason to press charges.. she even refused a protective order.. if chris brown was such a monster, why not get one..you guys in here seem to fear more for her life than the victim herself..
    2. the so called affidavit that you keep bringing up as so called evidence that chris left her on the side of the road ect was kicked out by the judge..before you start quoting this, do your damn research.
    3. chris had time to say anything???he is fucken under litigation.. do you know what that means??? he cannot talk until his trail is over… he put out a statement and said you were all wrong.. if you dnt want to believe that, that is your problem not his..
    4. numerous reports including tmz reported that rihanna herself started to hit chris brown..why must she be excused for that???? just coz she is woman we must let that go???? up today noone of your saw chris that night so you dnt know what damage she could have caused..he only surfaced 2 weeks after in miami.. if you think you saw him after, please send me the link to those photos and dont just tell me you saw him…i am not interested in what you thinkyou saw, show me!!!!!! woman are in prison for murdering thier husbands, must we excuse that because they are women???
    5.I also keep hearing chris should have walked, what was the boy supposed to do, he was driving…the alercation started while he was on the wheel.. what options did he have when someone was beating him???it is blessing that both of them are alive today.they could have had an accident that night or even crashed killling an innocent person..who that have been better???
    6. you keep qouting that rihanna’s face was messed, she had nothing more than a bloody lip and 2 knots on her head.. I qoute judge juddy on larry king who said that this case was not domestic violence.. Women in DV shelters even said this when they saw her photo..so you guys in here know more than those who have experienced and judged such cases???give me a fucken brake..
    7. on chris showing remorse, why should he.. unless you know what happened that night (which none of here do) he has very right to act anyway he wants..on top of that, if he beat her and choked like you say he did, he would have charged with battery or attempted murder..HE WAS NOT..These are facts, unless you now want to say the police did not do it job???..is that it???according to cali law , assault is the use force meaning if i push someone and they fall i can be charged with assault.. i get so angry when people want to judge and curse out someone yet the facts dont even point to what they are accusing cb of…get your damn facts right..i am not interested in opinions, if what i am saying if wrong, bring me facts..

    DV is real, both men and women are being abused everday.. please dont take you life experiences and want to judge other people based on that…not every case is the same..If you think what i am saying is not true, i welcome facts not emotional opinions based on what you think you know..June 22 is comming and rihanna will have her say and so will chris..

  40. @Goon THANK YOU I agree with you 100% but some folks are so up Rihanna’s a$$ that she can do NO wrong!

    I was just wondering where u were….How ironic…anywho your DEAD wrong for that. FIRST and foremost I dont wish bad on anyone. Its never that serious, Im not happy that Rihanna got beat up? What kind of sh*t is that?! Im still a woman and I do think Chris Brown should pay for what he did regardless…Honestly I like Rihanna and I dont think she deserved what happened to her but the question still stands WHAT MADE CHRIS SNAP?? And this may make you upset but its the truth STAN OR NOT Rihanna is not as innocent as everyone is making her out to be, SHE DID HAVE SOME FAULT IN THIS and my opinion has nothing to with me not suppoerting Rihanna as an artist. Im just stating my opinion, we all know CB didnt just up and beat this girl for no SERIOUS reason at all. Again he plead NOT GUILTY meaning he has a hell of a story to tell b/c if his story is not justifiable enough then he needs to rot under the jail.

    Girl Im over you I could careless where you came from hun JUST stay outta my bizness…speak when spoken too, you feel me? If you dont see my name and yours in the same comment DONT address me. SO you can keep ur email and ur name cuz its not needed. Thanks but… no damn thanks! :mrgreen:

    Your right I could have but I felt the need to end it right there where I did…it was dead from the jump but HEY I was bored as u can tell I wrote A LOT more then I normally would. lol Honestly have nothing against you…I actually kind of like you…You dont hold back like me. Your opinion is your opinion how can I NOT like you for that?! Its all good in my hood, your one of the only ones that make real comments based on the truth and not on who you like and dislike b/c even though I dont like somethings/artist I will never HATE I give props when due at all times. So your cool wit me hun no hard feelings trust me! 😉

  41. @virgo

    for the last time shut the hell up! conversation is dead and over with.

  42. lol why must you be in denial Virgo it’s okay ….. No one is up no one’s a– no one defends abuse. No one should be uo Chris’s a** saying leave this lil’ boy alone holding his hand. You keep saying he didn’t beat her up for no reason WHAT IS NO REASON…. people with a few donuts short of a dozen say that…seriously…. you’re a brick wall and sense is clearly not getting through. You repeat the same stuff and focusing on the unimportant stuff and throw it back on her. Who in their right mind says to someone if they’ve been beat what did YOU do?

    @chynawes she can’t get over it clearly since it was over when I said….well GET OVER IT. lol

  43. LOL Whatever! LIKE I SAID…until I hear his side I wont pass judgement. You talking about denial?! About what?? lol When a person gets into a fight they normally ask WHAT HAPPENED? Thats what I mean by something had to have happened for it to go as far as it did. Its funny b/c you keep saying the same thing ,I keep saying the same thing so we got no where… but just shared our opinions…thats what its is and Im OK with that, Its not that serious. Me and my girls debate all the time chile. So we can both go along with you “ending” this convo… if that makes u sleep at night cuz TRUTHFULLY……. like to be completely honest……..like off the no Bull sh*t….I dont care. LOL… Anywho it was a pleasure chating wit you. Ta Ta till next time hun.

  44. One other thing…I know if a woman puts a knife (or any weapon for that matter) to a mans body while he’s driving, then I can understand why he beat her a$$…thats justifiable enough for me. You try to take my life or hurt me permanently?!? You BEST believe Imma try to beat that a$$ to the complete fullest. OK Im out now lol

    HOW BOUT THEM LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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