Rihanna Debuts New Video

Rihanna has finally debuted the video to “California King Bed,” the absolute best song off of her latest release, “Loud.” Probably meant to show the singer’s range “CKB” has unfortunately struggled on the pop charts, but has found a home on adult and contemporary radio, where it has been embraced with open arms. I doubt the video will do much to entice the singer’s teenage fans to come around, but who knows- a great video never hurts.


  1. she is flawless in the video…… love the song too….. and the eye candy in the video…. thank you kindly…. glad the song and video was released…. one of my favorites off the cd….

  2. Deets on the male lead please! it’s a pretty video- nice break from all the bright colors we’ve been seeing.
    Hmm that tells me that the man down video is going to have loud colors LOL.

  3. I haven’t seen the video yet but I’m hearing it’s nice. And CKB is also my FAVORITE song off her Loud CD. Even though I’m not a die hard fan of hers, she has some catchy songs and this one here, there words just captivated me and the way she sung the song w/such conviction like she was really singing it to someone, made it more likeable there was so much emotion behind this song and the lyrics were nice as well. Hope she releases Raining men, that’s my second favorite song off the album.

  4. ummm sista, the song is not released to pop stations until May 31st and its already been added by z100 which is the biggest pop station in the US LOL without release!
    thats HUGGGGGE.

  5. I love the song but that is no excuse. The song is on iTunes and is already being played on the radio. If it was going to chart on Pop it would have done so by now. It is doing well on Adult/Contemporary radio because grown folks like it 🙂

  6. Sista is right in that regard- the rihanna navy would have been ‘rih-questing’ (Geez did I just type that LOL?!) the single like little maniacs all now 🙂

    Like I think our current pop music reflects shortened attention spans in our society- I really dont see ballads being a super huge hit.

    Someone help me out- what’s the last BALLAD ballad to hit #1 on Billboard?

  7. Update: I scrolled through the #1’s (wikepedia was my source, sue me) and the last ballad I saw was ironically Rihanna’s ‘take a bow’in 2008.

    Did I miss another ballad after that?!

    SN- it’s interesting to see how in the 90’s you would have an artist staying at #1 for weeks and weeks, but these days it’s so hard to do.

  8. …video is sooo pretty! Love the colors, the clouds, the sweetness. Lovely.

  9. CKB

  10. Of course it’s not doin that well on the charts. The chilren luv electronic dance autotune trash. smh lol

  11. @LOL- Irreplaceable was #1 in Jan 2007 according to wikipedia. ‘take a bow’ like you mentioned was also #1 in 2008. It’s weird because I thought they came around the same time.

    The video really is very pretty-the colors and so on are very feminine. Kudos to the director.

  12. A great song…very befitting video…the images match the song…this may not chart well…the business and consumers are so fickle…younger fans prefer the uptempo, faster music and rauncy lyrics…but, it’s still quite the feather in Rihanna’s hat…she proved to a lot of people should could sing and has talent…NOT to everyone, but many were amazed…I didn’t know she could belt one out like this and I’m a fan…CKB is PERFECTION! I’m surprised that Adele (phenomeal) is doing so well…CKB and One and Only are my two favorite ballads right now…hopefully, more younger fans will tune in…they’re missing out!


  14. nice video.. she looked good & so did the lead. CKB isn’t 1 of my favs( thought she shoulda released “Fading”, now THAT’s MY joint LOL) but they did the song, CKB, justice w/ the pretty video.

  15. I think beyonce scrap her recent song because it didnt song as good as this one rhianna is singing. beyonce song have her going over the chorus too many times, rhianna california dreaming, ent all that exciting to me,but it will work.

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