Rihanna, Sade & Fantasia Win Grammys

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards just wrapped up and without a doubt the evening belonged to country group Lady Antebellum, who walked away with awards for all five categories they were nominated in. However R n’ B acts made a lot of noise as well, though mostly off air.

John Legend and The Roots walked away with three awards (Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Album) for their 2010 album “Wake Up,” which featured mostly soul classics from the 70’s and 80’s. American Idol winner Fantasia also walked away with an award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (Bittersweet). Sade took home an award for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals (Soldier of Love), while Rihanna walked away with a trophy for Best Dance Recording (Only Girl in the World). Usher was another one of the night’s biggest winners. Not only did he perform with his protégée Justin Bieber, he also took home two trophies- one for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and another for Best Contemporary R&B album.

Red carpet pics can be seen below.


  1. I am not a fan of the Grammy Awards and never have been. They have a lot of meaningless performances ever year when they should instead attempt to give ever genre of music a chance to be showcased by a performer who is nominated in the category. Pop music and stuff you hear on light fm is routinely given precedence over all other popular forms of music, making the Grammys the most elitist of all the awards show. We will never see Keyshia Cole or Melanie Fiona or Jazmine Sullivan performing one of their hits on this show. Instead we get ish like Lady Antebellum doing a tribute song to Teddy Pendergrass when a true soul man should have done it. The did the same mess when James Brown passed, calling on Christina Aguilera to perform. And speaking of Christina, she hasn’t had a hit in years but performs on darn near every Grammy telecast. I look forward to the more fan based award shows that aren’t run by and voted on by old white men.

  2. I was upset when they had Lady Antebellum singing a tribute song to Teddy Pendergrass. I didn’t like the Aretha Franklin tribute either. They already do not recognize our music they way they should. They could have atleast let our people sing for Teddy and Aretha. I just knew Monica was going to win..but congrats to Fantasia..hers was a good song too.

  3. Bey and Gwyn being each other dates and holding hands is just too cute looking like two sexy blonde bombshells. Love them both.

    Them, along with the Aretha Tribute(did you guys see when X-Tina fell? Lol) GaGa, Babs, CeeLo(w/ Gwyn), Lady A, Mick Jagger, and Arcade Fire were the best of he night.
    Katy Perry really impressed me with her performance, it was beautiful, and she looked gorgeous.

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  4. everyone pictured looks gorgeous- I really liked Jennifer Hudson’s outfit!

    Music wise , I stopped really paying attention to the Grammys the year TIs papaer trail lost out to Lil Waynes album (for best rap album)so for me its more a show.

  5. The Aretha Franklin tribute was wonderful but not much else. Rihanna needs to leave the dancehall moves in the club cause at the Grammys her lifting up her leg like a dog in heat was just inappropriate. She was scandalous and I think that is why the audience didn’t stand for her. She needed to bring her talent and not her crotch.

    Bruno Mars was excellent. He is such a talent.

    Janelle Monae continues to bore me.

    Eminem and Drake were boring.

    The show needed Nicki and Beyonce.

  6. Black ppl need to move on with this “White Man” garbage. Society EMBRACES other people’s ETHNICS and CULTURES So what if Lady Attenbellum did a tribute to Teddy Pendergrass that shows they grew up listening to his music so it shouldn’t matter. And Christinia Augilera did a good job two. Seriously can we move on from the Black vs White ish….. Grow up people.

  7. Tributes – loved Aretha’s..Teddy’s was too short & unrecognizeable.

    Winners – a lot shocking upsets!

    Outfits – really nicki? JHud looked Fab!

    I always look forward to the grammys but this year was the worst I’ve ever seen!

  8. @Teamninja You are so true. Rihanna was downright ridiculous for that one.

  9. I liked both of Rihanna’s performances.

    I loved the Aretha tribute.

    I loved Bruno, B.O.B. and Janelle.

    I loved Mick Jagger.

    I loved Lady Antebellum.

    I loved Eminem.

    I loved Katy Perry.

    It was a good show.

    Thrilled for Esperanza.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  10. I thought Rihanna’s performance with Drake was just NASTY!! Her hair was super UGH!! There was a big red nap ball in the middle of her head. On the flipside I really enjoyed Katy Perry and I’m super happy for Esperanza!! Do any of you remember her performance for Prince during his BET tribute? Well she ROCKED OUT for prince!! Work it girl.

  11. Bruno,BOB, and Janelle were really good. Im glad to see real musicians who can actually play an instrument. Esperanza deserved it! DOn’t get me wrong little Justin Bieber can play the drums and guitar.It was not his time.BOB the rapper guitar player,piano, and sing.Get it BOB. I like thi new group! I like Rihanna but her performance wasnt good. SHe needs a vocal coach but I heard she was sick. Lady Gaga you sounded like Madonna! I liked Cold War by Janelle I had to watch it again.Like I said Im enjoying more artist who can write,play, and sing.Congrats Fantasia!

  12. I remember when the grammy’s was treated very much like the Academy Awards. Now it’s starting to turn into the MTV awards. Hell people are dressing up like they are going to the MTV awards, instead of wearing a tuxedo and a gown. The show has not been seen as respectable anymore, at least not to me. I just feel like there are no big wins or names that you look forward to seeing. I think part of that is because we as the public have too much access to these stars with social sites like Twitter/facebook. The more we know about these artist the less we could cared about these award shows.

  13. it doesn’t mean that lady antebullem grew up listening to TP music, it means that the producers/writers of the show wanted lady antebullem to do the tribute. and for the record, the grammys are voted by members of the academy. it’s a popularity contest within the music industry.

  14. Bey and Gwen were each others dates? That is so nice and something I would do with my BFF.

  15. .TeamMinaj: You have no business criticizing anyone with nikki minaj looking like something out of the mental yard,Desperate much?

    I didn’t like any of the performances, J.hud made it worth my time but BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to everyone else.

    Congrats to all the winner.

    You are right. Jennifer and Yolanda were my favs for the Aretha tribute. Christina can sing no doubt, but her voice was too pop for Aretha’s Soulful Ballads.

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