Rihanna is Da One

Rihanna’s camp released on the set images today of the singer shooting the video for her latest single “You Da One.”

Pop’s undeniable Queen was decked out in ripped denim shorts, a blonde wig, white see-thru t-shirt and a top hot and cain.

Flynet Pictures called the video shoot extremely raunchy… which pretty much matches the overall theme of “Talk that Talk.”

… and speaking of Rihanna’s new album, it will debut at #3 on this week’s Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart. Selling just over 197,000 copies, “Talk that Talk” is Rihanna’s second largest opening ever.


  1. If I’m gonna see her vajayjay again, I’m good, and honestly I am very disapointed in talk that talk she set a bar with loud and now this…. Hmm hmm

  2. The album is not as good as Loud but I like it. Easpecially “Talk that Talk” , “We All Want Love” and “We Found Love”.

  3. There was pretty much no point releasing Talk That Talk. Rihanna is a singles artist and would have done better to just release We Found Love and maybe another one or two singles from Loud, instead of a whole album of raunch and trash. The album is almost as a bad as that outfit she’s wearing.

    Rihanna stans come at me, but you know I speak the truth.

  4. I still have to get ‘talk that talk’- not a fan of ‘you da one’.

    I will say that whenever you see stills from the video, her outfits always looks a hot mess (think about ‘whats my name’ and ‘we found love’ but when you see the video, it makes sense.

    Honestly, I think that Rihanna is on the cusp of a burnout, and I hope she takes a break soon!

  5. The reason she relesased this mess was because of LOUD, she got away with it so why not try again. Why does she always have to go that slut route. Rihanna get some self esteem cause yes we know you will end of doing porn to make a living but leave some for the imagination.. She made sure you saw her flat backside, what a tramp.. Y’all used to dog Beyonce for being boring what y’all call this!

  6. Love “We Found Love”…haven’t gotten TTT yet, but I will as a Rihanna fan…if I can get three songs, I’ll be happy…her performance wasn’t great…she tries…but, her stamina is being challenged…but, if she stops…who knows…our whole world is “disposable”…whether it’s working a 9 to 5 job…marriage…friendship…we all live in a 15 minutes of fame box…

    Most of these celebrities are boring because there’s so much media exposure and promotion, a little music…how many songs do we hear that’s really original, hot or beautiful and will become a “classic”…Janet Jackson…Cee-lo and Melanie, “fool for you”…the new girl,Elle Varner has a great sound. I was listening to some Keith Sweat and at the time people thought he couldn’t sing…but, his work are rnb classics…Rihanna is doing Rihanna…I still deem her as an “Artist”…booty-shaking and all!

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