Rihanna Fronts New ‘Viva Glam’ Campaign


With her Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipglass about to hit the market later this month, Rihanna and MAC have released the first image from the pop diva’s upcoming 2014 campaign.

As previously announced, Rihanna’s capsule collection with MAC was extended to include the Viva Glam campaign, which releases a new lipstick color every year, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to AIDS research.

For her provocative photo shoot, RiRi put together a dream team of beauty gods, which included photographer Inez Vinoodh, hairstylist Ursula Stephen, make-up artist Val Garland and longstime creative partner Mel Ottenberg.

Word has it Rihanna’s campaign will feature both print and video ads, the first for a Viva Glam spokesperson, I believe.


  1. I tell you after watching STYLED TO ROCK I see better the why and how of celebs who have these fashion teams and stylists. I was so happy for the winner and felt that their choice for winner was the best for Rihanna’s team. It’s crazy how much goes into the “look” of a “star” and that’s just one side of the multi-faceted-ness of these singers/actors/superstars.

    Anyhoo, Rih looks great. I am too broke to purchase $15+ lipsticks but congrats on the campaign and I hope they have good sales.

  2. RiRi is doing big things. Super excited about this for RIRI

  3. Congrats to Rihanna, the flow continues…

    One of my fav fashionista (J-lo, Halle and Gwen Stephani +).

    @Kanyade, it is amazing just how much go into creating artist “looks.” I didn’t see the show, but it’s a real job! I recently saw Madonna’s MDNA Tour (commemorating 30 yrs in the biz) on Netflix, OUTSTANDING, pls Janet, come back! But, the styling in this show, along with performances (from dark auto-tuned to bright light), production values left me so inspired, I love creativity at its BEST! It’s like in “The Devil Loves Prada” and the film shows a glimpse of that aspect of fashion. Teams win, glam squads are as big as the artist for most! Rihanna shows it off in these pics and so many others!

  4. @ CYNTHINIA (my sis lol), I’ll have to check out Madonna’s tour thingy. Definitely try and watch “Styled to Rock” if you can get it on Hulu or Netflix or Youtube or Bravo. It was really interesting. I love seeing fresh talent create from scratch! Just amazing stuff really. 🙂

  5. @Kanyade

    I did watch two “Styled to Rock” episodes on youtube last night, didn’t find episodes with Ney-o and others, still checking, I’ll definitely watch it…I don’t have cable, so no Bravo or Style…but, I did enjoy the UK versions and never thought about how difficult it must be to style groups. I love the “nuts and bolts” of things…Love fashion, thanks for mentioning it, I forgot the show aired!

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