Rihanna Covers Vogue… Again

Rihanna is covering the November 2012 issue of Vogue. The 23-year old pop beauty is becoming quite popular with the magazine as I believe this is the third time she has covered it.

The cover was shot last month by Annie Leibovitz and Rihanna is wearing a red cocktail dress from Valentino’s Resort 2012 collection.

I’ll be sure to scan the inside shots whenever my copy arrives.

In other RiRi news, the singer’s latest single ‘Diamonds’ has gotten off to a pretty rocky start on the Hot 100. After debuting last week at #16, the song fell two spots this week to land at #18. Airplay for ‘Diamonds’ is stagnant and digital download sales fell slightly as well.

On the flipside, changes to the way R&B chart position is calculated has caused ‘Diamonds’ to skyrocket to the top of every R&B chart except airplay, where it sits at a dismal #61.

Despite the song’s obvious challenges, this is Rihanna and with a respectable video I am sure the song will eventually hit the top ten.


  1. love the cover- I like seeing Rihanna dressed prettily. Her face looks kinda sad though- but it could be the pout.

  2. The cover is Fire! I don’t know where you get your
    music news,but Rihanna is sitting at #1 on Billboard R&B
    charts comfortably & #8 on iTunes .Stay mad!

  3. DON’T HATE, I bet your dumb ass feels like a effing idiot, don’t you? So busy trying to be a slick talking Bitch you forgot to read the whole article.

    Learn to read and write a proper sentence before you try to get all gangsta the next time.

    Diamonds is a monumental flop for Rihanna. Deal.

  4. I love the cover and with Annie Leibovitz too! I think they photoshopped her face to make her fierce yet intense, sorta vampire diaries, especially her mouth. But it’s a great honor, especially, given the time of year she’s appearing on the cover…some months are bigger sellers than others.

    I think Diamonds will hit the top ten with a video…we’ll see…

  5. The cover is very model like. Rihanna’s long neck actually makes her look like a professional model. Very nice and much better than the last cover she had with the red hair.

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