Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar + Fires Financial Advisors

There is good and bad news coming out of the Rihanna camp today.

On the good side, the 23-year old pop beauty is covering one magazine, Harper’s Bazaar; and has been named, for the second year in a row, Woman of the Year by another- Vogue Italia.

On the bad side- according to published reports, Rihanna is suing her former financial advisers, claiming they swindled her out of millions of dollars.

Via a lawsuit filed on behalf of the singer today, Rihanna alleges that Berdon LLP failed to file “proper” tax returns for her from 2008-2010, resulting in a costly audit that is still ongoing.

Despite the financial mismanagement, Rihanna’s lawyer said the singer discovered the mismanagement early and is grateful for the team she now has in place.


  1. I just read the whole story and it is really sad. She will never get that money back.

    When hiring people to take care of your money you gotta hire another few people to watch over them and then some more people to watch over the watchers.

    Rihanna needs to slow down and make time to examine her finances herself. So many artists have worked themselves like mules only to retire and find themselves broke.

  2. Pretty pics.

    Sorry to read how badly they mismanaged her money. Good thing she found out somewhat quickly but still this has been going on since 2005. That is 5+ years of being ripped off. No telling how badly her finaces might be because of it. On top of that she is being audited.

    Keep your head up Rihanna.

  3. She and her new team did not catch it “early” when it’s been happening since she became an artist. Plus it doesn’t help that all of her friends live off of her.

    Instead of sitting on twitter and acting out her life on some #badb!tch, #rolemodel sh!t, #thuglife sh!t, she needs to be on her #financial sh!t. She needs to be more careful and vigilant of her new accountant team too because they’ve seen how negligent she is and they could very well do the same thing to her.

    She works, going in and out of hospital, and yet, everyone gets their hands on the money before she does. She needs to be smarter with her money and she needs to read the contracts herself before signing them. Stop relying on other people’s words!

  4. beautiful pictures. 🙂

    her financial woes are far beyond what i can imagine. but good luck with that.

  5. WoHoo, boo-hoo! This chit happens to even the most astute person. When people have ill intentions they’re gonna act on them until they satisfy their agenda. Rihanna’s situation is not brand new by any means.

    She’s a grown woman and just like you’re sitting on Brown Sista bashing Rihanna you can be doing something far more constructive with yourself, as well.

  6. @wideawake

    Thanks for your input but I still stick by my comments. Nothing I said was “bashing her” but hey, if you see it that way, then more power to you!

  7. Congrats on the good news! Fortunately, she’s still in the prime of her career and has the potential to earn millions more. As 50 cent told Oprah, “who doesn’t have time to count money.” But it happens, this will just make her stronger and better.

    Artists are often swindled by their own so-called professionals. They all (lawyers and accountants) work together to cheat clients with “badly structured deals” from prestigious firms too. Hopefully, she will get a decent settlement out of this on the principle of being looted alone!

    I read how Diana Ross took business classes to manage her fortune at her local community college and takes free computer classes at Apple Stores to keep up! Hopefully, Rihanna has managers to manage the managers (handlers)!

  8. That girl was a teenager when she came out and they took advantage of that. She doesn’t seem to have a strong family unit so she was literally on her own. Thank God she is taking care of it now and that that does not kill you only makes you stronger. Keep your head up young lady.

  9. These pictures are greeaat!

    As Bria said, I think they definitely took advantage of the fact that she was a teenager.
    Its a shame you think you can trust people to do their job correctly and honestly but instead the become greedy of something that is not theirs to began with.

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