Rihanna: “F Love”

Rihanna Good Morning America 20/20 Interview Rihanna’s much hyped Good Morning America interview with Diane Sawyer just ended moments ago. The interview was pretty short and didn’t cover much by way of details. Because the interview will be continued tomorrow night on 20/20, I figure they wanted to save the most intimate details for that show. What little the singer did say today however was pretty engrossing. Rihanna admitted to going back to Chris Brown after he beat her, but said she ultimately left because she realized her decision to return to Chris out of love could result in other young girls also returning to men who beat them [and possibly kill them], something the singer said she did not want on her conscience.

Rihanna’s interview ended with the singer saying “F love. Don’t allow love to make your decisions.”

If you didn’t see the interview and want to view it online you can check it out HERE or below.


  1. “Don’t allow love to make your decisions”.What an excellent point. You cant allow your feeling, no matter how powerful they may be, to cloud good judgement and prevent you from making the right decision.

  2. She left him because Def Jam gave her no choice, that’s the only reason why. She is contradicting her self on national television. I would respect her for just being a human being, but for telling these lies on national television is going to be her downfall. Rihanna is lying out of her ears and its sad she waited all this time to come out with with this bull. She went back cause she was the one doing all the so called hitting. Now all of a sudden she wants to power females who have actually been in an abusive relationship. So Fake and this is so down right wrong! Dont use it to sale that weak CD!

  3. It was very courageous of her to admit that she went back and even more mature to realize that she had to say goodbye. People deal with trauma, specifically domestic violence differently. So what it took her until now to come out and tell her side. She really didn’t have to say anything just to appease our curiosity. I will glued to the t.v. tomorrow to see what that bastard really did to her.

    Haters are your motivators so keep your head up Rih Rih

  4. As the mother of a 12 year old girl and 14 year old boy I am glad Rihanna gave this interview.

    When this first happened I tried to hide it from my children but of course it didn’t work. The day after it happened they came home from school and told me about it.

    I remember trying to explain it to them but within days word was they were back together and I remember both my children being like “oh well.”

    My words to them really fell on deaf ears as we sat and talked about it but ultimately they just kept saying “but she went back to him.” I could tell that in their minds Rihanna’s decision to go back to Chris was influencing what they thought about the issue of men beating women.

    My 14 year old son even said if she goes back to him she deserves it. He saw the pic of her face but realized that if she didn’t care about herself then why should he care about her or for that matter any woman who is abused.

    Hopefully young kids get to see this and I truly hope she does take this time to get out there and talk to these young ppl who indeed are taking note of her actions.

  5. The interview was not hyped at all.

    Just report the story! Thanks!

  6. BORED STFU…we are on to a new chapter. We have to dissect what she had to say and the message needs to reach the masses of girls/boys men/women who thinks it’s okay to stay in a volatile relationship.

  7. BORE





    GROW UP!

  8. I am glad she came out as well. It is so sad, how ppl can hate on her for telling her side. My 10 year old daughter said the same thing, “well they are back together”. I could not believe how many FEMALES were dogging her when it happen, as if to say she deserve to get beaten by her lover. I felt sympathy for Rihanna, she was inlove with Chris, a young girl inlove and gotten abuse by her lover.

  9. ^LOL It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    Anyways, this interview was very insightful despite only being 5 minutes long.Rihanna looked so beautiful and very poised during the interview. Good for her! I can only imagine how difficult it is for her to speak on the situation. You could see so much emotion in her eyes, and she came off as being very genuine. I want to hear what else she has to say. Will definitely be tuning in tomorrow.

  10. Her accent is strong still-
    Anyways I think that it is a good thing speaking out, because definitely when you are in the public eye whether you like it or not you are a role model.

  11. Rihanna made an excellent recommendation to women in abusive relationships, go “third person” on the situation, “look at it for what it is and then make your decision.” Regardless of what all of these negative posts here are saying about this being a vehicle for her to sell her music, offering up advice like that on TV makes her part of the solution, not part of the problem.
    What part are you?.
    Amy man who abuses a woman should be promplty bitch-slapped….

  12. Regardless if Def Jam (Jay-Z) placed that pressure on her, wasn’t that still the right thing to do. Did we really want to see one of our own black sistas go down that Britney Spears or Whitney Houston road. Tough love is the best kind of love out there. It’s called having “real mf’s” in your corner, you need them to make you see what you clearly aren’t.

  13. Bored you is a hot mess. It was a good interview. Like i said on other post i wish them both good luck in there lives. Rhi-Rhi that my girl.

  14. Wow!! I am so glad that she is coming out and sending this message to the woman trapped in this abusive relationships!!!! I t dosen’t matter if Def Jam made her leave him or if she really woke up and said “I don’t have to go through this”! I’m just glad that she is admitting what happened and going on with her life!!!! Go Rhianna and do you girl!!!! :}

  15. I’m not a cb or rhi fan I’m a reality fan. And this is reality. Rihanna did not go back just cuz of luv in my opinion. She went back cuz she also was the abuser. I wrote on her site earler that when I seen her in orlando at the aiport she was in line and noone knew who she was. My emplyees asked to pull cb out the regular and help him through quicker. I approved it and he was nice funny cool and fanbased. Rih was rude cocky and disrespectful. She was not fan based at all. When asked to take pics she refused and he agreed cuz he wanted to flaunt their relationship. She got pissed and shoved her dog in his hands and made him stop and keep walking. She was even rude to the officers. So kill dis poor rih and I wanna be a role model mess. Her actions showed me that day that she is a fighter and she like control. What cb did was wrong but instead of burying him she should admit to her physical part also. And this inteterview is definitely for her album. Please believe. Cuz like someone said ealier why didn’t she come out sooner instead of parading around the world like all was good.

  16. i’m glad she came finally forward. they both can use the circumstance to be an example of how the rectify the situation and learn from mistakes from both sides and how to show hot to learn better and do better – people just got to give him the chance.

  17. loosing endorsements also played a major part of this fake girls agenda. Do you know hom many people have been beaten in a real domestic situation since this happen so you STFU my dears and by her coming out now with the CD and all it seems so real (wink). She had 9 months to practice this bull and you nuts are believing it.. I guess you all are the nuts spending your lunch money for the month to go buy her Crappy CD? Rihanna could’ve done a great deal to help others if she was in a actual domestic situation, but she is only thinking of her sales on this one and getting poeple like you nuts to fall for this crap. If she would’ve got on there and said it was both us, cause in actuality it takes two to tangle when in an altercation, not a beating, but alteracation like in fighting each other, that’s for the stupid ones on here, it would’ve been better than this lie.

  18. @bored im happy they both came out and spoke about it they young people. It does not matter of her album come out or not. She got touch and that is not right at all. So chris had 8 month to practice his speak too.

  19. I won’t say that I’m disappointed in her coming out. BUT I am disappointed with some of things she’s said thus far. I know it takes time to say something on this situation, but going into to so much detail when claiming to want privacy and after everything has pretty much died down involving this issue is going to bring good attention as well as a lot of BAD attention. SMH.

  20. I am amazed at the disdain WOMEN have for Rihanna and this situation. Amazed at how concerned WOMEN are about the her comments and any damage it may cause Chris Brown. I have empathy for Chris, growing up in an abusive household and those patterns still following him. I’m amazed at WOMEN saying, she hit him first, when he left her in that car, he didn’t know if she was dead or alive. She could have developed blood clots or a brain tumor with those kind of injuries. I understand the appearance of his lack of remorse, Chris Brown is 20 and his whole life blew up in front of his face and he’s probably a nice guy with a serious traumatic mental malfunction, obviously, in some denial, no one wants to be viewed as a monster. There’s more to him than this beating! I believe he deserves a second chance and I hope parents realize how domestic abuse will scar their children if they remain in abusive and violent relationships. I’m amazed how people can write off the validity or the sincerity of what happened to her or her feelings of how she now feels because she’s also promoting new music or because Def Jam, Jay-z and others in her camp, pressured her, so what!

    People go through an ordeal, they write about it, make films about it! She also choose to deal with her tragedy through her music.

    She’s 21 and unlike most of you, she’s been abused and that’s the bottom line! Throwing keys, being jealous, rough housing shouldn’t make a man with three times your strength bite and beat you to possibly near death, period! It IS embarrassing when you tolerate abuse and it’s made public!

    She should also prosper, look at Steve Harvey and what court papers, public records filed by his ex-wife, Mary states he did to her, but his career is bigger than ever!

    Go Rihanna!!!

  21. i agree with bored.. it does seem funny she choose to come out when her album is about to drop. Maybe bored is on to soemthing here….it has been months since this happened and plus i thought she would have sent out a public annoucement right after thr trail if she “cared” about young girls so much. i wonder why they did not give BeBe Winans’ wife an interview to see how she feels being she just went thru the same thing???
    and why are people coming down so hard on Bored.. everyone has a right to their opinion. Geez!!1

  22. This interview is just a strategy to help her album sell. I feel rihanna is just playing victim. Both chris and rihanna are not telling it like it is because the truth will hurt them.

  23. Bored… U are RIght And I Definitely do not think you are ignorant to the fact that she told the wrong lie it takes two and whats real is girls hittin on men folks ugh! which is no excuse but we only human and young once with plenty more mistakes to come and Yes for the sake of the CHILDREN she needed to address that its not right but this girl is fake and yes that cd is garbage so Sorry! But Thats what the KIDS have to like! LOL yall need to get it together i would have way more respect for her if she was about being real and not playiin about somethin that is really serious!

  24. @Cynthinia plz understand its not an excuse but dont think that your opinion of rough housing should not make a 19 yr or 20 yr old
    not hit a girl who keeps knocking them upside the head! Chile plz thats how u wanna think! Dont twist the point or justify females on this site sayin dont hit men cuz u mad! ITS NOT RIGHT EITHER chit i know my man can whoop me ass so i dont touch him no matter how mad i get! Keep your hands to ur dam self!

  25. @Cheryl how do you know she hadn’t just got slapped around right before that. How do you know he didn’t tell her I’ma kick your butt when we get by ourselves. Maybe they had just had a terrible argument. You don’t know what was going on in her world that day. Are you telling me you were never in a bad mood and people who saw you on that day wasn’t like ooh she is a jerk. Let’s not forget these people are human and they are going to have good and bad days just like anyone else.

  26. I LOVE hearing her speak. Her accent is beautiful. I also am impressed with how aware she is: of her fame, her situation & how ppl perceive her. The girl ain’t dumb, I’ll say that.

  27. for Bored and everyone else saying her coming out is perfect timing for her album to drop, this is nothing new. Didn’t Whitney come out just when her album was to drop w/ the Oprah Show? Mariah Carey(breakdown). Other artist have done this as well along w/ their movie careers. It’s part of the buiness and it shouldn’t even surprise you.

    but let us say Rihanna choose to come out during her tour? or when she’s selling make-up w/ covergirl. Was Chirs Brown coming out perfect timing for him? he didn’t say much of anything i don’t even know why he bothered, it was like watching a puppet say the same thing over and over again “i can’t because of my lawyer”, well CB I can’t because you’re not saying much of anything…switch!

    now lets say rihanna choose not to say anything. people would speculate more on her and wonder why she isn’t speaking out. W/ rihanna she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She has nothing to loose when speaking out. And she rightfully has that opportunity, espeically on the behalf of women who are in a domestic situation.

    No matter when Rihanna decides to come out it’ll never be perfect timing.She’s a superstar and will easily be criticised. For me this is perfect timing because her new album will have more meaning to lyrics to her songs.

    but this is another way to have women in Domestic abuse not say anything. Basically want these posters what is for Rihanna to be quite and go away. Which is exactly what Rihanna is talking about, these people are trying to shame her of what happen.

    The story of the airport situation..to the poster, i suggest you get over it. Stars have their day to. Halle Berry has done it, Justin Tim. has do it. Doesn’t make it right, but it doesn’t mean i’ll throw them in a box. She didn’t feel like dealing w/ fans, she has the right to those feelings, deal w/ it or sleep on it.

  28. im glad she is speaking out but her credibility is a iffy….why now? she was walking the streets every chance she got..she coulda been saving girl’s lives then….yea i kno tht she couldnt talk about it when it was in the courts, but that was months ago…i really feel like she is finally speaking out cuz she has an album coming out and tht is WRONG! she definitely didnt deserve what happened to her…but her speaking when she has an album coming out just makes me wondr, what are her real motives




  30. I commend her for speaking up about the situation. I’m sure it was difficult for her to speak on this and try to handle in the public eye. Although, it is very suspect to speak up now as her album is near. I do believe that there is a double standard with women and men as far as domestic violence. There has been speculation of Rhi also hitting Chris. IMO, if you are not prepared to get hit back, then don’t put your hands on a male! Do I think Chris should have beaten her black & Blue?—–ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! But I don’t think it’s fair for women to hit men and do the silly things that they do to men yet, it’s a crime when male hits a woman. Of course, a male is much, much stronger than a woman, but that’s not the focus; It’s about Respect, Ethics & Integrity. She is not Respecting him as a person and a man by putting her hands on him and he is not Respecting her being by hitting her! Either way, BOTH are wrong! The situation is done and over with, there is nothing that can be taken back, but there are lots of things to be learned from this unfortunate issue for both Chris, Rhi and the young girls that look up to her. I just hope she speaks on her role played in the situation that took place on that night. They both are young and have lots more mistakes to be made! They need to mend this up and better themselves from here on out!

  31. @SKY PLZZ This Is about Rihanna Telling the Real Truth hun NOT go Away! Setting an example for her peers about staying in your lane in relationships and BOTH parties walk away from altercations that u feel can become violent! UGH she aint fooling me u aint scared after 9 times for sure! side eye but i wish her the best and u too SKY!

  32. I have read alot of these comments and some of the women on here have anger problems themselves, to sit and attack someone for their opinion. Noone knows what happened in that relationship fully and it is unfair to chose sides. I feel like both are victims here we have two young ppl that are rich and famous with alot of pressure on them. No excuses for the beating , but how do any of us know how this domestic violence between the two started. Ri should not be throwing Chris under the bus now , she should have done it sooner instead of hooking up with him after the incident. Chris should have been man enough to walk away and not hit her. There are abusive women in this world as well as men, dont let your love for the performer cloud your vision. We do not know them as individuals. In my opinion what could she tell a young lady if she was just abused and walking around half naked afterwards. If you call this a good example for our young girls today, then our young ladies are truly in trouble. PPL let’s think outside the box !!!!

  33. Rihanna is very intelligent never really heard her speak speak you know? But so far that’s all that people are talking about is the “F LOVE” part I hope thats not the highlight of this interview!

  34. even though she has an accent.. she speaks clear and with intelligence… and the way she speaks as though she is calm and sweet.. so wats wit the unessarry act..rihanna u try to be “hard” but its clear ur not.. my advice , loose the act, hair, and fake stlye and go bac to the real u

  35. Whoo hoo go Rihanaa !! F love !!

    So many women go back to the same cycle all because of “love” and some of them dont come out alive. Love is blind and I’m glad she found the strength to leave. I pray for all the women in the same situation to do the same. I do think she had a strong support team behind her too, to help her leave and some women dont have that or they are just alone. But I’m happy she decided to speak and I hope her message gets out to others. She’s a great role model.
    God bless!!

  36. reading some of the comments in this thread i can’t do anything but shake my head. rihanna did not make her decision to back away from chris because of her fans or the people who frequent this board. hell i don’t think she made it for herself… i have some years on rihanna age wise and i stepped back and looked at what was said during that clip and the emotions she displayed while talking and again i will say that is a hurt young girl.

    hurt that a situation between the man she loved and her went so far from what she ever expected. hurt that her very private moment was tossed around for public speculation, ridicule, enjoyment by folks that neither knew or cared about her or chris. hurt that her every decision is also talked about and debated by everyone but those that matter. hurt that no matter what decison she ultimately makes it still won’t satisfy some. and most of all hurt that the life and love she lived some eight months is all but gone.

    take your thoughts and opinions out of how you feel and think about chris, rihanna, and chrihanna and really look and understand what is going on… that five minute clip was quite sad and regardless to all the smiling pics we may see of her i don’t believe her to be happy or past that night. hell it’s obvious chris isn’t from the tweets he sends out but i will pray for both of them.

    i also think it’s quite sad that regardless to what she is saying and when she is saying it folks are still not hearing her. i don’t think her interview is about record sales or nonsense of that sort. with a new cd she would have to grant an interview anyway or else every mention, interview, appearance would be about this incident.

  37. Wow wow wow…….what has this world come to? Iam in the entertainment business and I see all those things that are not real…. I mean iam not the one to master the game but enough to know right from wrong… why is it that iam seeing cb as much as Ri? Did they decided to come back together as a routine that has been pratice for months? Ok they both made a mistake that’s the way love goes….Move on!

    I think to get peace they had to kiss and make up for the public get everything out in the open so they can move on in their careers and never look back we know how the media can be a drag to keep it going and going….look what they did to britney….. but at the same time cb&ri don’t let the media make this seem as Ri was being abuse for months and months because she speaks like she was….I wasn’t there so I dnt know . The media is bored….if Nyc was burning down would we hear… Iam sorry to interup this program…. This just in cb&ri etc……NO! We as humans have great judgement so dnt believe the hype my young people!

    I just hope that they are not using this for their sales?mmmmm its called free Publicty! Which can cost thousands and thousands! But please not in this way…The young are the nations leaders we don’t need to poison them…….

  38. I think we all should seperate the performer from the person. She is indeed human and so is he. For anyone of us to pass any judgement on them both is unfair. We have all made mistakes. Its just theirs are in the spotlight. I want them both to take responsiblity for what happened. Even her hitting him at any point in their relationship. Abuse is abuse whether its mental, physical, or emotional. Just be responsible and practice what you preach. I can only pray that we as an society stop letting entertainers mentor our children and only let them entertain. We as parents are the first impressions of what and how people should act. I feel sorry for her and him because they both have not realized what love is yet.

  39. she played a major role in the fight, she should stop with that crap

  40. I feel sorry for her. She was plucked from obscurity at age 16–a time when you are still developing not only physically, but mentally and emotionally–and thrust into a situation that is the ultimate arena of immaturity: stardom. Despite this interview coming off a bit rehearsed (though this might be because she needed to be coached to speak slowly because of her accent), her body language is just angry, irritated and defensive.

    I really don’t think she should have spoken out at all because it’s apparent she continues to have mixed feelings about the situation–regardless if she abused Chris as well. I hate that in both Chris and Rihanna’s situation, they can’t stop or won’t stop to get counseling or emotional help.

    To be honest, their forging on with their careers is a symptom of black peoples’ reluctance to deal with the realities of our emotional health and well-being. If Chris and Rihanna had come out, guns blazing, about counseling and therapy and unhealthy emotional upbringing, folks would close their ears. I agree with her that it’s unfortunate that her personal life just swirled into the publicity mill. Lord help them.

  41. I’m really glad that Rihanna opened up about this. I don’t like how she called herself selfish though. Like she said, it’s natural to want to go back. But I’m glad she thought of others in her decision to leave but ultimately this was the best decision for HER, and that’s what really matters.

    Love isn’t supposed to hurt. What they had, I don’t know what that was, but it’s wasn’t love.

    In the Bible in 1 Corinithians 13:4-8 it says, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away”

  42. @Nick

    I stand firmly behind my thoughts on domestic violence!

    I’ve seen couples, women who hit back, so they don’t think they’re being abused because they fight back, like the scene in the movie “what’s love got to do with it!”…this is what I mean by rough housing.

    A man can’t justify beating a woman to near death because she hit him first without producing life-threatening bruises
    or injuries, witnesses. If a woman, man or child imposes a serious risk or threat to anyone’s life, it’s their right to defend themselves! Chris Brown has never stated his life was in danger!

    I have a twenty-something cousin and he’s attracted to ROUGH women, one told him she want a man that will fight her back and he walks away, after this same girl tried to run him down over another girl in the parking lot of his job, which got him fired! He was raised not to fight women!

    Men just get a pass by many women for some reason? Rihanna has the burden of proof, she must prove that she won’t further harm Chris’s career. How can she equally split the blame down the middle when she’s the one who got the crap beaten out of her? How? How should she minimize the ordeal, in spite of the horrific pictures…a beating of that magnitude wasn’t the first time he beat her…what do ya’ll want her to do? Chris is fit and strong and definitely wasn’t over-powered by Rihanna! He, too, is a victim of domestic violence from his childhood and I wish them both wellness and recovery!

  43. First of all @Cynthia, how do you know that Chris does not have proof of his injuries…did you see his mug shot???? did you see him after the fight??? Chris only resurfaced 2 weeks after it happened in Miami with rihanna and they BOTH looked fine…Now to say she was beaten to the pulp is over exaggerating..It was reported that on the scene, RIHANNA herself refused medical treatment (yet she was punched and choked almost to death according to you)..at the hospital (where she spent a couple of hours i might add) she was also refusing help..the picture that leaked was taken on the sidewalk by the officers who were there..it was one out of 33 taken the night in different positions by a digital camera..they later used their camera phone to lift the image off the computer and sold it to tmz..smoking gun had the full article…for someone who was badly injured, the cops sure spent their time with taking pictures way before they got her to hospital..Secondly chris himself has come out and said a lot of the stuff you read was falsified..the 911 was placed by a rabbi who heard rihanna screaming..she was NOT unconscious, she was screaming/shouting at chris brown outside the car..The facts are there but if people wanna believe whatever due to a picture (1 out of 33) fine!! The truth always come out anyways!!! It always does…

    Onto miss fenty’s little performance here..she gets a round of applause for her best performance to date..those acting classes sure paid off..Firstly i have no problem with her speaking up against dv but dnt make a mockery out it with LIES on TV..rihanna never left chris coz of those girls and we all know it..The judge separated them and her lawyer was begging NOT to have that order in place..So now all of sudden it was for young girls??? ok, when did she realise that??? after the order?? child please..Secondly, now chris is an embarrassment when you are on TV?? this is the guy you loved, him and his family took you in but he is an embarrassment on TV..You were following him at basketball games etc but now he embarrasses you??? You are ok with wanting be role NOW but you were walking the streets the whole year and did nothing for women who are abused..Have you even visited a shelter??? have you even gotten help for what happened to you?? ok forget that, how about the shit you talk in you new music and yet in TV you want be this sweet innocent girl..i am sorry but this was most well rehearsed bull i have seen in my life..rihanna does not mean anything she is saying..she is saying this cause that is what you expect to hear from her..The fact the she willing to look down on chris and not acknowledge her part in makes me even want to vomit..He was wrong for his part and has admitted it and now miss fenty needs to do the same and crying DV to sell to a record is such a shame..i cannot believe she would stoop so low..people die at the hands of DV each year but making a mockery out of it by pretending you care is just wrong..thinking about it is just making me sick and am filled with disgust..Even stevie can see this and its such a shame!!!

  44. She only came out because she have and CD dropping and so many other women said they would not support her because she didnt speak out about it. She’s a lier and she hit him first many times. I’m not saying that a man hitting a women is right but if you’re going to come out tell the truth and the whole truth. She remember her lines just like they have taught her I will never support her or chris again……. it’s funny people will trade their souls and human respect for fame,fans, and money.. What about doing what’s right. She has no mind of her own right now… She will be a “OMG Story” coming soon…..

    Very Very FAKE COMING OUT STORY:(:(:(

  45. WOW WTF… I see this hit you close to home uh? Well I must agree with a lot of the points you did bring up….. truth I think Rhianna is being very Phoney and iam not sure why???? The truth does comes out..Chris fess up to his mistake without surger coating! He could of said…… the reason why I hit her was because she was screamin yelling swinging at me an I lost control without realizing that it went to far…..NO he didn’t! So I do respect him for that……

    The MEDIA will make a circus out of entertainers, but this is not how they wanted to entertain….. and at times entertainers have to go along with the ride to end the madness and I think this is Rhianna is trying to do instead of saying how she really feels on the matter…giving everyone what they want to hear to move on..but WTF did make a clever statment if Rhianna was standing up for what she believe in for the younger girls how come we havnt seen her going to shelters or the places were she can help or tell her story? Because she is not a victim of dv or correct me if iam wrong but does dv mean more than one time? Or over a period of time?

    Iam sure as women we all been apart of having quarrels with men in our past.. I don’t have the right to judge because she only knows the deep hidden truth on why she making america think that she was in a dv realtionship. So people please know that these people or ENTERTAINERS! And there doing just that! ENTERTAININGS Us…

  46. @ wtf .. you on point!!! i totally agree.. there is a lot of facts missing from this story.. believe me there is more to come.. i dont feel riri is being totally honest about what happened that night. i believe this was a coached performance… i think chris is holding back trying to protect her but he need to stop and let the truth be known, i think this interview was the last straw for him and he is going to let it all hang out.. i know there is a video on someone’s phone just waiting to drop to the highest bidder and everyone is going to be surprised!!!

  47. I’m not sure I believe what she is saying. Without a doubt he should have never beat her that way, But what would have caused him to beat her? I think they were fighting each other and she may have hit him first. I also think it’s very tasteless to finaly have this interview a week before she releases her new album; it’s almost like she’s doing it to help promote her album.

  48. 2ladyshawn01 how could this interview be the last straw for him when this is her first interview with chris going on his 3rd. If rihanna is soo violent, wouldn’t chris have brought it up in his two interviews. INstead he keeps going on and on about still loving her and singing about trying again in his songs. If he thought she was so bad, he would have done thrown her under the bus to salvage his career. Maybe he knows he has an anger problem, and that rihanna is tellig the truth. What if he came out and said Yes, I was the abuser every single time, would you believe him then? or would you still be looking for a reason as to why he abused rihanna.

  49. I’m the biggest fan of chris brown ever!!! I’m truly bothered by ri-liar to come out and put true lies about chris, which have impacted his career in a negative way while her career is booming. I can truly say 44 years of living I have never said I dislike someone, but as of this date ri-the liar and jazzy-z can go somewhere and sit down, I never been a fan before this happened and damn well don’t care for either one now of them now!!!!

  50. bored and cheryl has hit on the head!!! I had the chance to meet chris and had a long conversation with him, with my two daughters and nieces. he is one of most pleasant people you could ever meet!!!! Ri-the liar trying to make like she is all righteous, which so many people have said the same thing that she is cocky, control freak, selfish and rude, I wasn’t there doing time, but I must say no one should hit on anyone and don’t be so fast to judge what a human being may do, if someone hit you come on, you will fight back!! That is real!!! Stop lying!!!

  51. There is not evidence or proof that Rihanna hit Chris Brown that night. If he was abused that night I doubt he would of kept quiet. It seems his fans and people who just don’t like Rihanna want to hold on to that “She must of Hit” theory.

    I think Chris beat Rihanna because he wanted control of the situation, but not because she hit him.If Chris was man enough he would admit that she didn’t hit him, instead he is playing coy to save his career.

    Sorry but the evidence proving Victim here was Rihanna not Chris Brown

  52. @ mari

    what is she came out and stated that she also threw a few punched in this battle or state that she hit him a few times in the past as well? What is she came out and stated that she has some anger issues.. all these “what if” are crazy. and i am not look for a “reason” he abused her, i just feel like she is not being completely honest. i feel both have a problem with anger and she owes it to her fans to admit it, and seek help if necessary. i wonder why Chris mug shot never surfaced? maybe he had war wounds also??
    dont get me wrong i am not excusing chris in this, i believe he is a product of what he have witnessed as a child and has seeked help for this..

  53. I hardly ever comment but WTF went in and went oh so hard LOVE IT! “Did she visit a shelter” PREACH IT!!!!! Chris Brown is not the only celebrity accused of Domestic Violence but yet people still support these artist. BeBe Winans and his ex wife, Steve Harvey and his ex wife, and Tyrese baby mama claimed he beat her while she was PREGNANT just last year but didn’t he JUST perform on the BET awards riigghhttt. There is no doubt this situation hurt Rihanna but her leaving him alone only AFTER THE COURT ORDER says it all. WTF was on point with that post.

  54. @WTF

    I’m sorry, doctored photos or not, Rihanna took a serious beating! If you choose to believe it was minor, then that’s your right! Because she wasn’t left in a coma doesn’t make her beating minor! Head and face injuries are serious, research the impact of someone hitting you, especially, around your eye area, he could have killed her, internal bleeding, blood clots, vision problems, etc.! You don’t know the extent of her injuries based on looking at photographs, that’s why people take x-rays and scans. She may have refused immediate medical attention or received minimal care that night from the police and local hospital, but you had better believe she received thorough medical attention and we don’t know if she received any long-lasting affects of the beating, hopefully, she didn’t. Look at Natasha Richardson and the impact of a freak accident, a head injury on a ski slope with a light fall. This is CRAZY to minimize that the girl was seriously beaten and I hope I’m never beaten to such a degree! I was slapped real hard in the 7th grade by a boy I wasn’t interested in and I still haven’t forgetten it or the sting to my face and the stars I saw!

    Like I said, WOMEN amaze me how they have made Rihanna the culprit or expect her to evenly divide the blame to spare Chris. What messages does this say to our young girls, “it’s not really a beating unless you walk away with fractures, a broken nose, a few cracked ribs and you shouldn’t have been talkin’ at him anyway, stop checking his text messages, he has a right to beat you if you get in his face, regardless of his strength to overpower you!” Why is it so hard to believe Chris was an abuser, especially, given what we know about the pattern of domestic violence repeating itself? I feel for him, especially, when I saw the Tyra show and he discussed his life growing up with an abuser in the home, wetting the bed, etc., prior to this incident. You can still support Chris Brown without crucifying Rihanna, she didn’t deserve to be beaten like that no matter what, unless his life was in eminent danger! Chris deserves and is getting a second chance, so why hate Rihanna, at least hate them both!


    This is just my point of view and who I’m really concerned about, teens and women in peril and need help out, not stans!

  55. im so tired of hearing about this!!!!!! nobody knows what went on between chris and rihanna of course both of them are gonna get on TV and tell thier side of the story like they are the victim in the situation to tell the truth it seems like she has jumped on this Bandwagon because she has a new album coming out now she on TV saying what everybody wants to hear she could at least be real but im done talking about this because everybody is going to continue to make her the victim in this situation when it should really be about what they are famous for MUSIC and her music aint that great i guess this is what she wants to be mentioned with her name everytime somebody brings it up TALENT isnt why shes famous in the first place so she has to jump through hoops to keep herself relevant SAD!!!!!!

  56. @Cynthinia

    Now, Let’s start off with this statement: You have to give respect to earn it. Not only do we need to teach young girls its not okay to take abuse or disrespect from a man but we also need to teach young girls TO NEVER INITIATE DISRESPECT OR ABUSE regardless of his or her size. If you want to be treated like a Queen treat your man like a KING. And since you want to have a teachable moment; Let’s teach our young girls that IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO: Destroy his property (clothes, cars, houses, electronics, etc) go through his phone calls, STALK him around town and get into fights with every female he comes in contact with, hit him, curse him (yes that’s disrespect to), mistreat his children who are not yours, or etc…….LEAVE!!!!!!!!!! IT IS ONLY human nature to not respect someone who you feel does not give you the same respect. MALE or FEMALE. Respect is an energy that flows back and forth. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO HIT SOMEONE PERIOD!!!!! MALE OR FEMALE!!! When your daughter sees you disrespecting your man due to your insecurities, when she grows older she will more than likely feel it is ok to harbor the same insecurities and show her man the same disrespect. SOME women seem to think well because I wasn’t cheating it’s not disrespect. Get real. I too as a teenager was apart of the “I can do and say whatever the hell I want because I’m a woman” cult. But now that I am married and have matured, I have realized that my marriage is healthy due to respect ON BOTH ENDS.

    2nd note:

    I do not think Rihanna is the culprit; but coming out about it right before the album does seem insincere. To parade around town with Ciara, lady Gaga (idk just making up names) and never visitng a domestic center for abuse SEEMS insincere. To only stop talking to Chris AFTER A COURT ORDER only to go on GMA and say “I did it for the kids” is insincere. But that’s just my opinion. But all that one-sided jibberish is for the birds. I’m not the one to continue posting my thoughts over and over so we will agree to disagree. And for the record: Biased people “AMAZE” me just as well.

    BLACK PEOPLE: Let’s hold our sons AND DAUGHTERS accountable for their actions. If we don’t, we will continue down this never ending cycle of Do as I say but not as I do.

  57. I notice how Rihanna left out some parts.. she said and umm then it escalated which meant.. I just kept on hitting him until he whipped my @$$… She said we were dangerous for each other which means.. I hit also.

  58. @JOFlow

    We agree and disagree and that’s fine. I definitely believe in teaching young people three main ingredients that mold and shape a good life:

    Integrity (Mutual Respect and Honesty)

    But, the majority of women who are victims of domestic violence, don’t fight or disrespect and are just victims of abuse for a variety of reasons from what I’ve read and experienced. This is an important moment because our youth are very impressionable and put these celebrities on pedestals and they’re human beings first. Couples will yell, push, snatch and hit and the end result can be serious injuries or even death. Girls or women shouldn’t hit anymore than boys or men because many women doing life or on death row is for domestic violence that escalated out of control.

    You’re right, none of us know exactly what happened that night and Chris was WRONG! Rihanna didn’t just walk away she was forced to leave him and thank God, before things worsened as is the case for most abusive couples or breakups from toxic relationships.

    I’m definitely for black teen girls and young women reclaiming their femininity, acting like ladies, having social skills and good etiquette and have written a program I’m implementing in the Spring through my non-profit organization. Young girls are more violent than ever before, I see it! But, there needs to be clear distinction made in this case and you made it, through all of this banter, this was also my point and what I hope teens and women realize, beyond Rihanna dropping soon, PR or any other personal agenda:


    You said it well!

  59. Okay. After reading what everyone else had to say I am going to leave “my” opinion on here. Do I think Rhianna was wrong for doing this interview? NO! Do I think she could have used a better choice of words to descibe the situation? YES! Ladies and gentlemen, women are not always the “only” victim in domestic violence situations. She made it seem like Chris was this abusive monster and she was an angel. Which I hardly believe. She stated that she was embarrassed because she fell in love with someone like that. Does that even sound real? The interview did not sound like she was speaking from the heart. It sounded to me like she was trying to impress someone by doing this. And my question is why now? If this is a situation that you are so “embarrassed” about and more so because it was public why go public and talk about it more. Damn near a year after it happened? It’s just not adding up to me. They were two young kids, messing around with something they knew nothing about. LOVE & Emotions! With such a young age comes immaturity. Think back to when you were their age and dating. When your boyfriend did something you didn’t like you in return tried to do something that he didn’t like to piss him off. Or “girls” often do things to make the other person jealous. etc etc etc. Girls also put their hands on young men, slapping, punching, pushing whatever! And they think it’s cute until he slaps, punches, and pushes them back! And when a man, or boy or whatever hits a girl it’s the end of the world, but when a woman hits a man, we excuse it? Chris was wrong for hitting her the way he did, DEAD wrong! But Rhianna I’m sure played some part in what went on. Claiming that while he was beating her she just wanted it to stop. She didn’t want to hurt him back. PLEASEEEE!!! I don’t think she was being honest! When Chris did his first interview he didn’t bash her as I am sure he could have said some negative things about her but he didn’t he kept it clean.

    I feel that she could have given her interview and given some great knowledge to young women but she could have done it differently. We all make mistakes people.

    As you can see my name says DivorcedWoman. That I am, and I was in a abusive relationship myself for some years not only recieving abuse but giving it. I can remember when my husband and I were in college, and I caught him with some other girl I ran up to them and slapped the shit out of him and then beat up the girl. He didn’t hit be back no police were called, everyone said he deserved it blah blah blah. After college before we got married I found messages in his phone from another woman, he lied about it, I broke the phone in half. He did nothing in return. We got married and I started flirting with other guys, and giving out my numbers to other guys, we he found the messages he broke my phone, I cried punched him in the face etc. When he caught me with another guy he body slammed me and beat up the other guy, I called the cops had him arrested. The abuse got worst and worst. Soon I stopped giving it because I couldn’t handle it when he did it back to me. But he never stopped. End result divorce period! We were very childish!!

    What I am trying to say is that, I am being honest about my F%$K ups in my relationship, the abuse I also gave, and that’s the best way to do it. If you gone tell it tell it all!! My mama always told me that.

    I was never really a fan of Rhianna’s and now I can’t stand to look at her. When I turned on the tv this morning all I heard was the pity that everyone felt for her after her interview. It made me sick to my stomach. She could have spoken her piece but she did not have to run his name any further in the ground then the whole incident already has.

  60. wow…i’m so disgusted by A LOT of the comments on this post. it really is a sad society that we live in. i’m not going to engage in a debate with IGNORANCE. but whether you believe it’s fake or not..bottom line is that she was beaten and abused.

    i really pray that none of YOUR loved ones ever have to go through something like this.

  61. This site has discussed sisterhood and how black women should support each other, but the responses to this post totally go against that.

    No one knows what happened that night, but from that photo which was taken of her, she was clearly hit hard by Chris Brown. So she may have got angry with him, maybe she did retaliate to the message she read on his phone by hitting him in some way, but the bottom line is…he hit her back! And very badly by the sounds of things, and that is not how you should treat a woman. If she did start the fight, he’s twice her strength and he could’ve just held her back, thats all a man should do in that situation. It takes a lot less to calm a woman down if shes angry than a man. So bottom line is, he hit her and he was wrong for doing it…full stop!!

    I dont see why its so hard to listen to her side of the story. What he did was wrong and she got out of the relationship. Not once did she say she was an angel or that she did nothing bad etc…she admitted they were dangerous for each other and that pretty much sums it up. I dont think she wants pity, if she did, she’d be crying and saying how she was being a sweet little angel, how she hates him etc. Her PR are clearly behind it, its ideal she speaks now as she has an album out; its an old trick. As soon as a celebrity has a movie/album coming out, thats when their PR is happy for them to discuss private details of their life, and I think thats how this fame business works! I think for Rihanna, it took a lot for her to speak out about what happened and people should at least focus on the matter of overcoming abusive relationships and moving on rather than how Rihanna is lying/wanting pity/not so innocent etc. None of that will change the fact that Chris Brown hit her!

  62. Rihanna owes no one an explaination about what happened.

    Whenever she decides to speak about HER experience is the right time.

    Of course she must speak about it while promoting her album. Any interviewer worth a damn will definitely ask questions. Im proud she has taken control of the situation and given these interviews BEFORE the press for the album. This may reduce having to go over the same distracting crap with every bloody interview thats actually meant to promote her album.

    If she decides to use this to promote her album, then why the hell not? Good for her.

    Im sick of this topic.

  63. Im extremely proud that at such a young age shes been able to make a smart choice about saving herself.

    Without ever speaking one word her action of leaving Chris, putting on a brave face and taking to the studio has spoken to many girls and grown women who just cant seem break away from damaging relationships

    THAT to me is far more important than a million explanations she owes to no one.

    Go girl.

  64. Nick said…

    @SKY PLZZ This Is about Rihanna Telling the Real Truth hun NOT go Away! Setting an example for her peers about staying in your lane in relationships and BOTH parties walk away from altercations that u feel can become violent! UGH she aint fooling me u aint scared after 9 times for sure! side eye but i wish her the best and u too SKY!

    And what is the real truth? And even if we did hear it, is that suppose to tell me that she deserved what she got? O and thanks for the well wishes.

    And for all those who are still saying this about an album coming out. Her album doesn’t come out unitl Nov. 23. Wouldn’t that be the same kind of timing for CB who also had another pointless interview on MTV the same night as Rihanna’s? Or that his Thank you concert for his fans start this month(which isn’t selling well). should we call it perfect timing? How about the same kind of timing when he went about and went jet skiing like nothing happened, with a big ass grin across his face? was that perfect timing for ya’ll?

    If there is one thing that I have learned from all this, is that when domestic violence happens to black women, automatically it is her fault, espeically in the black community. All kinds of excuses have come up for CB “well she must have done something to provoke him”. Reminds me of the scene in Madea’s Family Reunion where the character was explaining to her mother that her fiance was beating her and the only thing the mother could tell her was to stop provoking him and be a good future wife. Same thing happened w/ Tina Turner to the point her own mother called her husband as to where her and children were when she was trying to get away from him.

    When is this blaming the victim going to stop! smh.

    I am proud of Rihanna for speaking out and not “standing by CB” like Whitney did Bobby or Tina Turner did Ike, I’m happy she got away from him. I’m happy that she talked about it, and I’m happy that she’s moving on from it.

    I hope that Rihanna continues to have great success, whether she realizes it or not she has empowered a lot of women to get away from abuse!!

  65. @sky

    Thanks for pointing out Chris is also doing interviews roght about when hes dropping singles and doing a tour.

    Thanks you to his fans? Those ones that where pouring abuse on rihanna and absolving him of taking responsibilty all over the internet. His publicist is an idiot. As far as Im concerned all those women(they were predominantly black women. the SHAME)dug an even bigger hole for this young man with all that head turning drivel.

  66. It is amazing to read some of the uncivilized comments on this board, and interestingly mainly from women themselves.

    Rihanna said it best when she commented that people put her on an unrealistic pedastal.

    She went through a very horrific experience and she dealt with it in her own way.

    I am happy she is speaking out about it, and she is right for getting it all out now before she begins to promote her new album.

    In terms of her not speaking out before- she legally could not say anything before the case was concluded.

    Secondly, she is a young adult. I think that before someone decides to adopt a cause they need to get their mind and their situation sorted out.

    She herself admitted that she still loved/love him and went back to him. She was definitely not in a place to be preaching to domestic abuse victims!

    It is no surprise to know that in the black community, we have more cases of abuse (child abuse, domestic abuse etc) because it seems like we empathize with the abuser and make the victim the perpetrator.

    This should be an oppurtunity to find out why this is so, rather than a witch hunt of Rihanna.

  67. i don’t know why people think the only way for a man to hit you is you had to hit him first. Most abusive males, hit to control a situation. IF thy feel you are talking too loud, don’t shut up, or questioning them too much, they can haul of and hit you a slap just for that. Most women on here seem to be trying hard to justify chris’s actions, because like rihanna, they see him as perfect. Seeing someone from a distance, and knowing them personally are two different things. I will belive rihanna, because she knew him personally, and was in the relationship with him. She’s the one who is giving a more thorough account of the incident, because chris interviewed two times, and all I heard from him was I don’t remember how it happened. Rihanna said he blacked out, and chris’s lack of rememberance, seems to be corroborating that statement.

  68. Rihanna give a very good, strong interview. Unlike Chris Brown she answered every questions honestly. She answered straight forward that she didn’t hit, I believe her. In the police report it said nothing about her hitting, so I don’t know where that unproven theory came from..crazy fans of Chris. Chris is coward because he left that “She hit him” theory hang in the air, to save his image, instead of clearing up the truth.

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