Rihanna Goes Red

When it came to debuting hot new hair trends that the world was sure to follow, Rihanna in the past could do no wrong. The singer however sullied her legacy earlier this evening when she debuted a hideous new red do, complete with shaved sides. The style was reportedly created on the fly by Ursula Stephen, Rihanna’s longtime hairstylist.



  1. I think it looks nice, I wouldn’t do it, But it look good on her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up bald one morning.

  2. Come on now. Y’all know she look FIERCE. Only Riri could get away with this though. (she’ll probably switch it up in a few weeks again anyway). WERK!!! :bowdown:

  3. loveeeeee the colour on her it suits her complexiion….but dont like the shaved sides lol lol trust rih boy…and knowing her it will be gone in a few weeks

  4. :lol2: ewwwwwwwwwww shes looks crazy as hell! i dont care what kinda rock start bitchh she think she is, that looks terrible. I have never made a comment about the size of head but now I see I will have to. It looks gigantic!!!!!!!!!!!!! her hair is cut way to short and blunt for the enormous size of her head. :stop: Rhianna.

  5. lets see u princesss dev….. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  6. Sista thats what trend setters do.They take risks.They’re always trying to push the envelope.I love it.The sides are low because its more of a performance style.Watch how this girl is gonna work this hairstyle.Get ready to see all the chicks with red hair this summer.

  7. nice color, but the cut is WACK.
    a bowl haircut is not cute on ANYONE 🙄

  8. I don’t like the color on her and I hate the cute :noway: .

  9. Don’t like it at all, I don’t think it does anything for her.

  10. Still fierce! When I was her age I had changed by hair 5000 times more power to her.

  11. On Rihanna it works I guess, but I would like to thank her now in advance for the amount of chicks who have no business doing this style following her this summer.

  12. Ya’ll know dang on well that color is tacky! I think it’s more so the cut that makes it look crazy. She looks like one of those little demon boys… like a black female Chucky and Barbie doll mixed together doll.

  13. I disagree on this one here, cause for one, white girls do this all the time and sista’s have changed their hair color so much to wear it want matter one way or the other. That’s why this no talented chick is still in business, everyone wants to give her credit for copying. There is nothing original about this girl, all the other chicks that have dyed their hair another color will now have to be subjected to being called a copycater off of the copycater. Only in America! She looks a hot mess and sounded one too!

  14. @bored you can not say she did not change the game. She had alot of women cutting there hair or try to out do her with the hairstyles. But im not to crazy about the red.

  15. There are plenty of women who have rocked red hair already, please stop acting like she is doing something no one else has done before.

  16. Lady, where do you think she got the hair cut from? Again, it’s just another situation were she copied and got credit for it. Everyone gets their hair cut at the summer time short. Rihanna has not had one original style, event or anything and they give her credit just cause. Like that outfit in the picture, she thought that one up also?

  17. Hit to soon, after Ciara, Madonna, Rockettes and everyones momma had it on but they will give her credit or call her an maverick for wearing it. Stop! Oh yeah, let us not forget the red lipstick she’s wearing, no one wears that anymore…

  18. @bored she doing her thang and very well. She getting credit on alot of thing that people could not bring to life. Once she changed her whole image. She had industry shaking little bit. I just like different thing about people and she one of them.

    I alway respect your opinion and some of them you be having me laughing. :hifive:

  19. I actually kinda like it..luv the color!….I dnt really like the cut that much…

  20. Somehow that is working for her. She is one of those people that can get away with almost anything. I guess she is over the blonde. You gotta give it to her it’s never a dull moment with her fashion game.

  21. I think she has already changed it back…

  22. The color is okay but the cut is terrible. The contrast is not working. The rest of her hair needs to be darker for this too work. But I can give her a pass since with short hair it is easy to change and Rhi is normally on point.

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