Rihanna Heading Back Out On Tour


Rihanna and Eminem Announce “Monster Tour”

Rumors of Rihanna and Eminem hitting the road together are officially true.

Via a Live Nation press release, the chart topping duo will hit the road this summer for a co-headlining stadium tour that will make stops in Los Angeles (Rose Bowl), New York (Metlife Stadium) and Detroit (Comercia Park).

Tickets officially go on sale March 28th at 10am. However, if you can’t wait until then, beginning today you can visit Facebook Invite to RSVP for presale tickets that become available March 22nd.


  1. She and Beyoncé are slaves and when it is all over I hope they survive. Health wise this cannot be good for them touring around the world like this. Look at Michael and Whitney they stayed on constant tour and look where it got them. Both of them need to take atleast a year off but I think they have the authority to make that decision.

  2. I meant they don’t have the authority to make that decision.

  3. Congrats to RiRi, she stays on tour. And I smell a new album coming..I can’t wait…However,I have seen Riri 3 times in concert and she been getting worse not better (Her live vocals in concert). She needs to rest her voice…

    As for the tour, I wouldn’t be caught dead there. Even if I got free tickets. (well, maybe I would just see riri and leave quick). I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER SUPPORT EMINEM!!!!PUUULEASE!!!

  4. Wasn’t Eminem degrating black women a few years ago! He can shove it!!!!

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