Rihanna Glows In The Dark

Rihanna was in fine form Saturday night as she served as one of several opening acts for Kanye West on his “Glow In The Dark” tour. Rihanna is pictured above taking the glow in the dark theme to the next level and actually performing in a hot pink glow in the dark costume. Click over to the next page for a performance clip.

Rihanna performing “Rihab” in Seattle Washington on Wednesday night.


  1. Her makeup looks great! Rehab is my song! Too bad the concert isn’t coming to city

  2. Get’em girl, Get’em Get’em Girl! She’ll never come to my town (nor will anyone else, I hate it here) but it looks awesome.

  3. This girl is really coming into her own. Maybe now that Jay-Z is not in charge of her career she may come out fully. The more I see of this young lady I am really starting to like her.

  4. Her legs are insane. 😆 I like the song. Go Ri Ri. 🙂

  5. Geesh! She’s still wearing this mess! Can’t wait for this Good Girl Gone Bad image to be over. She’s really getting slammed in the reviews. I guess being half naked can’t mask the singing and stage presence. Still looking forward to seeing the show.

  6. @ Melissa, I’ve read good reviews of the tour; all acts included. But on one site the reviews were great, but the writer/author did say something about Kanye not really ‘connecting’ with the audience; about there being a separation there, but overall a good show.

  7. Ri, Ri looking fierce as ever, like always….
    Hopefully I get to see her in concert soon cause I missed her earlier this year at the O2 arena…..
    But go girl, keep up your style and singing….

  8. She looks fly, she’s coming to her own,……. blah, blah, blah. She still has no talent, cant sing, cant dance, stiff as hell, not a nice girl, fake image , her album was a flop………… the list goes on and on.
    And She is still opening tours, what a shame!!!

  9. WOW, third pic looks like she’s simulating giving head and pleasuring herself! I also saw a pic where she was simulating a threesome!SMH She’s getting too extreme with this stuff!

  10. Fly girl rida:

    I hear you. But for this day and age I mean she is coming into her own. The people with the real talent are big stars over seas. You know they put this out there so that is what I meant about coming into her own. She does has a good keen sense of fashion. But look at the black women that are huge stars today and she is coming into her own.

  11. Rhi Rhi always looks nice, if you can’t give her anything else you can give her that. I like most of her songs off the latest album, but she still isn’t the greatest talent. I think @ this point I am listening to the music just to listen. No one is trully saying anything that I want to really hear in today’s mainstream music industry.

  12. Nice outfit?! She looks horrible. I hate her outfits for they are all so distasteful. Her voice is mediocre but she has great legs. Is that all she has to offer?

  13. Come on girl!! Rihanna is very talented ! Yes she doesn’t have the voice of whitney houston or Mariah Carey but she has a very good voice! I mean look at Madonna she doesn’t have the biggest voice but she’s very very famous and I still think Rihanna has a better voice! She’s only 20 go watch videos of Madonna when she was 20 and you’ll see that Rihanna is 100 better now! Give her time!! AND HER ALBUM WAS NOT A FLOP!!!! Maybe in USA it was below exceptation but overseas she has sold 5 million albums and her tour was always sold out!
    I’m from France and all I can say is that Rihanna is very very very famous here in Europe even more famous than Beyonce! Everybody here like her, her tour in Paris was sold out and she’s a model for all the girls!! In France nobody is looking forward Beyonce anymore but Rihanna is an idol!and she has more success now that Beyonce in all her career!! That’s a fact!She’s everywher e in magazines, on tv on radio…! It seems the USA has a problem with this girl and I don’t know why !
    SOS, Unfaithful, Umbrella, Don’t stop the music ,Shut up and drive,Hate that I love you… all these songs were hit in europe ! And just to compare the only songs of beyonce that were hit in Europe were Crazy in love, Baby boy and irreplaceable was a semi-hit! So stop hating her she’s doing her thing leave her alone ! I think Rihanna will emerge a great superstar and if the USA can’t see that it’s a shame!
    (sorry for my english if you don’t understand something)

  14. Rihanna has received mainly good reviews. That is the most risque outfit she wears on stage. She has two other costume changes. Yes, Rihanna is really coming into her own. She keeps improving
    SOS, Unfaithful, Umbrella, Don’t stop the music ,Shut up and drive,Hate that I love you were all at least top 10 hits in the states. SOS, Unfaithful, Please don’t stop the music, Umbrella, Pon de Replay were all at least top 5 in the US. Umbrella was number 1 all over the world including the US.

  15. @Marie… Rhi Rhi’s album wasn’t a flop in the U.S. I could be wrong, but I believe that her album did very good here. You made very good points about Madonna, but 1 thing that makes Madonna stick out is her staying power. Madonna has been around for @ least 20 + yrs & everytime she comes out she reivents(sp?) herself. Now for Rhi Rhi we don’t know if she has that extra umph & we won’t know until 20 + yrs later lol. However, I believe that here in the U.S. a lot of ppl would like to hear stronger singing voices like the MiMi & the Whit Whit, before breakdowns & drug addictions that is, folks are just a little tired of ppl having a “look” & getting by. As for the Rhi Rhi being bigger than Bey in your country, that’s just something that happens, different cultures like different things. The same applies to the U.S., for example the Japanese movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” was a flop in it’s own country. Here in the U.S. it was a success. I believe that it was even nominated for a Oscar. It’s just culture diffrences, it happens everyday.

  16. “Blame it on tha Rain” I completely understand what you’re saying but I just replied to “fly girl rida” who said that Rihanna’s album was a flop! I don’t know if it was a hit in the USA but all I know is that overseas it is a big hit! You know I come to this site often and I realize that almost everybody love Beyonce and hate Rihanna! When I go to the comments I always read things such as ” she’s fake” “she can’t sing” “she will be over soon”… Just compare the number of pages that have Beyonce compared to the rest of the sistas! I think that Beyonce is very popular is the USA but all I want to tell you is that Rihanna is way more famous than her overseas especially in europe ! We love great voices such as Mariah Carey,whitney or Beyonce but we love to hear new things too! It seems that you won’t be able to love another singer that Beyonce till a singer come with a voice as beautiful as hers! You don’t have to have a great voice to be talented I named Madonna but I can name kylie minogue too! If you come to Europe (and I hope you will) you’ll see that Rihanna is way more popular that Beyonce and as popular as Mariah carey or Madonna even in the black community! We love her as we loved Britney in the past years! I think you have to try new things in the USA and not always be focused on Bey especially black women!! I can name Kelly Rowland! Since Dilemma you haven’t give her any chance it seems that she will always be in the shadow of Bey ! Her last single WORK have been a huge hit in europe reaching number one in various country and she has even done a song for the soundtrack of one of the biggest french movie this year! At least we give her oppotunities!! And we love that in Europe : to give a chance to new talents and not being focused on one or two singers!
    As for reiventing herself just see Rihanna is the Pon de Replay years and Rihanna now ! It seemes she’s not the same person at least give her credit for that ! I can say the same for Bey!!!

  17. @Marie The fact you mentioned Beyonce more times than Rihanna in your post speaks volumes! If Rihanna is sooo good or whatever let her “talent” speak for itself. And IF she is more popular than Beyonce in Europe so what? Its harder to make it in the US than anywhere else because expectations are high so you bragging about that doesnt mean much hon!

  18. According to billboard top 100 R@B charts her Albulms :2007 Good Girl Gone Bad Peak at #3 on the charts,peak postion on the top 200 charts was #2.

    Source: Billboard.com

    She may not be your flavor of a lot of people that’s fine but the girl is doing her thing and i bet half the singers out thier would love to be in her postion .

  19. @Marie… please don’t have a heart attack lol. I promise I wasn’t attacking your point of view. Believe me I understand your point & just for the record a lot of ppl in the states do not solely focus on Bey for talent. There are a lot of sistas who are doing their thing in the U.S that folks appreciate Jill Scott, India Arie, A. Keys, just to name a few. The reason why Bey has gotten so much attention is b/c of her cross over appeal to the “others”. Here in the states if you have that cross over appeal you will always be the go to person. As for the talent, me personally I like folks who can really blow lol. Don’t get me wrong I have Rhianna’s latest & I liked a lot of the songs on the album, but I still say she isn’t the greatest singer, sorry & No I am not a Bey fanatic/stan. And also on another note a lot of ppl in the states are basically tired of Bey, I know I am ,b/c she is constantly on the scene & she hasn’t given anyone the chance to miss her. As for the popularity for Rhiana in Europe, it’s just like I said earlier, ppl in the states have very different standards than ppl overseas. There are a lot of things that you listen to & watch in Europe that just wouldn’t fly in America. As someone said earlier, it’s hard for entertainers to break in the industry in the U.S. b/c standards are so high. This has always been the case, it was a shock when the Beatles came over & were hugely successful. It’s always been that way & I doubt that it will ever change. As for Rhi Rhi, I think she’s a cute girl & doing quite well for herself right now. No I don’t think she’s the greatest, but I do wish her continued success.

  20. Here’s my .02 cents. Can we stop with the comparing. I understand Marie side of the story…I used to live in Europe for 8 years and I am also American. Music taste in Europe is more open…dance songs make the mainstream charts unlike the U.S., it is very rare. Black artists in the U.S. are always more revered in the Europe though there are black european artists; they are not given the same light and space as the American artists. The music industry is very political…living abroad I realsied it was VERY. But since many Americans do not travel abroad they don’t know…American music goes around the World…unfortunately, the World’s music doesn’t always make the U.S. shores (hopefully, that will change).

    Back to Ri Ri, all the best to her and all the sistas…I support them. It is not an easy industry. Any of them past 10 years is a feat. 20 years…is amazing! And so on… Plus, I feel most people just follow what the radio or MTV says as popular. They do not formulate their own opinion. Use that internet folks…like you blog here…tap into other cultures music–you may surprise yourself to the sounds beyond your borders!


  21. The last time I checked GGGB was not a flop and had gone platinum in the States and over triple paltinum outside America making the numbers close to 5 million

  22. American music goes around the World…unfortunately, the World’s music doesn’t always make the U.S. shores

    I know what you mean. I listen to music from the Mediterranean region of the world though I don’t know anything about the artists. I also like classical music and jazz. I wish I were exposed to more music from different cultures but American radio stations play the same 10 songs all day. I don’t own a computer so I am a couple of years behind the rest of the world.

    I am not really into dance music but I LOVE R&B whether it is old or new school. Earth, Wind & Fire amazes me to this day. I am also a huge Maxwell fan. I don’t know how Sade’s music is classified but her music/sound is beautiful. Was she big in the US? I was around 6 years old when I first heard songs from her Love Deluxe album.

    I like some of Rihanna’s songs off her GGGB album. She has a different sound but since her voice doesn’t move me, neither does her music or her image. Most artists today have to fall back on their physical appearance in order to make it in the industry. Lauren Hill is one artist who was true to her music, who had many talents and won five grammys for an album most people would consider a classic. One thing that stands out about her is that she was/is very beautiful but wasn’t know for that.

  23. Love your pics ri ri, but you should ease up on the short hair……… Pareces mejor con tu pelo largo:)

  24. @ flo, YES Sade is big in the US. We :heart: Sade. 🙂

  25. Hey FlyGirl,

    You sure you aren’t Solange Knowles? =)

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