Rihanna Covers Vibe… But Why?

Rihanna Vibe Cover Pop diva Rihanna is covering the latest edition of Vibe Magazine, but to save my life I can’t figure out why. The cover, with the blazing headline: What’s Love Got To Do With It? Rihanna & Chris, comes well over a month after the altercation between the two happened and based on snippets of the article released, will not reveal anything about that night or the couple’s relationship that we don’t already know. Another thing that irks me about the cover is that the image they used is old. It’s a head shot of Rihanna from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. It’s been almost three years since Rihanna became a bonafide crossover pop success and now, at the most inopportune moment, Vibe decides to give her a cover. What took them so long and why now? Why give her such a cheap cover at a point in her career when she is clearly down.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great Vibe is exploring the issue of domestic violence. However, I think Rihanna was deserving of a cover years ago and not just now. How horrible to have your first cover feature be about getting beat up by your boyfriend.


  1. I’ m with you 100% on this one Stephanie Once again one of our own is trying to make money off of our demise 🙁

  2. VIBE is trying to boost sales so they won’t have to go to a shorter number of issues per year. Point. Period. Blank.

    And that’s like a recycled (papparazi) image. FOR SHAME VIBE!!! :bag:

  3. Something is not right with this rihanna chick. Something ain’t right; only time will tell.

  4. Interesting. Rihanna definitely should have been given a cover before this incident. I guess she has become a poster child for domestic violence since all of this drama happened with Chris Brown. Personally, I’m tired of talking and speculating about it. What’s sad is that Rihanna will probably never address the issue publicly. You can already see how Chris and Rihanna’s camp are trying to get everything swept under the rug as soon as possible so they can get back to business.

  5. yet again u r being too tasty,its just a cover so what if she’s never been on before.other artists have 2 wait their entire careers to get even the most insignificant magazines to feature an article just to get their names out there.

  6. Let’s be real! Rihanna was blessed with good written, well produced songs, she does not have talent, so maybe that’s why she did not grace the cover of VIBE before.

    Since she is using the media anyway to keep her image, why not capitalize on her; she’s doing it, so what makes them any different from TMZ, E, People and so on, if the others can do it and make money let them also. If this was a real tragic story then it would have been maybe a little different. Rihanna is capitalizing on someone else misfortune, she is the cause of this. I dont feel any pity for her at all. If she can knowingly walk around doing what she is doing like non of this is her vault then what ever comes in play is good for her….

    Chris on the other hand has taken responsibility for his part in this situation, loosing deals and so on. Her time will come and lets see how well she holds up and who will hang around for her?

  7. I agree 100% – I was like this girl has been everywhere and now you give her a cover?!?! and an old picture at that…Come on VIBE – YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

  8. @bored
    She would not be the first lacking talent but has good marketing. So let’s try not to front and act like she is the first and she def won’t be the last. And no matter what you think of her talent – she has had more hit songs than a lot of folks they put on the cover…so I digress

  9. :iagree: yes the economy is low and magazines are shutting down left and right….smart move for sales (i guess)

  10. vibe just want some attention but its not going to help because this story is old news until we get some new good details

  11. @Bored i do not understand people like you. You do not feel bad for her. Like he really hurt this girl. The people that live in this world today.

    @Stephanie yes i think it wrong for them to put her on the cover now and she should been on the cover when she first came out GGGB. But it is what it is.

  12. @ bored – how has chris taken responsibility for the incident..he has yet to even admit his guilt..Pleading not guilty and trying to plea bargin his case down is the coward’s way out. So what he’s losing money, what about his self respect..you really think he’s gonna get that back?

    As far as rih rih goes – how in the hell is she capitalizing on someone else’s misfortune? She got beat down by that coward for stepping to him about cheating on her. She went about it the wrong way but that didn’t give him the right to do that to her. Blaming a victim of domestic violence is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    I do agree that Vibe is just trying to capitalize on the moment like everybody else. She should have been on the cover a long time ago. Ok she’s not the best singer or a polished manufactured diva like bey (who IMO is overrated) but rih rih has the look & presence that you just cannot ignore.

  13. That cover doesn’t even look real. so sad

    i’m really kinda over this situation though, it looks like they have both moved on, new subject please

  14. @ Bored. I don’t know what you call talent but to say someone as successful as Rihanna has no talent is hating in my opinion. To be able to use your beauty is already a talent in itself, so that’s one of many talent she has. Chris Brown is not taking responsibility for his actions. Otherwise, why did he plead “Not guilty” and why didn’t he accept the deal the prosecutors threw at him. The deal was to do 30 days in jail. His camp is trying to get away with no prison time at all. So Rihanna is using Chris Brown’s misfortune??? She had media attention all over the world before this incident happened and believe me she will in the aftermath. I don’t usually call people haters unless they are just in COMPLETE denial like yourself. You just see black where everybody (fans or not) see white.

  15. phineinphilly, Coco and Lady :hifive:
    @ Bored: I have an issue with everything you said,It’ s clear that you don’ t like rihanna, idk why,maybe you feel as if she is taking the ligh off of someone you like or whatever,However no matter how much you hate someone there are situations where you need to bring your human side out,Have you seen rihanna’s face? If it was someone from your family would your rant still be valid? I don’ t get that there are singers that i don’ t particularly care for,But if this has happened to them i’ ll be the first piss the hell off, first as a woman, and second as someone’s mother one day,What you are saying and have all these people cosign is pure hatred, and that is disgusting,Since when did vibe promote talent? Vibe promotes who the hell is hot at the moment and My opinion in why she didn’ t get a cover is the same why women here can’ t stand her, The girl is not from here, and SOME American women in my opinion are mad at that! and you’ re one of them, Talking about talent You all kill me, What do you know about talent ?Right now and without google tell me what is the number 13 track off of India’ s arie “Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics “?what was the second single?which jill scott’s album when 2 times platinum? What is the name of Lalah hathaway’ s last album? What do you know about talent, When is the last time that vibe stop trying to make money and started to promote us as we should? and you saying she is the cause of her getting her face busted up? You and all your followers really need to take a deep look at yourself because right now i spotted about three abuse victims repeating the cycle,Yall sad!

  16. Like I said; well produced, well written songs did it! Her look gets more credit than her actual so called talent. It’s a shame we live in a time where apperance is worth more. He did take responsibility for his part, him pleading not guilty is a smart move when you know all is not on you.

    If someone is saying stuff you know you did not do why take the blame? That’s like me and you going out to steal or whatever, we both did it, but you get caught, I get away free. What you gon do? Take the full beating or what. Hell!!!! No!!!!

    Is she coming making statements that she threw the first punch and would not stop? No. She cried wolf too soon. Now it’s going to be the lie heard around the world when it all comes out (truth). When this stuff is over and I hope soon, riri is not walking away the poster child for domestic abuse. Two stupid celebrities, anyway it goes this is a no win situation, I hope she gets the same thing as him..Not hate just my opinion. It’s all wrong, but it takes two to tangle.

  17. @Voice said, I saw her face and not to be funny or sound even more insensitive (as to you), some people bruise different. Let’s be real, sometimes things look worse than they actually are..

  18. Is she coming making statements that she threw the first punch and would not stop?

    How do you know she did? where you there in the car with them? I don’ t know anything NEITHER what i do know is that i saw rihanna’ s busted face and whatever happened before that is pretty much canceled to me, If that was one hit, i would be like look it was one hit get the hell over but did you see the picture? unless you are a incredibly hateful person, or rihanna stole your man,or you’ re used to get f-cked up yourself,whatever you’ re saying right there is stupid and unfounded, and what do you mean she cried wolf rihanna has not say anything to anyone but the police, Do you think the police is just going to take her side of the story and run with it? Do you know who Chris’ s Lawyer is? What do you mean she cried wolf? When people saw the picture that’ s when we were all saying oh hell to the no, so you need to take your jealous obviously attacked before behind somewhere else with that b–shit, I respect everyone opinion until it is stupid, and you’ re not being smart in the whole matter, would you be singing the same chorus if that happens to someone close to you ? like i said if it was one hit i would understand because if you hit me i’ ll slap your ass back, but chris m-ssed her face up there was NO reason for that bshit and from that moment on whatever she did before is canceled,even if she hit him before or whatever and it is to my understanding that she slapped him before why is he still with her? why did it let it come to this point? Your argumentation is stupid In my opinion, Because if someone slap you and you shoot them who do you think is gonna get locked up and is going to become someone’ s B-tch in jail? Boo it’ s you! Because the way you retaliated was out of line! I’m speaking to you as a human being something are not acceptable, and chris didn’t slap rihanna to get her off of her IF she was attacking him, he punched, Bit,Kick and all of that was it necessary?

  19. bored: I’ m done it is obvious to me that your hate for this girl has taken over your common sens, So whatever :brownsista:

  20. @ bored,

    Rihanna isn’t the first “talentless” entertainer of this industry, but she’s one of the most popular pop artists, she should have been on VIBE. If they can put Ciara and Gwen Stefani on their cover (please none of them can SING which is what they’re paid to do to begin with), then clearly they can put Rihanna.

    Chris has taken responsibility? By pleading not guilty? By saying that he was sorry things “transpired” not that he actually did what he did? Okay. She’s not capatilizing on anybody’s misfortune, she’s the one who was almost killed after being cheated on like “phineinphilly” said. I don’t understand how people want to give Chris the benefit of the doubt when he sent a woman to hospital, but won’t even give the actual victim the benefit of the doubt and just BLAME IT ALL ON HER. Some of you so WANT to see Rihanna destroyed that you’re ready to say and imagine anything to defend her abuser. From what I’ve observed, Rihanna has been mostly blamed on black blogs, I generally didn’t see that mindset on mainstream sites! This is so typical in the black community to automatically blame us. I’m gonna make some of you mad but I couldn’t care less. Blame it on Halle Berry’s so-called “craziness”. Blame it on Rihanna’s so-called “attitude”. Reality is black women have ALWAYS been treated differently and blamed for everything. Hell, isn’t R.Kelly considered a “poor victim”? Chris Brown was wrong, period, point blank. And he needs to face the consequences of his actions.

  21. Bored must be a Chris i’ll bust your ass Brown stan

  22. It’s not hate, really. But you can whatever, but you get my point? Her camp said it. She started the fight has been stated.

    That’s the problem with people they see and dont listen!!

    Am I a fan of hers? NO. But that does not mean I dont care, like I said before, I dont wish fighting on anyone. But it seems to make a bigger difference when a woman does it to a man. It should not be. People can talk all day, but if you were in this situation (hope it never happens) arguing with your loved one, things get carried away. You know what? I really hope this goes to trial, why? Then everyone that has been around them would have to go in testify on behalf of their party and a whole lot of stuff will come out.

    Why you think riri is in such a hurry to end this? This story is not going to have a happy ending, but let it end right, both parties taking their weight.

    Let’s really be real, we are living in a time where girls, women, whatever you call, are just as ruthless as men. Do men not get beat on? Yes. I dont hate, but I listen and try to get the whole picture not just a one sided one. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE, she tried it and it got flipped on her but. Take your due.

    Gotta go, but not trying to hate on ole girl, I just really dont believe she should walk AWAY being the POSTER CHILD FOR ABUSED WOMEN!

  23. @ BORED- It’s so useless to argue with someone as limited as yourself. I have been hearing that fromt the beginning “The truth will come out”. Untill now, I’ve heard the same story over and over again. If there’s a truth Chris Brown want to reveal the world that we don’t know already, what is he waiting for? I am praying that you are the kind of person who thinks you deserve to be beaten up because you argued with your boyfriend/husband. And yes, I believe you are hating on the girl.

  24. Stephanie I agree with you. This is a desperate attempt by Vibe to become relevant. Vibe has been going down hill fast for a long time now and this is in line with that trajectory.

    The sad part about it that this cover with Rihanna is the best Vibe cover I’ve seen in years and it’s with an old pic, what does that say about Vibe.

    BTW, did anyone see last months Vibe with Keyshia on the cover; I swear it was like 20 pages long. It was more of a brochure than a magazine.

  25. Sorry I agree with BORED! I am a fan of Rihanna and have never been a fan of Chris Brown really. But be for real. Do you guys honestly think Rihanna is really and truely talented? If so, please explain why because some of you seem to be blinded by her fashion and beauty and equate that to being talented. I mean she is beautiful and she is the it girl in celebrity fashion right now. But that’s not talent. Hmmmm…

    I do agree with Stephanie 100% though. Rihanna has made a name for herself to be on a cover such as VIBE. And it does suck that this is the only time she appears on the cover. It’s disappointed for an urban magazine for that matter.

  26. @Voice :bowdown: Even if she did hit him first. He could stop the car and walk away. He was trying to smash her face right through the window of the car like come on BORED.
    Let see that happen to you and the same junk you talking someone else saying that about you. You would not like it a bit. So cut the sh*t. This world coming to a end for real.

  27. I agree with Voice,Lady,Coco and phineinphilly
    People are indeed happy and joyful that rihanna is down at the moment,Fortunately she is not breaking, and that is a strong woman, I know some who will never get up if they get knocked down

  28. @Bored..I hear you….I am a big BIG fan of Both, but shit Im so DISSAPOINTED in them. And before brushing me off, TMZ stated it in the official police report, which most of the turbloits CHOOSE to ignore. She hit him several times (out of her month), and hit his face to the drivers seat (whilst he was driving).
    Chris Brown, and God FORGIVE me for JUDGING, deserves to be treated fair, so do RIHANNA. And for what its worth, I want this case to go to TRIAL. And yes, Chris Brown will talk. Get the deal out of the way and HE WILL TALK, and believe me my fellow countrymen and women, Rihanna will not come out CLEAN. Her actions before the incident speak volumns, take those same actions and throw it to be part of the incident that night and hell oh hell, things will get Nasty.
    The sad thing is that Chris is already paying the price, Rihanna not yet. My guess: She will get the nasty side of the deal. Her actions now also speaks volumns. Not the way to deal with such a case. So lets leave the youngsters to LIVE the life; we continue to follow the proceedings and 29th April will hopefully give us some degree of understanding or closure.

  29. :iagree: with MARIO

    Vibe wants attention and they aint got sh*t else to report, so they put MJ on the cover! 😆 Just kidding, she looks stunning on the cover :bowdown:

  30. Did y’all forget she took the keys and threw them away?

    She is and will never be the POSTER CHILD FOR ABUSE WOMEN!!!

    If it makes y’all feel better by saying I’m hating, than so be it!!

    Rihanna dont seem down to me, I dont know what y’all looking at. But I guess when you party and fly around the world that would make you down! I said Listen, so stop looking at what you want to see. Who really wants someone beaten for no reason? Nobody. And I’m not saying he beat her for no reason; but in general. Think People!!!

  31. @ Bored, If your mother had a fight with your father and she said some bad stuff /pushed him and he beat her senseless and left her bruised would you say that she deserved it? Would you say the same if your sister confronted her man for cheating then “punched” him and he turned around and beat her senseless, would u say she deserved it too? If RiRi was hitting him (as you insist) then why didnt he get bruised? Why didnt he go to the police and report her? Why didnt he just leave her on the side of the road and drive away? Why did he have to do that to her?
    I have a funny feeling that you dont believe what you’re saying you’re just doing it to get a rise out of people. Nobody in their right mind would defend that kind of behavior.

  32. The magazine is just doing an article now because it is a monthly magazine and print publications are often a month or more behind with their stories. That is why the internet is the best way to get up to date news and most mags are going out of business. Anyway I agree that Rhianna should have gotten a cover a long time ago with a story about her music and style. I think she looks very pretty on this Vibe cover.

  33. Vibe is desperate to make money.

    How is Rhianna trying to be a poster child for DV. She hasnt spoken to even Mama Oprah. You know ALL those show hosts must have been hounding her to.

    Chris stans like “bored” are simply sinking him deeper with all thier ignorant ride or die she deserved it nonsense.

    Unless she had a gun or knife what he did was uncontrolled, violent and could have ended with her dead. Natasha Richardson bumped her head skiing, felt she was ok and died later. Hes bloody lucky someone called the cops on him or he would be in jail right now.

    he needs to man up and save his future kids. Its bigger than his career.

  34. Rihanna and Chris, and the saga continues…
    … All I know is this, at this point I’m still rooting for BOTH of these young people. It’s been a month, it’s been all over the news, and pictures have surfaced, still no one knows what the hell happened. Well no one but them, and neither have really opened up to the public on the situation.

  35. Stephanie, I agree 100%! This was in poor taste to put Rihanna on the cover as the poster child of domestic abuse. She can’t speak about it beacause the case is ongoing. So, what’s the point? I can see if Vibe wanted to do a special feature about the it, however, it should have been business as usual. Vibe is a music/entertainment/fashion lifestyle magazine, not People or US Weekly… :thumbsdown:

  36. I don’t know if anybody saw this one:
    On April 9th, according to a Bossip article, Chris Brown has been drinking real, real heavy lately and has been very depressed. Now I’m not very amused by what he did to Rihanna, but I think he should very seriously get professional help. And as I’ve said before, when I say “professional help”, I ain’t talking about listening to P Diddy telling him how to fix his problems. Listening to P Diddy is as bad as listening to satin telling you how to get to heaven.

  37. :iagree:

    with Pam and Truthteller.

    Never was impressed with Vibe magazine. Initially it seemed they were the black Rolling Stone– featuring the popular artist but including reviews of other less popular predominately black genres. Early on the focus switched exclusively on hip hop. Boring and unedifying.

  38. Take away the fancy designer clothes and what’s left?

    Overlook the glossy smiling pictures and what do you see?

    Look past the smoke and mirrors and for a second disregard the image Def Jam is forever pushing and what’s there?

    Rihanna is a young girl that was tossed in an industry that cares little for her well being and is more concerned about the profit and money she brings in. She’s surrounded by too many yes people and leeches and no one care what happens to her until it somehow comes back and affects them in some way. The same goes for Chris… The Vibe article and every article, blog post, news segment, and the like ain’t doing nothing but exploiting both of them.

    Most don’t care what happened to her… if she was injured… if he was injured…. how either is doing emotionally… if they have somehow found a way to cope and/or deal with all that has occurred since that night…. it’s all about profit, ratings, and hits on a website. They care little about the ridiculous stories they are pushing, they check very little it any fact, they certainly don’t worry if what they are reporting is true or not. They don’t realize that every article, rumor, gossip tidbit, half truth posted does more damage than any hit that night. Physical wounds heal a hell of a lot sooner than emotional wounds and every article, rumor, gossip tidbit, half truth is another wound.

    Now I have read an article or two that looks beyond the gossip and half truths and focus more on what this incident is doing to both but those reads are few and far in between. Vibe has lost it’s luster a long time ago and throwing her face on the cover now just won’t work. My wonder about Vibe and it’s cover now… if the incident had not occured would her face still be on their cover… I think not unless it’s another year end gossip special.

    At the end of the day Robyn is just a young girl with little to no people around her that care enough for her to put a end to all the foolish and damning articles about her. The same goes for Chris… some one needs to step forward and do what should have been done a long time ago… give them some guidance and prayer and stop the exploitation of the both of them…. enough is enough.

  39. Pam : You’ re speaking girl!

    Thruth teller: High five

    DrmKpr : Yes







  42. Rihanna has not say anything How is she playing the victim? Explain that to me ?

  43. Dark Sista that is just the excuse many use to heap unfair critisim on her concerning this situation. They can’t come right out and say she got what she deserved or she provoked the incident because many will call them on that nonsense notion so now instead they say she is playing the victim. Mind you every candid as of late that we see of Rihanna she is smiling and appears as if she is happy and well in her daily life… so if that’s playing the victim I guess we all are to some extent. I think many would love to see her moping around looking sad and depressed for validation of their baseless words but I digress…

    She has yet to speak and folks are saying she’s reaping the benifits from the incident. What benifits I don’t know but oh well. These same people would be complaining if in fact Rihanna did speak out… the only difference would be the notion that she’s throwing Chris under the bus or she’s only talking because she wants publicity. Regardless to what she says this would still be their same premise… but you know how that goes. So in other words she’s damned if she do and damned if she don’t. Whether she speaks out or never says a word someone will find a way to to complain and then throw out that every thing she does is for publicity and she has no talent and blah blah blah…

    I got to say though for homegirl to have no talent I want to know why some 12+ million copies of her three cds have been sold. Someone is liking her no talent behind huh? I guess in the end it doesn’t matter if they think she has talent or not… all that matters is those buying her cds continue to think she has some talent and continues to purchase and buy all things Rihanna.

  44. The truth be told neither party want this case to go to trial.

    @DrmKpr the number may be singles and that’s high but not for cds. She has sold less than five million CDs. People love some of her singles but not the whole deal. :bowdown:

  45. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:


    i am not blaming her, im just saying from experience, rihanna has a new album coming out and her camp is going to go with that victim crap, my statement was about this chick partying up in the clubs and doing all dis stuff, she cant come out and say” im depressed,im was horrified, im a true victim, i am a spokesperson for abused victims, noooooooooooooooooooooo she cant. she is going to play the victim, like most wemon do, i feel like like that is wrong.

  46. DrmKpr
    :hifive: You said it, some people are dying to say oh she got hat she deserved it and i’ m happy she got knocked down, but someone wise will tell you there is no real happiness until U been trough hell So right now Rih is down, She is not broken but she is down, When she’ ll get up again , she is going to continue to make stans nervous and intimidate them all over again, Sad Sad people i just hope nothing happens to whoever they worship because voice will be standing right there laughin 😆

  47. Interesting comments thus far.
    Right now, and how wrong this must be, but I think that Rihanna is longing for Chris’ attention. You know they were soulmates, no matter what happened….and I feel sorry for both of them….

    My advice 2 both of them would be……try working through this TOGETHER, tell the story, apologise and see what happen..

  48. To asIam2…

    I agree… I don’t think either party want this to go to trial…. not only will it be damaging for their perspective careers but for each and every detail to come out will be damaging for their person… no one wants every detail exposed except folks who have nothing to do with the case… i.e “supposed” fans or stans of others… and they only want these details so they can either point the finger at someone [rihanna] or further make up ridiculous posts and threads about it on message boards….

    As far as record sales…. I’m never one to go and do research across multiple sites just to prove a point but I have to give the girl the credit she deserves. Yes her singles have amassed large amounts of sales [Umbrella and Disturbia both having sold more than 3 million units each] but her GGGB cd alone has garnered some 7+ million sales worldwide… throw in her first two cds and the numbers continue to rise. Yes she may not have high sales in the US [I think GGGB is at least double platinum here] but worldwide the girl is racking up sales and is a bonafide success/star….

    And again to Beyonce Fan… I can’t see Rihanna nor Def Jam using this incident to promote her music whenever it is released. One it is in poor taste and two I don’t see Rihanna ever speaking on this. It amazes me that so many people were clamoring and shouting for her to be this great new voice and face of Domestic Violence but no one took in account how her doing and being this person will affect her or even if she wanted to do and be this. I think many people fail to remember that Rihanna has only just turned 21… despite the age she may and more times than not be mature enough to handle all of that… and even if she was why should she?

    And honestly if she did decide to be this spokesperson for Domestic Violence I don’t see it hurting her cd sales… hell to some extent it may help her… it helped Tina when she finally walked away from Ike. The public loves to support the underdog or better yet the person who overcame and beat all odds against them [a supposed violent turbulent relationship] so her coming out with the I am victim role but I walked away stronger and better would help her more. Hell even the soccermoms who have never heard of or bought and/or listened to a Rihanna song would be in line getting them a copy just so they could say they have her music and they supported her when she needed them most.

    I also have to say that I wish both Chris and Rihanna well… the spotlight was already burning bright on them before… but when they finally do decide to go back the way of business [i.e. singing, entertaining, performing] the spotlight will become blinding. I pray they have enough strength to get through all of it… because the media/public loves to build stars up just to tear them down again.

  49. :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista:

    Sorry for the length of the above post I get carried away sometimes…. lol

  50. interesting reading some of the comments however i just have to disagree on some points and hope it doesnt cause any problems..Personally, i have to agree the riri does not have a great voice for singing.. wether that translates to having no talent i dnt know..what she has though is the ability to sell herself be it through fashion etc..Now i dnt know, but from the incident her appeal has dropped drastically.. i personally dont see her anymore being the fresh exciting girl who just blossomed and somehow i dnt know whether she is going to be able to shake that and go back the old riri we knew..we will see when it comes to her new cd because what people must not forget gggb only sold that because it was on promotion for over two years.i dnt want to compare her status but beyonce’s new cd is amlost 6 mil and with only about 5-6months in promotion..y am bringing this into the pic.. homegirl may have had appeal but it took her 2 years to get those numbers and personally i dnt think this incident has done her any favours..Personally i feel even is she does bounce back its gonna take her longer to achieve what she has now..
    when it comes to chris, i think she really loved him and is really hurting right now coz that is the one person she had on her side through thick and thin..i can imagine how she must be feeling knowing she cant even be with him..I dnt believe they are together although she would love too but dnt think chris ‘s mother is ever going to allow that to happen..

    I personally think this is going to go to trial..If it were up to chris and riri i dnt think it would have gotten this far but because it is the state prosecuting, i dnt think they are going to let it go and i dnt think he is going to back down and enter a plea unless all charged against him are dropped..Unfortunately, if it goes to trail chris will have to defend himself and in the process will have to make riri look back..He has to come hard otherwise he will loose the case which i doubt he or his camp will allow him to do..This is going to get ugly and already chris brown’s fans support him and dnt like riri..I dnt know but think and feel when this goes to trail and the dirty laundry comes out its going get worse for both and more so for riri..y am i saying this, unfortunately men can get away with anything..the minute a girl is called a bitch or beater, that sticks..Already chris browns fans have forgiven him and really dnt care about him beating her but if thier theories are proved right which i highly believe the defense is going to move forward with, home girl may not survive and it will even be tougher for her to make a comeback…the people who had her back are highly dissappointed with her for not making a stand against him and her partying ways are not helping either..wether she should stand up for dv victims, i dnt know but the white people who supported her expected her to which she didnt.. now they dnt care about her only want chris to show some remorse or pay.. if he does that they will be over it but not when it comes to her.. i dnt know if i making sense or just shooting from the hip but what has happened is bad for both and unfortunately there can only be one survivor and to be honest dnt know whom but feel it is more likely going to be chris in this one in the longrun…already people have started to move in rirr’s spot and there is only so many things that she can do that people can think young edgy and fresh which i already feel people have seen from her…just my thoughts… may be long but just my thoughts and wish both of them the best of luck…

  51. I defnitely share your (goons) centiments…on each and every point.

    Chris is already paying the price for his part in the senceless incident. People have already found him guilty, no matter what…the moment one piece of info is released (pointing a finger to Rihanna being the cause), im telling you, she will not survive the outcry. And thats a shame. Chris was portraid as the loveble young man and gentleman BEFORE THE INCIDENT. Rihanna on the other side was always portraid as the jealous woman, someone whom dont allow Chris to have freedom or whom dont allow his friends and fellow colleagues to have any contact (especially the ladies).

    And then their is Chris’ family….no matter what, but they are still the supportive, respectful family who dealt with this case maturedly. And unfortunately we cant say that of Rihanna’s family or closest friends. I think for the sake of Rihanna, and plz i love them both, this case must be kept off trial. Set a deal, come to the open, apologise and seek professional help – that should be their priority.

  52. If someone would enlighten me but I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Rihanna has landed thousands of covers where she looks abnormally gorgeous before and more will come, just becuse Vibe chose to use that image is kind of insignifigant. I do agree that the media is sapping to much from the incident and she became an unintentional leader in the domestic violence catagory. I will admit that I do not by all means like one bit but I’m not biased enough to not feel for her because I believe that every bit of what happened was completey wrong even though it was “BOTH” their faults. I think that we should focus less on the cover and more on whats really going on. Besides lets face does anyone think that she really cares what image they used? I mean she’s still going on with her career and continuing to be successful, walking around with her head hel high, and seemingly getting back her peace of mind. So really I don’t see any harm done.

  53. chris was potrayed as sweet before? oh! wasnt he rumoured to be involve with her late 30 ‘s manager at the tender age of 16…..is he realy 19

  54. @ bored :hater: :loser: y u hatin dawg…………………. come’n nobody deserved what she got!!! she has talent i heard her sing live an she aint that bad…………….. who u like neway?? s what if she party’s she is still a rock star 🙂
    what mus she do act all depressed an the mags would write how she’s suicidal an shit!! :noway: she is not lindsey or britney she party’s with class :hifive: :brownsista:

    @ goons y the long post dawg……………………….. 🙂

    @ voice aren’t u tired 2 cuss out these haters…………….. 😆 i’m not i’ll help u!! riri 2 d wurl!1 :bowdown:

    @ beyonce fan :hater: i’m so sick of that 1 weave, spitty mouth b**tch . Can’t she retire??? :thumbsdown: her mouth is spitty like everytime :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: watch IF I WERE A BOY n LISTEN closely luk at her mouth corner {shivers} nasty…………………………..ugh!!

  55. I did not know that vibe was still being published, I stopped reading it years ago. Rihanna needs to go on with her existence and move on.

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