Rihanna Debuts Full ‘Work’ Video


Rihanna and Drake Work it Out in New Video

The visual for Rihanna’s Drake assisted single Work is finally here. The video was shot in Canada at The Real Jerk restaurant and features mostly locals and a few of Drake and Rihanna’s friends scattered about. The clip is typical of most club videos, it features lots of bumping, grinding, and because this is Rihanna, shots of folks smoking weed. Work is not nearly as awesome as Bitch Better Have My Money, but it serves it purpose. Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. This may be the most boring Rihanna video ever. I’m glad she got another #1 though. Good for her. No hate.

  2. 1)This song is a nuisance. The repetitive “work” bears an earworm, which I hate, but realize is the bulk of pop music.

    2)She sounds like she’s half asleep.

    3)This vidja is neither here nor there.

    But good luck and continued success to her!

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