Rihanna Covers British Vogue

Rihanna has landed another major magazine cover.

The 23-year old pop diva will be gracing the pages of British Vogue for the first time in her career.

Donning a platinum blonde wig, Rihanna appears to be channeling 1950’s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and her iconic style.

This issue will reportedly hit newsstands on October 10th, but with the internet the way it is, we have the pics for you now.

Thanks Andrea.


  1. Whaddya know..she looks good in blonde hair, too! 😛

    Enough with the onesies.

    Love the shoes! Love the cover.

  2. I will be glad when this trend of black women and blond hair goes OUT. I hate it.

  3. This site is addicted to Rihanna but NEVA turns the spotlight toward other talents working even harder but not acknowledged at all! or at least a chance!!! #OLIVIA

  4. she looks great! the thing is I didn’t recognize her at first glance!

    At the risk of stating the obvious, it seems like mainstream mags try to make their covers look as white as possible.

    Be that as it may, Riri can fall back on modeling for real. If ever she decides to take some time off, she can make spending money on it lol!

    I love the last one with her smiling :

  5. @U fancy-

    Ok you’re just being biased now.

    #1- Sista tells it like she sees it, and you will see she called Rihanna’s last single weak/lazy or something to that effect and have always called out Rihanna in her posts for her ‘extraness’

    #2- Are you purposely ignoring all the other posts on this site?! Like you know- Ledisi, Candis Buriss, Ashanti, Mary J etc. You know, posts that were done **within the last few days and are up on the front page**

    #3 I googled ‘Olivia’ and was unable to find any relevant up to date information on her. Maybe if she had a website with current info people might be more interested in what she’s up to. Heck, her own wikipedia page isn’t up to date. But she’s ‘hardworking’ right?

  6. Congrats, she looks every bit of her 23 years OF AGE, FRESH, young the hottest among her peers, good for her, I’m tired of the blonde hair on black women tho (Shrugs)

  7. HATE the leotard look but this chic if FIERCE! I hate that I love her! That blonds is soooooooo cute on her. That pencil skirt is KILLING! Just gorgeous!

  8. love, love, love the Vogue pics!!!

    I give Rihanna credit, she keeps on reinventing herself in a business that’s not designed for longevity and the jig can be up at anytime!

    On another cool note:

    I see this site as one that definitely covers a wide spectrum of black women in entertainment. I bought not one but two Kola Boof books…you don’t have to be Rihanna or Beyonnce to be posted…but, how many have a comment about anyone other than these two????????

    We act as if the world stopped and only these two are worth of our time or interest. These are the two we love or hate or live to love to hate…no other female entertainers garner the attention like these two…it’s sad when I see posts and no comments…you must do what you feel…live your 100…but, Sistas really have it hard…there’s only room for one or two and a few honorable mentions!

    Go Beyonce, I mean Rihanna!!!

  9. Sorry. I don’t like it. Rihanna is a beautiful young woman but they got her looking white just like beyonce. I’m sick of the blonde look.

  10. I simply love it. Rihanna is very pretty and is a young and continually rising star. Keep it up Ri Ri!

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