Rihanna is Back

After a quick trip to her home country of Barbados, 23 year old pop singer Rihanna is finally back on American soil.

The “Man Down” singer was spotted dining at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica and looking adorable in a Celine maxi dress, which she paired with a matching jacket.

Rihanna’s return to the states couldn’t have come at a better time, as the singer is being praised by Kristen Love, the City of Tuscaloosa’s Liaison for Private Development. According to Ms. Love, Rihanna’s “Benefit Concert for Birmingham” brought in a total of $89,000, which will be donated to the Tuscaloosa Storm Recovery Fund.

As for her next musical step, Rihanna reportedly made time to shoot a concert style video for her next single “Cheers” while vacationing in Barbados.

It’s release is expected later this month.


  1. She looks great. It was also cool of her to donate the money from the conert to a good cause.

    SN: I’m hearing her next album is bascially done already. If true damn she’s still touring for this one lol

  2. I wonder will Rihanna burn out like Mariah did back in the late 90s?

  3. I like her natural hair, Good for her, all these “sistas” walking around like they’re bald, Put the yaki down, once in a while it’s good for your hair.

  4. Wow, homegirl looks so cute with just a suntan and a natural hair color 🙂

    Rihanna really browns up nicely in the sun, when she loses her color watch out for people saying she’s ‘bleaching’!

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