Rihanna Debuts Man Down Video

Rihanna premiered the video for her latest single “Man Down” last night via BET’s 106 & Park. The Anthony Mandler directed clip tells the story of a sexually abused woman who seeks revenge on her aggressor by popping a cap in his ass in broad daylight.

I believe Rihanna is solely trying to make a statement with this song because it has a zero chance of charting and is in my opinion one of the weakest tracks on the singer’s platinum selling “Loud” album.

Having said that, the video is visually quite striking and Rihanna seems to really come alive on screen when she is in her natural island element.


  1. Really…? I thought this was the best song on her album? Lol

  2. For me, not the best song from the album because too many killer songs in this album. But still, a song that shows where she came from. Don’t you think the sound is so Caribbean? I like that.

  3. i like this better than her pop sound she really needs to go back to her roots. back in the day patra was my girl , but rihanna cant dance like her.

  4. Aww Rihanna! I just watched the video. This is the best video I’ve ever seen from her. That long weave is ridiculous though.

  5. I loved the song. I dislike the video because it doesn’t do it justice. If Rihanna wanted to make it intense, she could have made it more dramatic. This video actually made me like this smashing single less whoa.

  6. Love It!!!Defefinately My Fave!!! I Challenge brownsista… This song Will Chart!!! Man Down!!!

  7. The song and video is weak. Raining Men should have been the next single. I am stll loving California King Bed so I don’t care.

  8. I love this song. I thought the video was ok, but she looked beautiful in it.

  9. She looks flawless. But I hate the video. It does nothing for the song. AT ALL!

  10. Sista I have to disagree with you on this one. This is one of my fave tracks on Loud but I am from the Caribbean so Im biased 🙂
    I wish that she can do a caribbean themed album : some soca, reggae, chutney, a lil bit of everything to big up the islands.

    With regards to the video itself, I loved it. It told a story and explained why she killed someone. (I was wondering how they were gonna reconcile that)

    Good job RiRi and Mandler! She needs to stick with him rather than the chick who did the S/M vid 🙂

  11. @DE Patra was my girl back in the day and she could DANCE HER TAIL OFF that’s for sure. @Dana I wanted Raning men next to but CKB was and STILL is my favorite song of hers to date. She looked young and playful in the video.

  12. I saw it yesterday, Like i said to me the video reminded me of the people that said she deserves her beating because she must have provoked him, There is a mentality in the black community where the victim is persecuted and accused of having provoked her aggressor, while the perpetrator goes out scotch free, It is a shame,

    I disagree with you entirely, i think this song is great, ragga dancehall lovers like me will eat it up, but people that aren’t used to it, might hate it, to each its own .

    Amazing video i love how the first part shows you that she really is a good girl, minding her business, being nice to everybody , and she makes the mistake to go to a party and get a little too frisky with a guy and end up raped,The rape scene was too much for me, i wanted to enter the video and help her kick his ass…

    I loved it, and if it was up to me that song would chart but well.

  13. Everytime I look at Rihanna she reminds me of Ronald McDonald with that hair color.

  14. @Tasha- I think Rih was channelling some Patra with that long a** weave lol!!!

    I just watched the video again, and I think it’s totally on point.

    Loved the white 2 piece outfit she had on when she was hugging the kids. Wearing white really sets the red hair.

    This summer is gonna have great music- with the return of Beyonce, Rihanna releasing more singles, Britney (yes Im a Brittney fan!) etc etc.

  15. I don’t know what her album sounds like. Hadn’t listened to everything. But this song coupled with this video = very solid. 🙂

  16. @Danielle I agree with you, I’m Caribbean also and just as biased. I felt this song from jump. When she does the reggae vibes sound she nails it. Reminds me of her 2nd album. Always wanted here to go in that direction. She can definitely do the soca/r&b blend (i.e. Destra’s Cool it Down)

  17. she looks GREAT here. Twisted/Crazy Rihanna always makes for an awesome video. Im loving it.

  18. More hair comments? Give it a rest, the point has been made already a thousand times over.

    Video is bomb! Love the theme and it fits perfectly with the lyrics. Two thumbs up!

  19. lol@ Voodeux- you are sure right! I would have loooved to see a video for Firebomb or G4L !

  20. rhianna is a beauty…she has come along way…i love how she fliiped her sound..

  21. “Fleur June 1, 2011 at 9:01 amI loved the song. I dislike the video because it doesn’t do it justice. If Rihanna wanted to make it intense, she could have made it more dramatic. This video actually made me like this smashing single less whoa.”

    I co-sign with everything said above. I like the story line but it should have been a lot stronger than what was presented. Love the song nonetheless but now I don’t see it as a hit single.

  22. Besides Skin & Cheers, this is my favorite song off of Loud. The video is perfect for it in my opinion. Everything was visually stunning, from her hair to the locations, the club scene being my favorite part (dancing with that epic military hat, red lighting, superb!)

  23. @LadyBee I couldnt agree more. Whats My Name and Man Down are the strongest songs on the album for the simple fact that she embraced her caribbean roots.

  24. @ Sista , girl what are you talking about lol

    Man Down debuted at #94 on BB Hot 100
    Since the video the song has reached #93 on itunes today.
    And its #34 on RB chart and rising.

    Yes girl!

  25. Ok, I’m sorry, but this video is NOT that violent. I actually expected (and hoped) for worse. I love this song, and the video doesn’t do it justice, but in terms of violence, this is nothing compared to some the trash on primetime TV on any given night. People LOVE to complain, and I LOVE to tune them out.

  26. I think she looks really pretty in the video, but I don’t like the video, or the song!

  27. I didn’t really care too much for this song, but now that I have seen the video I must admit I have grown to like it.

    On a sidenote: I think it’s funny that there is such a big “controversy” over this video, but many of the commenters here, think that it is weak or isn’t giving enough life into the song. Isn’t that ironic lol.

  28. Wrong content for this video! Rihanna shooting this man in the beginning ruined the video… She is singing about love and plays a rape victim? Those two dont mix especially when she is freaking the guy all up before then she switches it up at the end it dont figure.. she is always trying to use someone and that’s why this is causing such a stir it dont mix. This is a love song not a murder song.. If I’m listening to the right song… Heart murder not people murder…

  29. Go Ri-Ri Go Ri-Ri (song sounds great) though I believe is non-violence. In the relationship between man and woman that goes both ways…

  30. @ bored, please freaking someone in a club does not mean they have to follow you outside and rape you. And why are you taking this so literal, its just a video. Your daily hate for rihanna is getting kind of old and predictable. We know what your gonna say. Oh its bad, I don’t like it, I hate this girl. Predictable as hell.

  31. EXCELLENT VIDEO…WITH A STRONG MESSAGE..I personally dislike the fact that Rhianna has changed her image so drastically… from who she was when she first came out..but i must say..though this video is pretty straight up..its no different from LADY GAGA and her contraversial videos…Go Rhianna…for putting a reality to sexual abuse…and how far it can possibly take a person…

  32. Very nice island video to go with the lovely sound – and I am NOT a video person (probably would not have seen it if you did not post it Brown Sista!). I’m also not a big Rhi fan, but LOUD is on my Ipod on repeat lately – luv Man Down & CKB. This album is simply some of her best work, IMHO.


  33. I love this song!! “Man Down” is my favorite song on the album. The video relates to the song perfectly. It’s definitely not a love song (she said”…coz’ I didn’t mean to hurt him, coulda been somebody’s son…”). You would know your man’s parents. C’mon!

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