Rihanna Covers Esquire UK

If you thought Esquire couldn’t top their sexy cover shoot with Rihanna back in October of 2011, think again.

This time it was Esquire U.K.’s turn to have the 23-year old beauty grace their cover, and they decided to amp up the sex factor exponentially.

Leaving little to the imagination… as usual, Rihanna goes topless for most of her shoot and even decides to throw in a bit of taboo butt crack.

I wish I could say these images are scandalous, but for Rihanna they are simply par for the course.

The only thing she could do now to shock people is pose naked with Chris Brown while he spanked her bottom.


  1. The only thing she could do now to shock people is pose naked with Chris Brown while he spanked her bottom.

    Oh come on, don’t give her any ideas. 😆

  2. She is doing nothing that none of these other top celebrity females are doing. From what I see is some get a pass for parading around as 2bit you know what and others get criticized for it. There is a celebrity who is supposedly woth $500 million for doing the same thing.

  3. As a male, I won`t be a hypocrite, I love the female physique. However, some things are to be shown behind close doors, either by yourself or, with your mate. I swear, if I didn`t know any better, I`d think this girl is allergic to clothing. For the most part, she, like so many other sistas are always salaciously dressed…magazine cover or not, where`s your self respect?

    I, for one, think this girl is in the wrong business. She should be in the porno industry, in my humble opinion. This, to me, is tasteless and very unlady like. She parades around like a whore but yet I would surmise that she wants to be treated like a lady and respected…LOL!!! As aforementioned she`s not by herself. She and Beyonce lead the cavalcade…not cute, at all,*ladies.*

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4EVER!!!


  4. she, like so many other sistas are always salaciously dressed

    Come again?

    In the entertainment world Rihanna is hardly doing anything out of the ordinary.

    I don’t see how what Rihanna is doing is any different than what Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox does.

  5. Rih looks great. I would’ve chosen a different photo for the cover though. One of the ones with the camo-shorts and bikini. I don’t care for the butt-crack shot…but then I don’t think I as a female is the intended audience for that visual. LOL These to ME are very tasteful and not salacious. Had she dropped it like it’s hot and spread-eagle in these images then I’d call that a pose worthy of KING magazine or Hustler or whatever. These are tasteful (minus the butt crack…it’s just awkward, for ME) and she looks great.

  6. It’s a shame when u get to using Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox as examples of if they are doing it y not Rihanna. What happened to self respect, no man wants a women to wife who has been reported to be with so many people or who goes on Twitter to let u no how gully she is. She is the chick u smashed because u no can. I honestly believe the fame got to her and she is screaming out for help. When women especially black women realize how much power they have, u r the Queens of the Earth however some of u have allowed yourself to be dumb down and sold a falsehood especially when u cosign this behavior because she is young and don’t give Fxxck. F what Kim & Megan is doing.

  7. I don’t consider what Rihanna is doing as disrespectful. Honestly, I have seen just as much of Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

    Sexuality isn’t bad. It can be quite powerful actually.

  8. What I do consider disrespectful is Rihanna’s behavior on Twitter. I used to love her tweets but over the last month or so she has just turned into this foul mouth spoiled brat who comes off like she needs a time out.

    She does far more damage to her image with her tweets than she does with pics like these.

  9. LOL, Kim K and Megan Fox? Really? So Rihanna should do Play Boy too and make a sex tape, and the excuse for that would be because Kim K did it? Or she should have sex with a co-star because Megan Fox did? Please stop it, LOL! Let’s not use this because non-black women do it and get fame, then we should do it too. Smh. Sorry. I love Rihanna’s photo shoots but she’s just as bad and beautiful with clothes on! Leaving something to the imagination is just as sexy. Rihanna is a gorgeous girl who doesn’t need to constantly be bare in her photo shoots, photos on twitter, or any other photo she takes.

  10. @Sista I totally agree about the tweets on twitter! Anyway, I think this whole topless thing is played out sooner or later every magazine photo or album book etc. she do will be topless. It’s getting beyond old. She should try to start back doing great shoots not just shoots that focus on sexuality. I’m just sayin there should be a variety.

  11. Hmmmm, I didn’t know we had a strong dislike towards our women being sex symbols? So black women can never leave something to the imagination AND be sex symbols? Wow! I was not aware of that (sarcastically). I agree more with your comments about twitter, sexuality not being bad, and how this photo shoot is not disrespectful. But I would rather see you compare her to the likes of Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks rather than Kim K and Megan Fox. I don’t expect Rihanna to be this perfect role model to anyone, but all these excuses for why she does things is getting a bit out of hand… “because she’s young…” and “because other celebrities do it…” I think I should be famous if I start doing what other top celebrities do too right?

  12. @Sista:

    Perhaps, I should be more specific. I was only referring to the sistas because they represent the ethnical group I belong to and the one I`m most concerned with. But, yeah, salaciously dressed women is the norm nowadays regardless of ethnicity. However, whites, for the most part, should not be a paradigm for society. If truth be told, they are hardly to be emulated in any way whatsoever.

    Our community should strongly be aversed to sistas being seen as sexual objects because of the role that women can have on the entire uplift of our communities. You, sistas, have a powerful influence on the destiny of the black nation whether you realize it or not. By renewing and transforming your mental facalties, you in turn renew, transform and tame the dog that lies at the heart of, us, men.

    Not to get biblical, but if I may, just consider the influence Eve had over Adam in the garden when she persuaded him to go against the command of Elohim. Then there`s Samson who was persuaded by Delilah to reveal the source of his strength. I think these narratives/allegories were placed there to show the enormous power of women, not to just take up space. A virtuos woman is quintessential to a great community and a great nation.

    I, often, see young girls and women walking the streets in the daytime and at night salaciously dressed. I, certainly, don`t speak for all men but that`s certainly not the kind of sista I want to marry. Once we get past the physical are we able to have intellectual conversations? Afterall, the intellect is not transigent as is the physical. The external features are a fallacy that fades with time, then what?

    My mate and I would have to have a serious discussion if she were to even think that she`s going anywhere with me out into the public arena not modestly dressed. I don`t want ever Tom, Dick and Harry eyeing my jewels that should be for my pleasure only. As aforementioned I love the female physique, it`s a work of art. As a male, there`s nothing more pleasureable, except the act itself, of having your mate walk around in the home wearing sexy lingerie and the whole nine yards, but in the privacy of the home.And just because others choose to be cheap and seek buffoonery, as with these nonsensical reality shows, doesn`t mean that we have to be malleable and aspire to do likewise.

    Sorry,for the exposition, but this is a good/serious topic.


    Michael Jackson & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  13. I’m not excusing Rihanna’s behavior by saying white girls do it too. I personally don’t feel these pictures need to be excused because there is nothing wrong with them.

    These sexy pics are right in line with what many women celebs have been doing since the beginning of time.

    I had rather Rihanna, and all black women for that matter, be seen as sex symbols rather than loud mouth, overweight baby mamas.

    So I’m not gonna flip out so much when a sista exerts her sexual powers. I say good for her/them.


    The black woman’s name, image and likeness had been drug through the mud over the last decade. We are portrayed as the least feminine and least desirable women on the planet. Among other things, this is designed to make men not want to mate with us, but especially black men.

    A woman is meant to be looked upon and desired. Men are supposed to want them, to love them, to protect them. But who wants to protect the beaten down image of a fat, black mammy? No one.

    And I hate the idea of nation building being placed on the shoulders of black women. Sistas tried the virtuous schtick and where did it get them? Hollywood itself is full of virtuous sistas walking the red carpet alone, while their men walk the red carpet with women like Kim and Amber Rose.

    We are so far off topic so I’m gonna pull back.

    But in closing, respectable sexuality can be a good thing. Is Rihanna using hers to sell records and invite controversy? Sure. But then who isn’t?

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