Rihanna Hires Justin Beiber’s Hairstylist

I’m just kidding. Rihanna probably didn’t hire Bieber’s hairstylist, but you gotta admit, it sure looks like she did. The singer introduced this new straight version of her red rooster haircut last night when she played the Comcast Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Its rare for Rihanna to make a bad decision when it comes to hair- but this new look is an epic fail. Helmet hair is never good look and not even Rihanna can make this ghastly hairstyle fashionable.


  1. I think she forgot to put mousse in it. Maybe it got wet, dried and fell flat. *kanye shrug* LOL

  2. I think she is just growing it out. That’s the drawback of growing out short hair, you always hit a stage of hair length that’s awkward looking.

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