Rihanna Covers GQ Mexico+Tour Pics

Rihanna GQ Mexico

Pop diva Rihanna is looking mue caliente on the cover of GQ Mexico. The singer’s cover coincides with her tour, which wrapped up in Mexico Mexico City last night. Rihanna performed several sold out shows in the country before hopping on a flight and flying back to the States last night.

You can see more pics below- which I believe are kinda old, even though they are appearing in the February 2009 edition of the magazine. Still, the singer looks great and the inside pics are definitely new to me.

I have also included images from Rihanna’s Mexico City concert from last night.


  1. rihanna might end up being overexposed even before she reaches her artistic maturity…!

  2. This woman is flawless..I did notice that they airbrushed some of her tattoos out of the picture, though.

    Plenty of people wouldn’t mind seeing more of Rihanna. She has that “IT” factor these days, so it would be wise to keep riding that train to the wheels fall off! As long as there is a demand for her, she’s good.

  3. She looks great. She could be a model. I don’t think she is overexposed at all.

  4. @prettylady

    you`re absolutely right! tomorrow is not promised….

  5. Rihanna is doing the damn thing these days as the reigning Princess of Pop! Even the Grand Diva of Pop, Miss Bey, has to take notice of this younger, fresher more edgy diva stealing some of her shine. Rhihanna is who Solange thinks she is! LOL! Rock on Rhi!


  7. She looks cute…but she’s NO BEYONCE and haters can say what they want..Rhianna’s head is big as hell and she is overrated with no talent! Yeah I said it.

  8. Again, this is a Rihanna post. Beyonce has nothing to do with this.

  9. Okay, just saw the pictures. The first three shots kind of remind me of Beyonce’s “Self” magazine shoot in ’03.

  10. um… the word is “muy”, not “mue”, lol. either way, she looked great in the pics though i hate the hair.

  11. at IVY & Talulazoeapple

    LMAO at your beef

    don’t take it too seriously


  12. Ok, I am the 1st one to say that if nothing else Rhianna can strike a mean pose, but in the cover pic up top she looks old & tired. Rhianna better watch that, I understand that she is traveling around the world, but she NEEDS to rest b/c that fast lifestyle looks like it’s starting to weigh in on her.

  13. Rihanna looks really Hot…living her life….. making that paper…aint got no time for no haters!

  14. @ bored the only complaint about the concerts was that they were too short. They shows lasted a little over an hour.
    Rihanna usually gets great reviews.

  15. Ivy you’re no Beyonce either. The forehead joke is tired and weak.
    The woman is one of the most photographed women in the world and she’s been on tons of magazine covers so there are alot of people digging her.
    You may think she’s not talented but the 11 million people who have bought her albums, the 20 million that have purchased her songs on digital format, the hundreds of thousands that attend her shows around the world would disagree.

  16. @Brownsuga Diva shut the hell up! You sound stupid. Everyone has there time to shine hunnie and if you dont know by NOW Rihanna’s time has come and gone. Yeah she’s a pretty girl and she stay fly…wit a mean pose BUT when it comes to real and TRUE talent, SHE DOESNT FIT THE BILL. Just my opinion.

  17. All those who are dissing riri and calling her overexposed have double standards,bey is the most everexposed artist ever…..riri is spunky like it or not……and her forehead is beautiful….everyone has flaws beyonce has small teeth and had huge ears that were sticking out and she has them fixed by pulling them back but no one highlights that,tyra banks has a big forehead and no one mentions it and all these women are beautiful no matter how flawed they are…..riri is young and she can do whatever she wants and her new project is better than ever…..no family entourage is helping her or speaking on her behalf,she has it hard than most of you think but she still excells,she is not american but she still excells,am realy proud of this independent woman.

  18. LOve ri-ri! She hot but thats about it. Great songs, ok voice, bad shows. Lets be real, her shows usually get bad reviews- dont front about it. You can still like her. I sure do!

  19. I’ m with you lizz, but it ain’ t nothing else but beyonce’ s fans being jealous as usual don’ t mind them , beyonce herself does not jealous rihanna so it’ s nothing but talk

  20. I do agree with liz, beyonce is evidently the most overexposed celebrity, its ridiculous. But Rihanna is becoming a close second. Im ready for some new talent to come through (that may be in a few years lol)

    And Rihanna looks great but these look like old pictures, she hasnt had that hairstyle in like a year. The thing with her is that in order to stay successful she will have to keep changing her hair and her sound continously. She cant stick to the short hair with the next album otherwise people will get bored of her

  21. @ Y’all:
    Notice the two pix of RiRi in that white bikini. Here’s a rough translation from Spanish to English: In the left pic, RiRi says that her hair-do used to bore her… it was a little too innocent looking. So without asking anybody, she says that she cut her hair her own self. In the second pic, RiRi says that her mom always showed her how to think like a grown woman and that’s why she says that she’s very mature for her age. According to my cousins in Mexico, they say that RiRi is very big down there.

  22. they say that RiRi is very big down there.
    i heard that too, and she never translate one of her song in Spanish or said that she wanted to be latina to cross over ain’ t that marvelous? her momma taught her well

  23. @ Ivy you ARE stupid and bitter. Rihanna has come and gone? Then why is she still touring and playing to huge crowds off an album that came out almost 2 years ago.
    Girl bye.

  24. @Brownsuga Diva

    Bitter for what?? She’s a DREADFUL peformer that keeps RE-RE-RELEASING an album to stay relevent. What talented artist do YOU know re releases an album 3 times??? A DESPERATE, TALENTLESS ARTIST that’s who…b/c she knows its BEY SEASON and she has to do something to stay in the game. REAL artist release maybe ONCE and have all new material after. SO GIRL BYE yourself….we’ll see what the dreadful artist comes up with on the next go round.

  25. Lol @ people who bad mouth artist who sell millions of records, and sell out tours world wide…..

  26. LOL @ IVY! I agree she really really really needs to put “GGGB” to bed. The remixes??? For what? That mess is pointless. I bet she doesnt sell out more tours then the ONE AND ONLY Beyonce! **CRICKETS** Yeah I know.

  27. She looks cute in those OLD pics! But I must argee with the rest of the world that she is overrated and lacks real talent. she is a very cute girl, but everyone has there time to shine, look at Ciara and Ashanti… they both were very hot at one point but when you lack talent especially Ashanti you will not last long. Ciara cant sing and thats why she isnt that hot either.

  28. I wasn’t going to post because the thread is sorta old but as i neared the end of the comments I just had to… in today’s music world almost every artist re-releases their cd… especially if it received decent sales. When Beyonce re-released her BDay cd there was no uproar… why now with Rihanna? And you can’t seriously believe Rihanna is making all the decisions as to if her cd will be rereleased or better yet re-re-released… Def Jam is at fault here… and the reason for the many re-releases is the cd is still selling like never before… worldwide the cd has surprassed the seven million mark… do you really think Def Jam is about to walk away from the profits that continue to roll in? And as much as folks are complaining and asking for new music Def Jam is not about to allow that to happen while like I said GGGB is still selling. I applaud Rihanna for her sucess and whatever else comes her way… folks have been claiming her 15 minutes are up and she’s still going…

    And those pics are hella old… don’t quite know why those were chosen but I love the shots in the white swimsuit…. and all reviews I read from Mexico have been good… so work Robyn!!!!! Loves it!

  29. @DrmKpr

    NO ONE RE RE RELEASES AN ALBUM that many times Even Keyshia Cole has come out with another album since “JUST LIKE YOU” and the went platinum but KC went back into the lad and cooked up another album, same for A.k no realt artist do that just the desprate ones that knoe there time is up soon. Beyonce released the album 1 time. Rihanna did it twice. Def Jam doesnt have that many HOT artist on that label except for NEYO AND Rih so they know that Beyonce was releasing her album Nov 18th to be exact and they need there talentless artist to stick around until she drops another album. After B-DAY we didnt here jack else from Bey until her release date was approaching. Bey drops the album BAM it goes platinum in 4 weeks….”Single Ladies” has been # 1on the rnb/hip hop, as well as 4 other charts for 10-15 weeks straight…BAM she goes DOUBLE PLATIUM in January. Beyonce is doing quit well and she probably wont have to re release the album b/c it did so well. She’s up for a Grammy from a song she did 5 years ago (me myself and I) “Good Girl Gone Bad” is up for only 3 GRAMMYS…J. Sullivan up for 5 GRAMMYS b/c these are artist with real talent. The proof is in the pudding.

  30. “folks have been claiming her 15 minutes are up and she’s still going…”

    Very true

    “After B-DAY we didnt here jack else from Bey until her release date was approaching”
    all commercial, controversial comment, movies, adds,excluded right? Why are you upset since you’ re not buying the album? Like i said before people will buy anything because they like a person, The new remixes cd i am so not buying it, but it is selling, even if it sold a thousand that’ s still Money, You know? Don’ t get mad no matter how real your talent is if people don’ t like you, they won’ t buy you , But i agree on the Jasmine Sullivan comment

  31. Now you good and damn well she is going to re release I Am Sasha Fierce… I am convinced that Rihanna has enough songs ready to drop another cd if she wanted but like I said in my earlier post Def Jam is not about to walk away from the money GGGB is STILL pulling in… Platinum [KC] vs. 7+ Platinum [Rihanna] … and you wonder why Def Jam is still riding the gravy train… no one is afraid of Beyonce and when she releases her cds… Rihanna has her own set of fans who will go out and purchase her music regardless to how has released something or not. And believe me you there are some lining up to purchase the remix cd… I for one won’t… although I do have her first three cds and will more than likely purchase her cd when she drops something new and not just remixed…

    As far as the Grammys go… there is no way Beyonce should have been nominated for anything Sasha Fierce came out too late to be eligible… and I guess enough politicing got her the other nomination. Yes Jazmine Sullivan got nominated for 5 Grammys off her debut album… I applaud her despite me not caring for her music and yes GGGB is only up for 3 Grammys this year HOWEVER Rihanna was nominated for 6 Grammys last year in which she won one… so total she has garnered 9 Grammy nods off a cd folks love to claim was not good… go figure… but just to let you know… real talent does not always get nominated nor do they win Grammys…. I’m still pissed that Maxwell has only been nominated three times and still has yet to win one but the likes of Ciara, Lil Kim, Mya, and a bunch of other nonsense singers have Grammys….

    And I’m sure where you were living but after BDay Beyonce was still CONSTANTLY everywhere…. hence the overexposed tag she has been labeled with…

  32. I’m not a big big fan of either chics but my sisters have I AM SASHA FIERCE and they have played that damn CD out so much, and hate to say it but, I went out and bought a copy *bitting nails* Im really loving it. Its a very tasteful album and better then any CD she has put out hands down! “B-DAY” was re released once and thats when I got my copy, I wasnt feeling it at first and Rihanna is using recycled music just keeping it real…Ive heard her CD and I liked it but its not that hot where she should Re-release it again and again . Buy HEY gotta get that $$!

  33. @DrmKpr

    I was online looking at the grammy nods list and Beyonce is up for one for “Me Myself and I” Best Live peformance vocals and she rocks that song live I watched her DVD the other day and must say she is awesome. Honestly I was reading that Bey’s 1st cd won 7 grammys. I dont think Beyonce is overrated, I dont get when people say that? And Im not big fan of Beyonce but I like her music and her drive to success and happiness besides my mother LOVES her to death but she is very talented and she’s about her money. I watched her on Ellen and Oprah when she came there and she seems like a really sweet girl thats living her dreams, like Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, A.K ect how can you get mad at that? She is one of the best in our time alongside my girl Leona Lewis who’s album has gone 3x platinum worldwide.

  34. Leona Lewis is thee best: “Me Myself and I” Best Live peformance vocals

    I doubt she stand a chance with jazmine sullivan and jennifer hudson in that category but matthew can work miracles 🙂

  35. I agree with you DrmKpr.You r so right.Rihanna is applaudable and I love her a lot,but I don’t know how can I be friend with her?!

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