Rihanna Debuts 2 New Videos

Rihanna’s May cover for Elle Magazine, which hits newsstands on April 17th, has been proceeded by a cute, but nonsensical video that features the singer doing what she does best: looking fabulously sexy.

The 3:27 production is in all Spanish and appears to show the singer just over the border, hiding out in a cheap motel, where she models a series of spectacular haute couture designs.

I doubt anyone will win any Oscars for this short film, but it is cute nonetheless.

Next up, we have Drake’s “Take Care” video, which features the singer as well. What can I say about this one? Its Drake and Rihanna being Drake and Rihanna. We’ve seen this one before.


  1. Love the Elle short…so cute…Rihanna sizzles! Love her or hate her, she’s not an artist by numbers. She knows what works for her and her team is great! The girl stays in her lane. If she can act, watch out world because she will be doing some Angelina Jolie (Wanted), Zoe Saldana (Columbiana “AWESOME”), Kiera Knightly (Domino) kinds of roles for sure!

    Love “Take Care,” a great answer to a ballad or not doing one, but getting a similar effect…the two have good chemistry…it’s atmospheric and artsy, I’m sure elements will be pointed out that’s been borrowed…but, it’s beautiful with a slow pace!

    I give Rihanna credit, she sure don’t have any intention on retiring and moving back to Barbados anytime soon!

    She’s FIERCE!!!

  2. Nice. I’m interested in seeing how she fares in this “Battleship” film…which I plan to see. 🙂

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