Rihanna Covers Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine must have read my recent Twitter rants about them not giving black artists covers because now after five years and ten number one (?) singles they have finally deemed Rihanna worthy of covering one of their issues. The Singer was spotted earlier this month leaving an unknown photo shoot and now we know what it was for. This issue will reportedly hit newsstands next month and appears to be leaked copy. I haven’t bought Rolling Stone in over a decade, but may pick up this issue to support RiRi.


  1. I love it! though I think it could have been more iconic..you know, the cover we’ll remember down the road in ten years..but either way she looks HOT!

  2. Yeah it’s like if Snooki can get a cover there should no question if Rihanna is worthy. I haven’t bought one since President Obama appeared on the cover.

    Riri looks fantastic! Her legs are RIDICULOUS!

  3. I wish she get this PORN stuff out of her system cause this constant tramp look is getting old. For once I just wish she would shock people and be descent about her self but as usual she continues to show how she got and is still stying in the business. Nothing new! along with the same old lies about her life probably..

  4. its about time she got a cover, but RS could have come up with something better than this. They just had Snooki on a damn rocket, they could have created something better for Rihanna.

  5. it looks like somebody stole janet’s look from TVR era…not original at all!

  6. She looks awesome- and I can’t believe Im saying it – but the red corkscrews look amazing!

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