Rihanna Courts Controversy

Pop diva Rihanna is once again courting controversy and this time it has nothing to do with one of her videos. Instead, the 23-year old pop diva is expected to release the remix version of her single “Birthday Cake,” which is rumored to feature Chris Brown. Yes, that Chris Brown. The one who beat her black and blue just three years ago.

Bracing for the imminent backlash, Rihanna took to her Twitter page last week, not to explain her decision, but rather to spew a series of verbally abusive tweets aimed at her fans and the public at large.

Since rumors of the former couple coming together, on wax at least, surfaced, Rihanna has been inundated with calls to rethink her decision to reunite with the man she herself called “abusive.”

Billboard Associate Editor Jason Lipshultz penned an open letter to the singer, pleading with her to consider the message she would be sending to young women who may be dealing with the issue of domestic violence.

Spin Magazine writer Marc Hogan also joined the fracas, but instead implored Rihanna to think only of herself and her career. Calling the rumored collaboration a “career killer,” Hogan implored the singer not to “squander the good will of an adoring public” by hooking up with such a volatile figure as Brown.

I personally think Rihanna is trying to send a message of forgiveness. By working with Brown Rihanna wants to show that she has healed and forgiven the man who once brought her so much pain. Likewise, I think she wants the public to forgive to Brown as well.

So what will be the outcome if the RiRi/CB remix actually comes to fruition? I have no idea. But according to Spin, Rihanna could find herself on the outside of the music industry… looking in.

Stay tuned for the remix; it debuts tomorrow Monday, February 20th, Rihanna’s 24th birthday.

Ok, here it is. Give it a listen.

Pictured Above: Rihanna attending Stella McCartney’s Special Presentation (London fashion Week) Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.


  1. the same music industry who just give Chris Brown a Grammy and allow him 2 performances.

  2. Rihanna thinks she is untouchable and is acting out accordingly. Hooking back up with Chris is the ultimate act of rebellion for a little girl who is completely lost.

    If she does this her 15 minutes will officially start ticking. He next album will fail, as will her present album’s new singles.

  3. If Rihanna forgives Chris Brown, that’s great — she should say so. Instead of taking to Twitter and letting loose on everyone, release a statement with your intentions. She’ll always have her haters but acting in that manner, I think she would at least gain some respect.

    That said, you can’t force anyone to forgive another. The industry has largely moved on, but the public has not and collaborating with him — especially on such a sexually explicit song — won’t make them forgive him either.

  4. I understand her wanting to send out a message that represents forgiveness, and I think she has forgiven him long, long, long before this remix idea even came up. Rihanna makes her own decisions regardless of the advice, hate, or what ever else is thrown at her. However, there is a difference between doing things with class and just straight up acting immature. I think Rihanna’s forgiveness means well but taking to her twitter is just immature. And she’s been this way for a while. Any issue she has, she takes to twitter. (-_-). Chris is no different, although he deletes his tweets. As much as Rihanna claims not to care about what blogs, haters, and fans think… she definitely shows that she does things for attention. If she didn’t, she’d be more private. Yes, it is evident that she thinks she’s untouchable, but people often say or use the excuse that she’s young so should live her life. This girl can basically get away with murder. Smh. But hey, to each its own. I think people and the majority of her fans with definitely still support her no matter what because there are also people waiting to see her fail. She’s done plenty of things that people thought would damage her career, but those things obviously don’t count if Rihanna does it… only if other celebrities do the same thing. Smh. I am just tired of everyone blaming Chris now. No matter how much people bring up what he did, Rihanna is still going to “support” and forgive him. *shrugs*

  5. I believe she has good intentions and still has her crush, first love kinda thing going on, plus maybe getting back at some of his girlfriend’s remarks! He will always be Chris Brown who beat his then girlfriend, a rising superstar named Rihanna. Just as R. Kelly, Janet Jackson and others have to live with their past, so does Chris. I believe he deserves his second chance!!! But, Chris worsens the situation with his twitter rants and Rihanna is rebelling in the wrong way. It’s still too soon to release music together. She’s hurting him more than helping him. He’s also an actor and she’s helping to make him a bigger liability. Miranda Lambert, Billboard writer are calling her out and she should pay attention. They both will survive this (Money talks). But is the backlash worth it? How many negative interviews, questions and commentaries will this spawn? Lost fans? They’re both hot-headed and stubborn and this is a fight that’s not worthy of either of them!

    Rihanna isn’t untouchable, no one is!

    Publicity Stunt?

    I think, hope she’s just shooting for an instant number one with all the controversy. We’ll see…


    I’m all for doing what you really want but this is an equation that equals = GIMMICK!

  7. Darn, I don’t want to hear chris Brown on Birthday cake. I love that song!,I was hoping for Big Sean -_- but anyway people can change so if she wants to give Chris Brown a second chance, it’s her decision.It’s great to forgive people.

  8. She can’t win for losing, if she forgives Chris Brown “she’s sending out a bad message to people” If she calls him abusive and what not “people hate her for that”

  9. It’ll be way be more appropriate if he was featured in her song “We All Want Love” that would have been perfect!!!

  10. my opinion: Rihanna is a grown azz woman that can do whatever she desires. If she feels that its necessary to have somebody who beat her azz on one of her songs, she has a right to do it. Does it send the wrong message to young girls? It probably does, but what else is new. Young girls and young boys will always be presented with wrong messages, but its up to their parents to teach them other.wise. You cant depend on these celebrities to do the right thing. They have to live their own live and make their own decision…no matter how bad that decision may be.

  11. I believe Rihanna’s label may have rethought their decision. Rihanna’s own Facebbok said the song would be out today. All talk of it has now vanished.


  12. @Sista – I believe they just released both remixes not too long ago… Smh. I thought they weren’t going to release it either since it seemed so long for them to release it today.

  13. I think we should just let them be,allow them to find or loose themselves………not all relationships are perfect so is life.I wish them strength, love and light.

  14. CO-SIGNED…..LIZZ!!!

    Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged; and with the same measure you use, it will be measured back to you” (Matthew 7:1-2).
    Learn to look with spiritual eyes and see the “glory that is to be revealed” in a person. Pray that the unsaved person will be saved.


  16. I feel like Rihanna felt bad about what went down that night during the ‘incident’. Rihanna and Chris got into a fight- she probably hit him too and just happened to lose the fight because her opponent is obviously physically stronger. She knows she was not a totally innocent party in the altercation and that’s part of why she has never been able to let go of Chris. Chris has never been 100% remorseful because he knows she was not totally innocent. She regrets the fact that the media found out because that’s the ONLY reason they broke up. This reconciliation and the remixes are just a way for her to ease her soul about the whole matter as well as to coax the world into forgiving Chris too. I’m not saying I condone Chris’ hitting of Rihanna, I’m just speculating on what’s going on behind closed doors. Either way I don’t think this is good for her career.

  17. CROXLEY- I hate assumptions but I think you’re right. I just can’t see a man beating a woman (esp. like that) for “nothing”. But I hope the best for both.

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