Rihanna Is Back On Tour Again (Updated)

After being forced to cancel a slew of concert dates because of an undisclosed illness, singer Rihanna is back on the road again wowing fans with the European leg of her “Good Girl Gone Bad” tour. Few photos of Rihanna’s tour costumes have been made available but I managed to score a few.

S&M, bondage and lots are skin are clearly the effect Rihanna was going for with her wardrobe and yet I still think it kinda works. Great performers are known for their wild tour costumes- Cher and Tina Turner immediately come to mind, and I am loving all the looks she sports in the photos below.


  1. I hope Rihanna is ok…undiclosed illness?? Man she has some pretty legs. Even when she is no wearing stockings, it looks like she is :thumbsup: . Go girl.

  2. I like Rihanna and her legs are really nice, but if you had everything airbrushed you would probably look the same…………were is my girl
    Ci Ci at I know she rocked it.

  3. 😆 I know what you mean, but even on live TV on talk shows they looked pretty nice. I know they can airbrush on TV as well, but she did get credited for her legs by Venus for women or something.

  4. that first trimester is a mother….. 😆 just kidding I don’t want to create any rumors about her. Hope she is feeling better and i wish her luck with the remainder of her tour. She looks beautiful..

  5. beautiful body and legs beautiful skin and smile beautiful eyes great attitude
    [as long as i don’t see nobody’s crotch, panty or butt pad i’m not complaining ]
    riri you’ll go far with this package :thumbsup: but cover up just a bit okay? you’ll still be sexy :thumbsup: 🙂

  6. Rihanna is a bore onstage.

    All I want to know is where are the pistures of Ciara? I know she killed it.

  7. Rihanna is a bore onstage.

    All I want to know is where are the pistures of Ciara? I know she killed it.

    Did you get a chance to see her on stage!


    THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS- HANDS DOWN :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  9. Nice legs I agree.
    Rhianna, Beyonce, and most of Hollywood wear those flesh color dancer style tights. I used to dance, so I recognize them.

  10. @jummpy If you mean did I get a chance to see Rihanna on stage the yes I have seen her live, and i’ve also seen Ciara live.

  11. She might very well be wearing leggings or tights, but I’ve seen her many times sans tights and she’s got phenomenal legs. But, lots of women do. Good to see she’s back on tour. And, I can’t get why so many people are perpetuating the Rihanna v Ciara thing…cause, really…Rihanna is an international star…she’s got style (which I find personally a bit literal, but whatever) she’s interesting and unafraid to be candid…I don’t think Ciara can hold a candle to her, honestly. Rihanna is coddled in the mainstream, Ciara…no so much 🙁

  12. She sells sex just like Beyonce and Janet before her. Hence the S&M and bondage attire.

  13. i cant believe this. that girl is only 19. beyonce was not so whorish on stage as this girl. i think that if these pics were of beyonce people would b talking sooooo bad. i think that as long as it is NOT beyonce, it doesnt matter if its a crotch shot, or slutty clothes, u will b favored bc these haters want bey to b knocked out of her spot sooooo bad.
    poor rihanna, she tries so hard to be grown and be like bey…she will never b bey…or madonna for that matter…cuz she jockin my girl madonna too :thumbsdown:

  14. Ah, I like some of the outfits. The style has been done before, but I think it works well with her new image change…even if some of them could be pulled down a little or could use a few inches of material. I mean, some of those outfits just have to be crotch-tight and uncomfortable. 😆 Sex appeal is definitely her new method. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t put it out there so fast though.

    Um, Beauty…really? I mean, if you consider these outfits to be whorish or whatnot, then it would be the same no matter who they’re put on. If you feel like she’s trying to be Beyonce by dressing this way, then what does that say about Beyonce? Rihanna will never be Beyonce because Rihanna is Rihanna, and Beyonce is Beyonce. In the same way Madonna is the one and only Madonna. The only spot Beyonce has on lockdown is being Beyonce, and she will always be the only one. Beyonce cannot be Rihanna either, because they are two different people, and quite so it seems to me. Two different people, seven years apart and starting out differently. Personally, I like them both at times, and I dislike them both at times. This paragraph is not some arrow pointed at you, just chatting. 🙂

  15. Majesa
    its cool
    im glad u know how to chat instead of standing on top of ur computer yelling curse words
    but what i menat was that rih has been trying to b beyonce since she first came out though. with the hair, the way she was “trying” to sing, her clothes, her video, i know u remember her video on the beach when she was dancing on the water…it was like beyonce’s baby boy reincarnated.
    now that shes died her hair black she think people forgot about all thayt
    she is trying to be like bey in the way of how she spills sex appeal. except bey is more of a seductive marilyn monroe, while rih is a las vegas street walker….but thats jus my opinion lol :dance:

  16. The only thing Rhianna has going for herself is her look. Other than that, there is nothing there.

    I too wish Rhianna fans would stop trying to bring Ciara down just to make Rhianna look good. It’s not about who is more popular, but who brings more to the table. They are two different artists, the go in two different directions. Not a fan of neither artist but clearly Ciara is the better entertainer.

  17. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: beyonce always been a whore it was just inapropriate for her to be whorish in destiny’s child because in the 90 % parents weren’t playing like today even britney was covered and playing the innocent card now a day parents let the media take upon the kids education and as a result we have people like beyoncĂ© glorified

    rihanna will never be beyoncĂ© because off stage rihanna is sooo cute and her life doesnt revolve into trying to please everyone and being the first woman doing so and so off stage beyoncĂ© is still a whore i never heard rihanna talking about a double personality that takes upon her when she is on stage au contraire she own the fact that she is being extremely sexy on stage and no one can down talk her because she is not denying her over the top sexy attitude and she is 19 , beyonce [33/26/idk how old the girl is ] can’t even defend herself in a proper way [when mama and daddy are not coming to the rescue] and always seem to blame somebody else for the critics she gets that says a lot about her character

    rihanna really do not chock me that much i’ve seen worse been trough hell and back with beyoncĂ© i saw the girl’s cookie, i saw beyoncĂ© giving a lap dance to a married man, i heard her taking credit for other’s people work and much what more can shock me

    i agree that rihanna is trying to jump into womanhood way to soon but she is still a lil girl looking for herself and since she is young one can forgive her beyoncĂ© is a certified hooker and will always be that’s why she would always be a joke and never consider seriously

    and beyoncĂ© can’t dance with her choreographer rihanna could do the same hell anybody could do the same
    the truth for the matter is beyoncĂ© conquired a lot of people’s hearts because she is a reject of many can we say janet jackson,madonna,jennifer lopez,diana ross and more
    i don’t hate i congratulate when i need to :banana:

  18. Wow guys, it’s not that deep. lol. Live, Love. Laugh :lol2: :dance1: :dance2:

  19. :booty: rihanna is a fuckin skank and her costumes are ugly as hell
    y’all know that if she didn’t give Jay z head, she wouldn’y be where she is today, she would still be a fucking bitchy hoe who fucks for a living

  20. :hater: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: voice:
    girl please
    i know u dont really believe a WORD u just said
    the only thing u said worth addressing is the fact that u said bey will never b taken seriously.
    :lol2: :stop:
    girl please
    check the record
    beyonce has won so many awards that rihanna will neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever win.
    bey’s record sales are somehting rihanna will neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever hav
    just in case u didnt know bey is already an ICON fool
    and she is a legend in the making
    hate her or love her, u cant knock the hustle
    that award that she was HONORED FOR at this years AMA’s was the VERY first time it was given to any female, snitch.
    get a life
    and i have to say it again:
    check her records son, then holla back :hater:

  21. beauty if i’m a hater you a hater too babygirl 🙂 i didnt say anything nastier about beyoncĂ© than you did with rihanna so are you a hater too :hater: ? please don’t act like no one never outsold beyoncĂ© when even brittany spears did! yep you need to do your homework as long as you concentrate on old girl you will only see what you wanna see

    i don’t know any of these two do you think i care who gets knock up her spot or not? i’m not a stan i see and speak that’s it and if beyoncĂ© is taken as seriously as you pretend[just a few examples] why was dreamgirls “about ” her character and she can’t even get an oscar nomination? why isnt she taken for any serious movie part ? why is it that when people talks about her they forget about her voice and go straigh ahead to what she is/ was wearing and when? why is it that everytime someone try to emulate her they fail? because no one wants an other beyoncĂ© and when people deny anything that looks like you it means a lot the only people that take beyoncĂ© for a true artist and support her are beyonce’s fans the one she got from destiny’s child that’s the reason why she didnt start solo she needed a fan base because her kind is hot today gone tomorow unless you have some die hard stans [like you]
    other than that no one cares

    the only people that take rihanna for a true artist are her fans she got were she is because she doesnt give up and have her own style so get over yourself and beyoncĂ© and move on queen :brownsista: the state of music today makes it so easy that in couple of years when beyoncĂ© butt goes down rihanna will win more awards than her [until someone new and fresh comes to take rihanna’s spot and on and on]and maybe than you’ll have an heart attack since you about to cry rigth now 😆

    queen it’s not that serious you still have to go to work or school or whatever on monday figthing over people you don’t know wont make you richer nor closer than them beyoncĂ© won’t call you to thank you so breathe and have a :koolaid:

  22. “and she is a legend in the making”
    its been 12 years that she is in the “making” come on there is nothing else to see
    zzzz Next
    and i see you are trying to turn this into a beyoncĂ© topic i won’t helpyou if you want to bump a beyoncĂ© tread to do it :thumbsup:

  23. yup, but u steady writing long ass essays
    girl if u think rih will EVER surpass BEY ur crazy.
    i dont need to defend bey anymore cuz u know who she is and what she stands for. u haters keep saying,every damn year: when bey fades out…When bey wont matter…when people get sick of her………………………….
    year after year the girl gets more and more and more popular. yahoo just named her most demanded celebrity.
    lol. u keep on waiting 4 the day bey wont “matter” :hater:

  24. voice, u wont help me turn this into a bey post??????????????????????
    u alreadyh did u idiot :lol2:
    :hifive: :hifive:

  25. :thumbsdown: and for ur information. what…like 7 of those yrs of bey has been with a group,and DESTINY’S CHILD IS A LEGEND STUPID.
    BEY HAS ONLY BEEN A SOLO ARTIST for four yrs, i think it takes longer than 4 yrs to BE A LEgend u idiot. girl please

  26. U rigth i apologize baby i shouldnt have gave you the atention you looking for my bad queen :bowdown:

  27. [quote comment=”17657″]:booty: rihanna is a fuckin skank and her costumes are ugly as hell
    y’all know that if she didn’t give Jay z head, she wouldn’y be where she is today, she would still be a fucking bitchy hoe who fucks for a living[/quote]
    You are a vile disgusting piece of filth.

  28. u can call me all you want satan i understand you when you live off envying someone else and wishing you were them so bad that you ready to fight anyone that speak against them that can lead to serious mental illness get a doctor and a life and whenever you need me ugly holla at me i’ll sign you a check it always hurt my feeling to see my people miserable love u 🙁 :thumbsup: 🙂

  29. Thank You Stephanie for adding a CIARA and ALICIA KEY //// RIHANNA is a very beautiful girl. CIARA is a goregeous woman. CIARA took this tour to another level. CIARA is looking hella sexy in her performance outfit. All the performance is on youtube. GOODIES, OH and 1,2 STEP were all #1 hits in the U.K. beat out ELVIS all three times giving him the #2 spot. So there is no way in hell RIHANNA is larger in the U.K. The U.S Billboard would not give her three #1 HIT ///HATING MOTHER———///////GOOODIES #1 OH #2 1,2 STEP #2 // CIARA has the best body in the game.

  30. beauty,
    well, I’m sure you’ll loathe the fact that Beyonce’s new CD is going to be very much like Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Producers who are working on the new “dance album” with an “international sound” have already admitted, essentially, to Rihanna’s album being the blueprint for the several songs they’re doing for Beyonce’s album. They mention Britney Spears as well, but come on…we all know that Rihanna’s style of singing is more conducive to Beyonce’s than Britney’s. So, they way I see it Beyonce is emulating Rihanna, at least this time around. And, I personally think it’s going to be interesting, watching Beyonce promote this new project. I’ve heard rumors that other producers are saying her image is going to be very “Madonna”… I’m quite curious about that since Madonna herself is coming out with something in ’08. And, Rihanna, too…right?
    Well, it’s going to be very interesting, to say the least…And, some might be mad at my saying this but I don’t think she’s going to do well (but “okay” for Beyonce is several millions album sold) with dance, not putting herself in the same vein as Madonna….she’s not the same sort of artist…she’s neither peculiar nor intellectual….she’s incapable of Madonna’s sort of irreverent kitsch.
    I honestly think this new album will do nothing more than make her seem some grasping, middle-aged, diva…

  31. beauty,
    nevermind…I didn’t read all the posts before I replied to your earlier post… Nevermind…I don’t post here often…well, hardly ever so I didn’t know it was like that. I thought you were annoyed by Rihanna’s hyper-sexy gear…but you just hate the girl. I’ve never understood how Beyonce managed to entice black women this way… But, she has…I won’t trip…if they come to you, you’re doing something…
    But, you shouldn’t be so upset because someone isn’t a fan…don’t you know “artists” who make such a fuss of selling themselves too (via sex) really rely on people disliking them? Because they hope to engender strong feelings and people who like to look at them, well they give them only the weight of being sexy which will either fade or be defeated BUT if somebody dislikes them, well that person sensationalizes the artist. Beyonce becomes somebody worthy of debate…
    So, calm down…the woman relies on people’s unfavorable opinions…she needs them to consciously pass on her…it means nothing if they merely aren’t fans.
    She needs it as much as she needs people to envy her (because I agree with the other person…you certainly do. Envy isn’t about venomous jealous all the time…it can be quiet longing…the kind that drives people to be fans–or stans, is it?)

  32. dont you have enough of these leather costumes??? i hate them. she could wear something else sometimes. she is pretty,and i like most of her song but i wont pay to see her perfom.no thank you

  33. voice: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    s.paradise : :iagree: okay girl!!!!!!! all of beyoncĂ© stans envy her that’s a fact and if she aint paying them to figth for her like they do someone got issues and need a life [and if you can’t obviously you need a doctor 😀 ] anyway i love me some rih rih she is so cute and so confident like my sista said we seen worse with beyoncĂ© even with those costumes she look less slutty than beyoncĂ© herself :thumbsup: beside ri ri aint lying about her age she is 19 beyoncĂ© is … anyway its time for her to let it go!

  34. Very whorish look going on here with a touch of new age slore for variety. Keep it clean Rihanna. 😐

  35. u people r so jealous. :dance: if u think beyonce can come even close to failing u r ridiculous. u stupid girls who dont even like her has helped me to turn this into a bey post. jus look up…the last 20 comments are about bey. :dance:
    bey has done dance music before u idiots. epecially on her cd for her wembly tour she had 3 songs on there that were dance.
    if bey decides to got down the dance road, she will be doing better than rihanna, and u all know it…thats y ya so upset that she is even doing that….bey can change genres from rnb to pop to country to opera to dance foool, rihanna cant cuz the bitch cant sing.
    for ur information i dont hate rihanna, i dont hate anyone i dont even know. i dont like people like rihanna ashanti brandy christina milian etc etc etc who try to make their coming out by emulating bey
    there is one and only ONE bey…stop waiting for her to stop, stop waiting for her to quit…ya r so jealous that ya try to make urselves believe that she is as old as u hoes up in here. the girl is 26, and she dont have to stop until she 50 if she dont want to. look at j lo and halle berry, up in their 40s, u think bey aint gonna look as good or better when she get older, the girl is bad bad bad, baddest body, prettiest face, talented, and in a happy relationship….dang, u people hate her so much because she has so much going for her. keep on wishing, b/c i dont hav to even b in here to make beyonce relevant on these posts, ya girls b dreaming about her n eway

  36. I’ve heard that Rihanna’s next single is going to be “Breakin’ Dishes”. Can’t wait to see that, although have an idea of what kind of video it will be.

  37. :lol2: I find it so hilarious how all these people are fighting and defending these artists when they dont know u exist or give a shit for that matter…..yall need to just let it go…..bey, rih and ciara are all doing sumthin right because they are in the industry and doing really well…so applaud them for that….


  39. Every one is not going to have the same star status. Rihanna is doing well for herself 🙂

  40. Rhianna ,Ciara due ya thing! It’s really sad i hate to tell some But you know that drives the music business “SEX” So if you going to call this chick out you need to call “BEYONCE” For the same S**T.

    It’s really sad some of you are phony you uphold Bouncy ass for the same thing while she’s shaking her “ASSETS’ and wiggling her “WEAVE” you hold Ciara and other as being “WHORES” now which one is it .either you call out “ALL” or don’t call out none.

    Far Rhianna supposedly “on her kness ” she a hoe. So what it makes beoyonce before her and jay was together because i’m sure she was doing the same thing

  41. @ Darksista

    I hate when they dog out a sister and uphold one for the same “S**T. That’s all i’m sayin

  42. i absolutely agree i love rihanna but i made a comment asking her to cover up up there that doesnt make me a hater i love the little girl but watch beyoncĂ© stans [since no one cares about her asset] try to turn every other topic into a beyoncĂ© debate talk about rihanna is a whore and beyoncĂ© is classy like be for real that’s the thing with black women they envy so much that they think they are part of the person they envy than if you speak a vowel against them they’ll go crazy but will put down an other sista for the same exact shizzle beyoncĂ© do like be for real :thumbsdown: i agree with you

  43. Whorish indeed :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Sell that SEX by any means necessary :banana:

  44. I try really hard to like Rihanna, but when I see her parading herself around stage dressed like a hooker it makes it really hard.

  45. Those are some hot S&M outfits :brownsista: I”m saddened this post turned to ‘other starruhs’. Let’s stay focused on Rihanna and her legs for miles and those support hose she’s wearing 😆 She looks good!

  46. Hello everyone i just want to say is there a big different with rihanni and beyonce. rihanni still young and i think she doing well for herself. She put out three album and doing well for herself. As far as beyonce im not going to lie she need to sit down im tired of seeing her. As far as everyone one wants to be like her please she copycat too everyone bite off each other style so it not brand new with bee either. What up with alicia now we should be talking about her a positive sister.

  47. I dont like B because she takes credit for everything :stop: …..I bet when she remakes “One in a Million” by Aaliyah (yes, she is remaking the song) she will add one word and take writing credit for it.

    B is not original she even said her parents use to make her watch old Supreme and Diana Ross performances, thats how she got her style. If she was not in DC her stans wouldn’t like her as much because they will see how she is fake, a bitch, sneaky, and a liar. :noway:
    People think B can do no wrong but she is part of the machine, the machine that calls Photographers to film you, keep drama in the news, and just being seen. I dont think her a Jay are together, Diana Ross and Berry Gordy did the same thing….Its a business deal, some ask “well why stay with someone for so long”? I think its because her career sky rocketed once her and Jay hooked up, and they get horny being the power couple the prom king and queen….Jay will never leave B because she is beautiful, top of the music game, and rich, and B will never leave him because he makes alot of money, she’s worried someone else will use her for her money, and he’s like her dad he is her mentor. :bowdown:
    Stans understand B is not a nice person, you cannot have this level of fame and be nice. We all saw how she treated the other girls in the group, she has been sued for stealing songs she didnt write, and black people she doesnt want to be black….her skin get lighter and lighter each day, too many blonde wigs.
    Call me a hater I dont care because that would mean your hating on me and we wouldnt want to be hypocrites would we? :booty:

  48. i agree with kenny but ima say this
    beyonce is hot rihanna is hotter because younger
    beyonce is backed up by her family anytime
    rihanna figth for what she got by herself and she is only 19
    beyonce can’ t defen herself rihanna got a mouth and don’t let no one walk over her
    beyonce fans are the one she got from dc because if you ask me idt she add that much more to her fanbase since she been solo
    rihanna’s fans are those she got from well being rihanna
    so cut the lil girl some slack and beauty you are an envious non respectable tramp and you need to sit down some where and get a life

  49. Hello people!!!! This blog is NOT supposed to be about Beyonce!!!! Can we resume with the talk about Ciara and Rihianna?

  50. Ciara is the best dancer and performer of the three. Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna are only popular because they are pretty to look at and are over sexed manufactured wanna be artist. I can’t believe Rihanna received a Grammy nomination for best R&B female artist. She is nothing but a pop tart. That girl has absolutely no soul in her bones. The music world has gone to the dogs.

  51. Both Rihanna and Ciara are talented ladies. I agree with this. I just love everything about Ciara, so I cannot say I am a fan of Rihanna. Rihanna’s music is good, but I still prefer Ciara. To the someone that said Ciara cannot hold a flame to Rihanna, I believe that is stretching it beyond belief. I think it’s Rihanna who really cannot hold a flame to ANYONE. She can sing, but her dance skills are not up to par with any entertainer out there. Please do not call this post “hating”, because that world is grossly overused and this is nothing but a mere opinion.

  52. ciara is def the best dancer in the three then again we never seen rihanna dance did we ?

  53. Some of these name changes are so obvious it’s ridiculous. I wonder if the site owner throws her head back and laughs when she sees the same people posting under different names just to get a point across that really isn’t even that serious to begin with. 🙄

  54. I guess you would to (change your name)i.e. identity :bag: if you couldn’t get your point across wouldn’t you.

  55. Those words ending in ght will be the death of you (light, fight, might, sight, tight) yeah, you know :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  56. well i’m not gonna talk bad about any of them, i love bee, she’s my idol. rihanna is aight, if that’s the style that works for her then so be it, she ain’t got the best voice in the world, but neither does ciara. yet both of them are doin’ pretty damn good in the world of music. i agree with the comment about music going to the dogs, because artists are no longer signed to record labels because of their talent, they are signed because of looks, and then they are manufactured and made into sex symbols. i am an aspiring artist myself, and i know that i actually have talent, and looks to go with it, but i’m not going to depend solely on my looks to get my talent noticed. it’s like these chicks just want to get in the industry so they can model and pose in magazines, not cuz they can sing. why not try out for america’s next top model and save the music 4 people who have real talent and deserved to be heard. i personally think rihanna sounds like a robot or computer when she sings, and all ciara can do is talk with rhythm and whisper on all her songs, but hey…who am i to judge?? bottom line….bee is the best out there right now, and no matter how tired we all get of looking at her sometimes, she ain’t goin no where no time soon. so stop being so negative ladies, edify and lift your sisters up

  57. [quote comment=”17762″]I guess you would to (change your name)i.e. identity :bag:

    if you couldn’t get your point across wouldn’t you.[/quote]

    Between your sarcasm and lack of comprehension regarding my original post, you honestly don’t deserve a response let alone a decent, respectful answer to your question. However, I’ll go ahead and answer you since you sound like you need some clarity anyway. No Jummpy, I wouldn’t change my name i.e. identity to get my point across. Why? Because frankly an online argument just doesn’t deem that much importance to me. If I’m going to argue with someone online, I’m going to do it with my original username, it’s just not that serious because I really don’t even know the person I’m arguing with, so why are they all of a sudden worth me wasting my time posting as 2-3 different people, just so I can ‘win’ an online argument? They aren’t, and there’s just no sense to it IMO.

    Now Jummpy, you might have been looking for a “fight” with that tacky open-ended reply of yours, but you’ll find no such thing here, sorry to disappoint. Instead, I’ll hope that my answer has sufficed your question, and I hope that you have a good evening! Night night :mrgreen: .

  58. It is kinda sad when the only thing people can comment on is how great here legs look. Isn’t she suppose to be a singer. Can someone comment on that. If she was a really good singer, with no sex appeal everyone would be commenting on how boring she is. Sad.

  59. @ Sick of it said

    Say MA you didn’t have to reply ! You could have save yourself the aggravation as far as cyber fighting it’s no need for that i don’t participate. :stop: :stop:

    As far as that speech you could have save that better yet just plain omitted it. when you woke up this morning i hope you having a”FANTASTIC DAY,

  60. To Miss sick and Tired, I didn’t write it to start a cyber fight it was just answering a question.So you could have save yourself the aggravation of the “BIG SPEECH” you wrote.I hope you having a lovely day.

  61. i dont like rihanna i don’t think she can sing or dance neither can beyoncĂ© in music today its not about who can sing its about who is the hottest rihanna is the next beyoncĂ© and she’ll be bigger because beyoncĂ© fan will grow older and move on to other things while kids that love rihanna will step into teenagehood and keep on listening to her very soon we’ll all be tired of her but still talking about her you are mad because she isnt like beyoncĂ© fake smile and all when she is asked a question she answers honnestly and wont hide her feelings to please some desperate envious stans get over yourself

  62. @ Ms Sandra
    I may not totally agree with your comment but you make some great points. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  63. I finally am able to put my finger on why Rihanna rubs me the wrong way: she’s grown increasingly arrogant for something she does not do. Ever since Def Jam poured a ton of money into creating this new image for her, and the press on her increased accordingly, she has gotten to Beyonce-status without putting in any of the hard work, any of the determination, any of the struggle and even the talent that Beyonce and other similar women like Jennifer Lopez or yes, Britney Spears, put into their fight for fame. Rihanna happened to catch a lucky break in that Def Jam compiled a few hits for her and then decided to kick lesser selling people from the roster (Fefe Dobson) to devote time to cultivating a star they could manipulate and put in line to be Beyonce’s successor (in terms of media hype and attention).

    But she can’t really sing, she doesn’t write her own music, and she’s just learned to dance a little. All she’s basically doing is being a puppet in tacky dominatrix gear on-stage or, in nice clothes and a bob picked out by a stylist, and selling sex, and just becoming arrogant when she has no talent of her own.

    Beyonce may grate on my nerves, but I’ve got to be honest: I’ve seen her come from Destiny’s Child to where she is today, and I’ve watched “Driven” and have seen the hard work she put into singing and dancing in order to become famous, and I can’t not respect her for it. Rihanna is just a pretty face with a nice figure, who was extremely marketable. If she was humble yet confident, if she wasn’t so quick to sell wolf tickets in magazine articles (how she’s always going on and on about how “this is my real style” and what not), and if she really cared to make an effort to get more involved in her music instead of reaping the benefits of someone else’s hard work, her fame wouldn’t irritate me to no end.

    But she’s not. She seems to feel entitled to being famous, and especially after that stunt she pulled at her cousin’s wedding, she’s got an inflated ego. Maybe she’s compensating for the low albums sales and weak single sales? I don’t know, but there is such a thing as graciousness, and it’s lacking in her.

  64. if rihanna has gotten to the beyonce status you can only blame beyonce for that she choosed to be a slut instead of being a singer :bag:

  65. I may not like it when she’s wearing that HOOCHIE get up! But who isn’t these day’s SEXING up .

  66. Well the hoochie get up the part of the M.O. these days,sex sells. :dance1: :dance1:

  67. beyonce is a true hoe im tired of the dumb commercials too shes overrated her music sucked

  68. rihanna is better than bee :brownsista: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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