Rihanna Rocks Down Under

Pop diva Rihanna just wrapped up a nine date tour down in Australia and word has it she pulled out all the stops. The 23 year old singer, never really known for her stage shows, has incorporated more choreography and even makes it a point to climb down into the audience and mingle with her legion of loyal fans. Reviews have been extremely positive, leading to record breaking sales in upcoming cities like London. Check out two recent performances of “Love the Way You Lie” and “S&M” above and below.


  1. Wow, pretty incredible! All the records she’s broken…I think people enjoy watching a person who seems to be having a good time, like watching a conga line, you can’t help but smile…her Chelsea interview…like a big silly kid in a candy store…having a ball! Yeah, the vocals need improvement, and these videos are improvement…some things are just destiny…making people feel good is an artform in itself!

    Congrats to Rihanna and more to come I’m sure!

  2. She looks soo pretty, & sounds good in the Love the Way you Lie performance.

    I think legitimate vocal lessons would improve Rihanna’s sound. Like, actual vocal training. She has a lovely voice, but her breathing & projection is all wrong, which is why she always sounds weak/out of breath. Bey, Whitney, Christina, etc. all are “classically” trained…I think classes would boost Rihanna’s talent tremendously.

  3. I love Rihanna and I think she’s amazing , but I’m tired of seeing her parade around stage most of the time… She gota start doing some dancing (atleast as much as she did for the good girl gone bad tour) because I can watch her jump up and down anytime on youtube. She don’t have to be the best dancer but give some sorta script or something.However, she is an amazing artist but she needs to show her full potential.And I agree with @ LOL….

  4. Looks like a pretty good show. And @LOL you’re right on, it’s her breathing techniques (as with alot of others) that messes her up.
    SN: Do you study vocalism? I have been for a couple years now. Jus wondering.

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnggggggggg Ri. You puttin it all up in their face. Just like that huh? I think she should cover the business and dance some more. Keep the sexiness at a peek-a-boo level. Banging body though.


  7. The review part was a lie like one said her show is low on live singing and high on backtracking and basically autotune. She got good reports when she sits cause she has not mastered in all these years to do these two things at the same time. I have excepted the fact that Rihanna is just the it person now and it has nothing to do with talent what so ever, we go through these periods and it’s her turn but dont mistake it for talent cause it is by no means it. She should repect the kiddies a little more and stop looking like what she is a whore on stage walking back and forth. Let’s be real the people over there except this stuff better than we do over here. I wish they ban backtracking for artist like Rihanna though, and then we would really see what all the blogs talk about on a constant because it’s the truth.

  8. @Bored, that grammar was horrible. I understand that this is a blog but when people write comments that are so UNNECESSARILY disparaging (with no constructive interpretation at all), at least do so in an acceptable fashion. I mean honestly, you even skipped out on the verbs in parts…sadness.

  9. @ bored, I don’t care about the grammar, you spoke the truth. Cheers!

  10. tHE TRUTH : Really? That’s good, i heard positive reviews to her concert so good for her and her fans.

    @Bored maybe you should write to Roc nation so they can drop her, and to radio stations so they can stop playing her music, I mean you seem devoted to the demolition of rihanna so these are just a few ideas so you can achieve your goal

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