Rihanna Covers Elle Magazine

Rihanna has landed the cover of yet another magazine. The singer will grace the July 2010 edition of Elle Magazine wearing a fuchsia and gold mini dress from the Balmain Fall 2010 collection. With a new book and album on tap for the second half of this year, it appears the singer was telling the truth when she said “that Rihanna reign just won’t let up.”


  1. Meh, famous for nothing. Where is the real talent these days? 🙄

  2. @ ciderkiss…..ammmmmm she is famous for the bomb ass pop songs the mainstream audience loves…#i’mjustsaying

  3. i am mad at the amount of photoshop used to slim her down doa..rihanna aint dat skinni…u need more ppl Elle

  4. @ The RIHcession is ova

    i was thinking the same damn thing bout the photoshopping! she’s a slim girl, but her waist is nowhere NEAR that tiny! The girl does look damn good otherwise tho. Cant hate, she’s got the sfashion game on lock.

  5. Go RiRi!!! She looks great! Even w/o the photoshopping she’d look good STILL. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! LOL I can’t be mad at her or any of these females really. Make it do what it do and do YOU. :hifive: That’s my positivity for the day. 😆

  6. i hate they way they photoshopped the hell outta her on the cover. she looks anorexic there 🙁 why can’t they just let black women be great with ALL our curves in tact? UGH.

    anyway… GO RHI! work it my fellow Bajan sistren!

  7. Ewww they messed up that cover. She looks great though.

  8. She is famous for her music as well. It may not be good music to some but she has a daytime job. She is just trying to get her money on like someone else. It can be more than one of us that is famous at a time

  9. Yeah!!! My girl just won’t stop, can’t stop.She just keeps winning.No matter what obstacles are thrown her way.Just can’t say how impressed I am with this woman.She just ignores the negativity and keeps it moving.Black women keep shining.

  10. I cannot see past this whole ILLUMINATI scare with all of ROC NATION’s artists. That purple and gold dress is perhaps one of 7 outfits Rihanna has worn in the past 7 months with some color (well, that I’ve seen anyhow).

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