Rihanna & Chris’ Troubled History

Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of community labor for his Grammy night assault on Rihanna. The singer, who appeared in court with with his mother, was also ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna until August of 2014, a distance that can be reduced by 10 yards if they are attending industry events. Today’s proceeding also disclosed two prior altercations the pair had with each other. The first occurred in Europe three months prior to the Grammy night altercation and involved the two getting into a verbal dispute that escalated into Rihanna slapping Chris and Chris pushing Rihanna against a wall. The second altercation happened in Rihanna’s native Barbados, where the two were driving in a Range Rover. Chris reportedly got out of the vehicle and broke both front windows. No reason was given as to what may have set him off. Neither altercation was reported to police and when asked for a statement about those previous altercations, Rihanna’s lawyer, Donald Etra, would only say “Rihanna is doing fine and concentrating on pursuing her career.”

And while Chris was in Los Angeles being sentenced, Rihanna was 3,000 miles away in New York City doing her daily fashion walk. The singer was first spotted leaving an office building and later on heading to the studio.


  1. This is so sad for both of them. Hopefully, they BOTH get the help and guidance needed to move on in their lives!

  2. I read the court report, and the altercation was really as bad as the media originally made it seem. It was a beating. It saddens me that this young couple did not know how to manage their anger. Even if RiRi instigated some arguments, which it really appears that she did, I does not excuse Chris putting his hands on her. He punched her multiple times, pushed her against the car door and gave her contusions on her arm as she tried to cover her face. Not to mention the choking. Whew. I believe in forgiving people, but I cannot forget this attack. I am glad the judge prevented them from seeing each other because its obvious that they both wanted to stay in a tumultuous relationship. They both need to move on and go to a professional to learn how to resolve disagreements without violence and without verbal abuse. Chris deserved to go to jail but got a second chance. He better not mess this up. Ditto to Rihanna.

  3. Sounds like your typical young lust. All these young kids think it’s okay to slap, push, hit, kick. At 21 – I know I did – then I grew up. Hopefully they will grow up.

  4. This stay away order is her punishment, she did not want it so they should have let her have her wish so she can go help him pick up trash… Rihanna is not a victim in this, yes! she got beat, but after he snapped and could not take anymore of her abuse. Chris got a little carried away but still he did not act alone. I believe she got in contact with whom ever she was calling and they told her to say what she did and now it’s bitting her in her on/off flat butt.. Rihanna should be taught a lesson in this also, not people finally telling her she cant sing but some community service is warrant here…Learn to keep your hands to your self. She did not just hit the dashboard she hit him and she did not get out of the car cause she knew he was going to be with someone else and that’s why she pumped up the story! I feel for both, him more due to all the lies in this story! Her day is coming also, he is paying now but in the long run Rihanna will suffer more!

  5. Forgot this, the Judge is totally wrong for keeping them apart, bottom line. That to me is some slave stuff, she thinks she is massa!

  6. @Bored that is standard in a domestic abuse situation. And they need to be apart until they can learn how to handle and solve problems in a calm and civil manner.

  7. So it wasn’t the first time he was violent. Poor girl. If the Grammy incident had not occured she’d still be in this abusive relationship. I wonder if their entourage knew about it.

  8. @BEE not that long. I truly believe they have learned a huge lesson. Dont inflict your punishment just because, if they want to continue to see each other than so be it. By now the bodyguards would have been on full alert doing there job like they should have from the jump. Dont you think everyone would have there eye on them? I mean the friends and family not the media. So the judge was too harsh, 5 years, come on! They so happen accidentally croo

  9. i think keeping them apart is apart of new domestic violence laws that prosecute whether or not the female victim would like to. becuase so many women are killed because they continually go back.

  10. I applaud the judge for keeping them apart..their relationship is violent and unhealthy..CB needs therapy for that rage he has (the blow blow account was shocking) & rih rih needs counseling for her anger as well.

  11. They do go back sometimes, but this case however harsh it was does not belong in an abuse situation. Young, Dumb, and stupid yeah! but not that. I still say it’s too harsh. Do it for the real victims not here. Yeah the blow, blow account was shocking, but everyone has a button waiting to be pushed..

    In the long run it will be for the best, but it still bothers me! You see I’m a fighter, I’m leaving all kinds of evidence if this happens to me, everyone will know we, not just me, got a beating!

  12. I believe she probably hit him back look she is a pisces we do NOT play that sh-t if someone throws eggs at our house we’ll burn theirs down, I honestly believe that rihanna came up with bruises because he hit her in the face, I’m sure she had a couple of good licks in …

    On a more serious Note
    They need to leave each other alone before chris brown turn up DEAD

  13. @Bored, I see your point about 5 years being a bit lengthy, but I think maybe the judge was sending a message as far as domestic violence is concerned. Many women fail to see the danger in returning to an abusive relationship because they’re blinded by false visions of ‘love’. Then they wind up getting beat down again and the cycle continues, only this time the woman is also at fault because she chose to return to a cowardly abuser.

    You’re right, if Rihanna and Chris want to see each other they will regardless of the restraining order, but hopefully this will send some sort of message to others in these types of situations.

  14. if Rhianna did this to Chris if the situation was reversed would ya’ll still be on her side, laughing at what she did to him. or would she be getting treated the same as chris brown? why does chris get more harsh treatment in the press than don cornelius did when he beat up his wife or bebe winans for hitting his ex-wife? chris was/is a kid, those were two grown men! noone ever says how bad they feel for don cornelius then wife or bebe winans ex-eife.. it’s all Rhianna, Rhianna. and why has she never said one word about this incident. no PSA nothing. just making fashion statements all over the world and being seen with guy after guy after guy. people kill me condemming YOUNG KIDS cause that what they are. KIDS make mistakes. and i do believe in the past she has been violent against him, but noone cares about that.

  15. I suspected this. After I saw that drunk pic of Rih Rih fighting with this chick, I knew she was a little crazy. I also thought something was up with the silence. That’s why I didn’t bash Chris, because women can be abusive too. I just hope that he never hits another woman again and I hope his career bounces back. I wish Rihanna the best too.

  16. Wow such mixed emotions on this topic. She should have reported the first time he hit her, but that would have included that she hit him first.
    Both of them should have realized what was at stake, and that they were in a volitile relationship. If she did hit him first, he should have put distance between them and broke it off. She should have know that with each incident it would only esculate into what it did.
    Ladies’ if he hits you once he will ultimately hit you again.
    Ladies’ if you dont want your man to hit you, keep your hands to yourself. Although if he is an abuser, you will not have to hit him first, but rest assured he will hit you.

    I think the judge did the right thing. They need to be apart until they both become mature enough to understand the reprecussions of their actions……

  17. oh please im sure Rih-Rih had her drama w/ Chris to make him react but Rhianna is not innocent neither but that still did not give the right for Chris Brown to beat her like that Point, Blank, Period Be a real MAN and get out of a bad situation!

  18. @Truthteller-my feelings exactly. ?I will not condone his actions, i wouild have rather read in the headlines , “Chris Brown kicked Rhianna out of the car on the highway” if he did that so he wouldn’t have to beat her down. But there are 3 sides 2 a story the 2 people and the truth.

  19. @ Signature Barbie

    I couldn’t have said it better my self “Be a real MAN and get out of a bad situation”

    I don’t know why men like crazy dramatic women. They get with these girls and think it’s cute when they are being possessive and hitting on them. They have kids with them, and go and marry a sane woman and thats where the drama comes from. He moves on and she’s still crazy. I don’t get it.

    I have this guy friend that I had the biggest crush on, he got with a crazy female though, she would call back to back, mess up his clothes, he broke up with her one time and she slashed his tires. And he got back with her. Me and him are friends now, he broke up with her and has a child with her, she’s still crazy.

    Men need to stop being so focused on looks and sex and start thinking about the future. Chris Browns career will never be the same.

  20. Reading your post this can also be vice versa with women and crazy men so *shrugs*

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