Rihanna Gets Wet n Wild for Esquire UK

Rihanna Panorama Esquire UK

Rihanna is sales gold and magazine editors know it. Just one day after the singer’s Elle magazine cover was unveiled, we’re treated to another goodie- a look at the pop diva’s cover and photo spread for Esquire U.K.

The covers and photo shoots could not be more different. Where Elle chose to focus on fashion, Esquire clearly chose to focus on the flesh.

Rihanna strips down to almost nothing and frolics about in a number of interesting poses sure to please the singer’s male, and female, fan base.

No interview or excerpts have been released so far, but then with photos like these, who really reads the interview anyway.


  1. I’ve never in my life had a woman crush..but this woman right here!! WHOA!!! WOW!!! She is my WCW!!

  2. Trash. What will rih do when her body doesn’t work for her anymore? Sad! This is why her songs don’t do very well until the visual video comes out! Whatever works for her though.And she has doubts why Cbrown didn’t want to commit to her? Good luck with the album. Im not a fan but wish her the best in what she likes to do.

  3. Oh yeah! ! Hate to bust your bubble she made 48million..last year. NUMBER 4 ON FORBES. . No hit song was needed.

  4. Rihanna’s looking good as usual! When she went from GGGB to R, people thought it was a bad move. She was the resident skank, and this has served her well and others followed. The Esquire photo-shoot from that era raised eyebrows, even LA Reid showed concern. Now this is all there is from reality TV or Scripted (even Olivia Pope), men’s mags or women’s, Sports Illustrated Swimwear, Victoria Secret, or music videos, from Miley, Nicki, Gaga to Beyonce, J-lo and Iggy, this is what sells. It’s even called feminism and exploring or celebrating one’s sexuality.

    Rihanna is working her 20s and is in her zone, while slaying Billboard 100, nobody gives her anything, many of her fans were reluctant ones, but the hits just kept coming! Unfortunately, black people don’t buy music (enough to make them mega-superstars) from less popular artists (like Melanie Fiona, Estelle, Janelle Monae, Elle or Chrisette Michele), and the machine don’t promote them. Rihanna is winning because she’s a strategist, they all are! We only have what four or five female music Superstars and they all, but Alicia Keys and Jill Scott take this route, unlike pop (Taylor Swift slayed with her new album, sales and content) or country. It is our consumer music market and sales that lacks diversity.

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