Rihanna Hosts New Year’s Eve Party

Rihanna was all smiles this evening as she played hostess to some 5,000 patrons who showed up at the Pure nightclub to ring in the New Year with a celebrity. The 22 year old pop diva was reportedly paid a handsome fee to walk the red carpet, say “Happy New Year” and then bounce.

Rihanna ushered in 2011 the way she has in so many years past… at the top of the charts. The singer’s “Loud” album jumped back into the Billboard top 10 this week, is the #1 selling album on the World Charts and has reportedly sold over 1 million copies in the U.K and over 4 million copies worldwide.

Like many American artists, Rihanna is proving to be as much a force overseas as she is at home. Whereas the singer is considered a singles artist here in America, overseas it is her albums that are hot sellers, often debuting at #1 on the charts (something that has never happened in the US) and staying there.

With the singer throwing up such impressive numbers overseas, can it be much longer until the same starts to happen here? With an almost 33% sales increase last week alone, I think it’s safe to say so.


  1. I don’t pull these numbers outta my butt 😆

    Rihanna has sold over a million in the U.K already and over a half million in the U.S. (521,000 Last I read). That right there is nearly 2 million and doesn’t include the rest of the world where her album now stands at #1 and has in several countries for several weeks now.

    Billboard quoted the 4 million mark for “Loud” and its worldwide sales. I think they should know better than you or I. 🙂

  2. Go RiRi! Ahh,Smh…
    Loud is a very good album.She deserves #1 selling album on the World Charts.

  3. @Sista..

    But it has to be a mistake because it just went over 2.1 million this week. I know, them Rihanna stans had a field day on twitter.

    Also i think there adding single sales with that.

  4. mediatraffic.de tracks wordwide sales and they also say 2.1 million.

  5. We’re still trying to downsize Little rihanna’s success in here uh ?

    Happy new year sista and congratulations to Rihanna.

  6. I do not knwo if my ears hear a different musical note than anyone else, but Rihanna’s music hurts my ears. I am not a hater just someone who appreciate good music. I am a fan of all types of Music. But Rihanna’s first albums were very good. I believe either Jay Z is spending his money to boost her public appeal, her ego and his big ego

  7. Continued success to Rihanna. 🙂 I like the dress and her tamed-down red-mane is looking much better than that dried-saffron look before.

  8. Lol@ “that dried-saffron look” 😀
    That made me chuckle. I am a Rihanna fan but I think the fire engine red times 3 was a bit much- it def made her stand out though!

    With regards to her singing-I agree that when she sings ballads and some high notes it’s like a cat yelping. Yes I am a Rihanna fan, and yes I think that.

    With that said, I think she is pitch perfect when doing anything Caribbean sounding- Man Down is perfect sounding to me- and I like her pop and dance songs. But a R/B ballad? Nuh uh.

    I think that her voice will be more suited to rock and reggae type music. She has a really deep voice almost- have you heard her laugh sounds like a smoker almost!

    Anyways much love to her in 2011- I think it’s gonna be a good year for her!

    PS I don’t like the dress too much 🙁

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