Rihanna Does Fashion Week In Milan

After completing a short promotional blitz in the U.K, Rihanna was off to Milan to take in the last few days of Fashion Week. One of the singer’s first stops was the Gucci Spring/Summer 2009 show, where she was the focus of intense media attention. The singer, still going strong with her good gone bad image, was photographed wearing a black dominatrix like outfit, complete with thigh high boots. Rihanna has become the darling of several high end fashion houses and is presently working with Gucci designer Frida Giannin, who is in the process of designing a gown collection that Rihanna herself will be promoting.


  1. How you just gon have whips already ON yo daggone boots?? Now that’s just freaky. 🙂 Go Rhi Rhi!

  2. Them boot r the shit lol. She know she can dress. I just like the fact she is different and yes i think she should be a model. She a very beautiful woman that got alot going on go RIRR.

  3. She one of the most beautiful and hot girl in the game right now!!!! She know how to dress and she’s getting in her own!!!
    I love Rhi Rhi!!!

  4. That girl is something fieeeeerrrrrcccceeee! I can’t even hate her, she just too cute.

  5. She looks pretty. Rihanna is one of those artists I think could actually move into the Fashion arena if she approaches it with the right people and plan.

  6. i love rihanna shes doin her thing i hate when people hate on her she can sing as well as beyonce to me

  7. I absolutely love all the “Good girl gone bad ” thing!! She’s georgous at hell!!!

  8. I want to see the breaking dishes video! i like her whole plan i mean fergie had many singers on a two year period out of her albums more sales for her, so is jordan S, i want to see the video of breaking dishes so bad! Its gonna be creative
    Love rihanna Hottest Chick in the game Imo

  9. Flawless. Fierce and flawless at all times.

    This chick can’t be touched by anyone in the sexy look department.

  10. Oh Tisha now….you are really stretching, delusional, or trying to get some mess started up in here! Which is it?

    Rihanna doesn’t hold a candle to Bey’s vocals

  11. honestly im not very impressed this time which i usually am…also when you move to fashion…you become old news way to quick she needs to watch out for that because with fashion your style HAS to chance often and i dont think she can do that and she will get lost in the fashion world

  12. I don’t think the BEY can hold a candle to Fantasia,Mary,Jill Scott,Rachelle Farell,Tamia! So, let’s no go there with BEY. She is a great artist but just because your on every magazine doesn’t make you the BEST!We have some artist out there who are fire! I haven’t seen Bey live but Tamia! Tamia’s voice with no music….none! was crazy flawless..Not only that, Christina Agulara or- however you spell it is no joke and Alicia Keys isn’t either! Alicia and Rachelle get all three checks because they write, sing, and perform their songs…Just like Prince.So, let’s research before we argue over who is the best….I remember when Alicia was touring with MAxwell and came out with a piano no band…nothing….just her and us…what….no words for Ms.Keys.I heard Jill can make chills come down your spine…so…..

  13. Rihanna Hold a Candle TO ANYBODY THAT IS in the Pop music industry If she didn’ t We will not be discussing this matter, Stop being mad at the little thing because she has the audacity to be gorgeous and Younger than YOUR IDOL , People’ s time come and goes DEAL WITH IT !

    She looks gorgeous and i expect fashionista to do a blog on this outfit, the all black anthem is so how do i say? mysterious? she looks bad really bad [in a good way of course]!
    Also Fashionista boo where can we get the jackect she rocked at the VMA?
    Go rihanna As sure as looks matter in hollywood you’ ll go far no one can reach you not even the white girls Lool

  14. Cococure: should i add that alicia has 11 grammys yet she is very humble, never use them as reference, respect everyone, and never release her album to overshadow people and sold more album than all those cited? No one can mess with Alicie No one!
    Empty cans make a lot of noise leave those stans alone

  15. Um…we are talking about vocals between Bey and Ri, as was brought up by Tisha.

    Rihanna cannot sing, point blank. There is nothing to debate about. You don’t have to like Bey to admit the truth. Again, I say Rihanna’s vocals do not hold a candle to Bey’s vocals. Got it? Good.

  16. Rihanna = pop star

    Beyonce = r&b pop star

    Today’s music proves you don’t have to have the best voice in order to be successful. 🙂

    Rihanna’s look = fierce. point. blank. period.


  17. come on, how come black people expect every black female artist to sound like they’re in a gospel choir or must rival whitney/mariah but a white or latina popstar doesnt have to sound like that. And if they dont sound like that, then they can’t sing.
    I dont need to give a list of successful artists who aren’t exactly vocal powerhouses. You need a package because it’s a business first and foremost.

  18. i agree bey isnt the best in the biz n yeah ms keys s the bommmmmmm n dam strait jill will kill you n mary n mariah.rihanna has a gr8 voice but i aint gna compare her wit bey .MRS CARTER s hottttt n SHE ROXXX ON STAGE NO ONE COMES CLOSE 2 HER THATS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. n rihanna shud stop going M.J s path jus cos mellisa s a bit lyt dont min she shud be too.m losin ma respect 4 her,love the hair.is it true her n chris moved in 2getha-if so wrong wrong move!!!!!!!!!

  20. @ no one said…
    I read somewhere her and Chris have moved in together, I doubt it is true though, I even read their engaged…

    and @ woop…. I hate haters….
    That is a question I always ask why are all black male and female artist expected to sound like their in a gospel choir???? What is wrong with changing the script abit???

    In a way I guess thats why I like Rihanna so much, she has flip the script so to say and doing her own style… She makes R&B(pop), Pop and Indie rock(pop) music she don’t stick to one thing…

    The indie/skateboarder style suits her aswell…. She no longer looks like Ciara, Beyonce, Ashanti and all the rest of them that have the same trade mark long hair look…

    But all the same, she must have some sort of talent cause how else is she shifting the music and clocking up her number 1’s….

  21. If someone say that rihanna is the hottest chick in the game or want to say they like her voice over other people that there opinion period. It like you love to eat pizza everyday then someone comes along want to eat steak you get mad because they do not want to eat the pizza come on people . Rihanna change the game alot she different like someone said ciara, ashanti and bee. She young fresh and doing the damn thing. Alot of people is not following there dream living through other people. Go RiRi and the other artist that living there dream.

  22. Miss T , I agree. From this album alone she’s had a global number one, possibly 2 with dont stop the music, and a further 2 number ones, one of which apparently jumped 52 places to number 1. plus, the awards for whatever she’s won. There’s something there. I like most of her songs and she can surprise you.
    She’s doing her own thing so credit given where credit is due for someone who’s been in the biz for 3 yrs.

  23. why u AMericans always forgot a word in the designer surname?it s not Giannin its GIANNINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks well Rihanna its sooooo nice n cute here so happy that she come back to Italy, Italia la migliore=)

  24. Lol @ io.

    Rihanna is a badass and I love it. I may not love everything she does but I love her point blank. She’s cool, funky, sassy, fresh, fierce and glamorous. She takes chances and people love that about her. Being nude and adding extra weave in your hair doesnt equal taking chances. Go Rihanna!!!

    Whips on a Boot. Just f-ing sicckkkkk

  25. @ sade actually rihanna alwyas has weave in her hair…its just always a short piece but she got some on there

  26. Mario can you explain to me why you call everyone that doesn t like beyonce a hater yet you make it your job to always say something negative about rihanna? You don’ t seem really bright but you aren’t contradicting yourself on purpose are you?

    And like i said rihanna can hold a candle to anybody that chose to use their sexuality [nothing wrong with it] to sell cd’ s whoever sex sells better than music rihanna can hold a candle to if you don’ t like it Then too bad! because she isn’t going anywhere

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