Rihanna Is The “Only Girl”

Rumor has it Rihanna’s next single from her upcoming album will be titled “Only Girl.” The singer’s label, which I follow on Twitter, has been tweeting bits and pieces of information about the upcoming project, including a tweet earlier today telling fans to “get ready to dance.”

Reports of another Rihanna album dropping this year have been running rampant for months and now it seems those rumors just might be coming true. Fellow Barbados native, Shontelle, recently disclosed that she and the singer had recorded a song together, and producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins also disclosed secret recording sessions with the young diva.

Rihanna’s “Rated R” album was released in 2009 and so far has spawned the number single “Rude Boy” and been certified platinum in the United States. Despite this feat, many consider the album a failure and word has it Rihanna heard the rumblings of the public and chose to go back into the studio and produce more upbeat music.


  1. I wish her next will be another “Good Girl Gone Bad” , not “Rated R” (Even though I like Rude Boy and So Hard)

  2. It took a minute for me to grow on Rated R but it’s not that bad. Of course it’s not Good Girl Gone Bad and honestly if she does another album exactly like that, she’ll wear that whole aura out. I don’t even think Rated R was THAT depressing as people make it out to be. I just want her to get ride of the red hair. That is all. LOL.

  3. Rated R flopped basically because of the false allegations of Domestic Abuse in which she tried to infuse into her music. Rihanna tried using that to garner pity and sales, the media played into it but the buyers did not. Yeah I believe they fought but no abuse. Rihanna and that label needs to give people a break from her, this back to back stuff is going to get played out!





  5. Ummmmmm NICKY, let’s not forget that the album was online for .99 cents when it was first released. Basically it was a flop. SORRY! People forget that. SMH.

  6. Nicky, shut up. You sound like a brainwashed, mindless puppet. I hate when ppl one these sites scream

    “That so-&-so reign just wont let up”

    “Watch, she gon’ take ova!”

    “She a baddie!”

    “Get ready cuz so-&-so will SHUT IT DOWN”

    Just, stop. It’s ratchet.

    & sidebar, Rated R was actually REALLY solid. I still play it from beginning to end. Didn’t flop in my household.

  7. i think this album will be good, it seemed as she rushed it. rated r flopped in sales,but it certainly did not flop in music quality. it was very good. but i believe it could have been better! but we will see. _ THE Wait is OVA___, and yes “Lol” i said it! __BIG CITY> BRIGHT LIGHTS>SLEEP ALL DAY>LONG NIGHTS>

  8. 3 Million worldwide isn’t a flop, of course other artists will surpass this…but, nothing to shy away from, especially, given all the controversy and marketplace…I like the fact that she produced a critically acclaimed record, more than a highest grossing cd…that’s really nice for an artist to have a critically acclaimed piece of work (even if you disagree with the critics) meta critic dot com, along with the usual stuff…what’s popular…some is really good and some isn’t.

    Rihanna wouldn’t benefit from waiting another year to release new music…just like these blogs…look how often the publishers have to post new entries…the rate in which media is consummed is crazy, but it’s technology and accessibility..smart phones, social networking (facebook, twitter, youtube, product placements, endorsement deals/advertising, pop culture…if she waits, they’ll call it a comeback…she hasn’t reached that pinnacle where she can step out of the limelight and come back and do big numbers like Jay-z, Eminem or Lauryn Hill when she decides to return…Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Mary J. can afford a year off because their brands are very strong and diversified…they’re also experienced producers! So this sista betta stay on her grind and continue to strike while the iron is hot…do a movie, an apparel line…transition into the producer’s chair, so she can always live off of her brand and call a many shots! Music ain’t nearly about singing anymore as it is marketing and strong branding…

  9. I hope this album doesn’t flop… because everyone said that Rated R would have been epic and that the “WAIT was OVA” (we’re still waiting) but Rihanna has yet to obtain a number one album, she rides on singles. I guess this will be a: Good Girl Gone Bad Again. oh and btw they should have released Fire Bomb (best song on the album) instead of the Rockstar(gimmick) flop single.

  10. I don’t think her album flopped at all. Looking forward to the next album. I liked Rated R but it is time for a more upbeat album. I play Rated R when I’m in a not so great mood

  11. Why do people think that sales equals talent or quality? Soulja boys sells a lot of cds should i continue, Anyone who rides on how much someone sells need to return their fans card, you’re not a fan, you’re a vulture, when you like someone’s music you just do regardless of who agrees or disagree, stop being so ghetto and money hungry. I didn’t like Rated R, I liked good girl gone bad, I don’t care how much what sold, Get a effin personality and a brain ALL OF YOU.

    Bored: You do know that Chris brown pleaded guilty right? Why would he do so if he was innocent? It’s people like you who keep black people down, You are an imbecile.

  12. Im happy she is quickly releasing another album. good move. But that movie doesnt sound convincing at all. Rated R was a great album the content was great the real emotion was there and it really would have been stupid if she did an upbeat record after the whole incident. She HAD to get it off her chest. And if she didnt people would have been like ok??? weird. SO I love Rated R even though the best songs were not released. im reaaaaaally pissy that she would choose rockstar over fire bomb dammit even over Photographs. that would have been a cool release end of the summer type of song. smh. Rated R was for a certain audeience and its for a certain mood. I too listen to it when im feeling pissy mad and im happy i have an album i can listen to when im mad:)

  13. Rated R has indeed sold over 3 million worldwide. If you indeed follow her label, than you would follow her managers at SRP records who would have informed you sista that the album sold over 3 million copies.That flop talk was instigated by MTO and nimrods like Bored who still havent moved on from the Chris Brown incident.So they mislead like her album was .99 and her tix are 10 dollars, so it could appear that she isn’t successful.They wont tell you that her album was .99 on Black Friday along with Gaga,Bey,Boyle and others. And her tix where 10 lawn seats for one show.SMH But anyway new music is what I’m craving from the princess, so Im happy.

  14. Never said her was innocent. He pleaded guilty for beating her up in the fight, not abuse, that is two different things. Rihanna has not sold 3mil just over 2. Rated R could have been epic I agree but Rihanna was singing. The way she sings the songs except for fast one and even some of those they have no depth no feeling, she practice a song a certain way and that’s that! She cant come back on a song you know how Yolanda Adams takes a song forever then comes back to that original spot (a true singer with talent could do this) Rihanna cant. MTV said it all in a nutshell with their review of LGOE. Rihanna is not an epic singer because of her lack of talent. Rihanna has good music, not talent!

  15. Rihanna had to do an album like Rated R. after what she’s been through. MJB did the same thing when she went through her drama.
    it would not look right for her to come out with party album after what she been through.

  16. HOw many ppl listen t Rated R. Songs like “the last song photograph fire bomb” all talks about what she’s bben through.

  17. People who plead guilty in general for “beating their partner up in a fight”are generally found guilty of abuse “Bored” if it isn’t self defense then it’s abuse , he assaulted her thus physically abused her, since she was at that time his girlfriend. Clear enough? It’s not two different things stop while you’re ahead.
    The fact that you have a problem with her singing ability does not bother me, I don’t think she can sing neither,I like some songs of her, but over all she is no alicia keys to me,My problem begins when all you base your opinion off is sell, that to me does not make any sens because they are people way more talented than rihanna who sold less than her, so the point is moot…

  18. Am I the only one who actually liked “Rated R”!? lol It wasn’t THAT bad. Most people just didn’t like it cause it was a bit different from her other stuff. She was growing as an artist and breaking out of the “Beyonce mold”. lol Give the girl a break haters!

  19. bored and belynda yall some beyonce ass licking HATERS you just mad because rihanna is done playing back up to beyonce’s image and thats pathetic let the girl be, she has enough talent to sells millions of album how much have you sold? hating on that little girl, its not her fault beyonce is old and washed up she has none to do with that stop hating on her even if she sells 1 album thats more than any of you will ever sell so shut the fuck up and mind your bizzwhack

  20. i think rated r was rihanna’s most solid album to date. Too bad people were so caught up in judging her and calling it dark that they didn’t take the time to notice what a great compliation of music it was. Anyway I guess people are more keen to boppy music than.. hence the success of rude boy. Whatever she does is going to be good anyway.

  21. for some reason i thought that Rihanna would further examine her psyche and maybe experiment more on her next album. But I cant help but think that she is going to go back to be like all the other microwave artist and release generic dance and pop songs. oh well, Ive always got my Badu.

  22. Of course she’s going back to the music that made her explode.Her dance songs are incredible.And yes Bored she has sold 3 million plus albums, mediatraffic doesnt count everywhere.Like I said, HER LABEL SRP music group will tell you themselves.And I dont care what MTV said.Her album was one of the most critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone and Enter.Week.MTV doesnt even play music anymore.This *Talent* debate by you haters is always interesting.All these people with all this so called talenet seem to be folks who coochie pop and steal songs, or MJ impersonators with weak voices.Speaking of MJ impersonators, how many albums did the *talent* CB sell? 300K WW? Yet u have the nerve to shade Rated R sales?Rihanna’s talent is making music people want to buy, thats her talent.Something that you and your fav, that loser CB, cant seem to do.

  23. for some reason i thought that Rihanna would further examine her psyche and maybe experiment more on her next album.

    I don’t know what would make you think that. Rihanna is basically the property of her record label and has to do what they say and when they say to do it. She may have truly sold 3 million copies worldwide but that is chump change and I believe quite a bit less than the 7 million Good Girl Gone bad and its remix albums sold. She has to get out there and shake her money maker when that record label tells her too and if they tell her to do happy pop she will do happy pop. The time when artists were actually reflective about their music is long gone. It is all about numbers now. Waiting another year wouldn’t hurt her that much but I don’t think her label thinks it will help her either. Rihanna used to be a #1 machine. Whatever she touched topped the charts. That dried up with Rated R and the label wants that heat back. Not to mention the money from all those singles sold.


  25. I’m sorry but I’m still seeing the album as a FLOP! That platinum crap took forever to get to. For her to have this big name and for the album to be soooooo anticipated, ONLY 3 MILLION? Come on now. I honestly think this album should have sold way more than it did, and it didn’t. SMH.

  26. At the end of the day the record company made money, if they didn’t she’d get dropped. So the album must have made a profit.

  27. Rihanna used to be a number 1 machine? Used to be??? She has spent more time at the number 1 spot than anyone this year!!! Look it up!!! 11 weeks now and counting with Rude Boy number 1 for 5 weeks and LTWYL now at 6 weeks.

  28. Oh please stop with the excuses! Rated R was no doubt a great album. However, it did not sell nearly as much as expected, hence why Def Jam is so quickly pushing for her to release a new album so soon. It hasn’t even been a year since the release of Rated R. No matter how you want to slice it, Rated R will be seen as a flop. It has SHIPPED 3 million copies WW, not sold. I think for actual sold albums the number is around 2.4, 2.5 million. That’s not good when you last album sold 7.5 million. No, sales shouldn’t matter, but in this day and age they still do. Rihanna has a lot of hype behind her, so she would be expected to move albums. Even A. Keys album has sold more than 2.5 million WW, and Rihanna is seen as the bigger star INTERNATIONALLY. And now that’s why she is returning to the formula that made her a superstar in the first place. Do you honestly think that had Rated R sold more than it has that she’d be cranking out a new album so soon? Better yet, I bet you anything she would have stayed with this darker image and sound on the next album had it sold well. Think about it. Rihanna changes her image/sound based on how many records she sells. I’m definately not a hater. I have all her albums. But it’s the truth. She makes great music, but she’s not a true artist. True artists put out the music that they want no matter if it will sell or not. Not change direction or go back to the same formula that made them famous in the first place just because their record didn’t sell like it was supposed to. Rihanna isn’t the only one who is guily of that, but this post is about her, not them. I wish her luck though. If the album is good, I may check it out.

  29. There are some real haters here whats funny is the womenAnyway good job Rihanna keep up the good work

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