Rihanna & Kate Moss for V Magazine

Get ready to see Rihanna’s face everywhere you go.

With the pop singer’s seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic’ set to drop on November 19th, rumor has it the Baja beauty already has several high profile magazine covers coming up, including the one you see below.

Rihanna will be featured on an upcoming cover of V Magazine alongside supermodel Kate Moss. The sexy faux lesbian photo shoot was helmed by Mario Testino, was shot in London earlier this fall and was the reportedly all Kate’s idea.

You can check out a few leaked shots below and I was told the first pic will also be the cover.


  1. Hmm, so is this why she’s holding a Vogue cover with Kate on it with a ciggy/joint dangling out of her mouth, that I saw on another site the other day?

    This is very faux something chic LOL

  2. It would make more sense…but it was a cover of Kate. I’m like, huh? I guess… and I don’t get it. lol

  3. What does Rihanna’s mother think of those pics? I would be embarassed if she was my daughter. Can’t see Alicia Keys or Beyonce stooping to this level for attention.

  4. Who cares what Rihanna’s mother thinks?? Rihanna is an adult….Every time Rihanna poses nude or something people act like its something new.This is what she does and has did plenty of times.,.get used to it. Anyway, this is very interesting…this is Rihanna the model.

  5. hey…somebody has to pose nude! im glad its her!

    lol what exactly do you people want from her again?

    remind me what she owes you?

    (wont hold my breath)

  6. @DANA, Alicia….No! Beyonce?? Yes! Ya’ll give Beyonce too much credits. Actually, if Beyonce did this type of shoot all the people who call this shoot trash , would have called it classy the over used word they use for all of.Beyonce’s sexualized photos. let it be Rihanna, oh shes such a whore or being trashy. Such biased and hypothical people.

  7. I thought this was so perfect, the timing is awesome…Kate Moss is in overdrive in taking her celebrity and earning power well into her 40s. At 38, I just read a long interview (Moss topless photo spread) in Vanity Fair and I totally get this photo-shoot…the two seem to have a lot in common, very flawed (aren’t we all), yet clever and business savvy girls, believe it!

    For Rihanna, it’s not just attention, it’s marketing as she has modeled her career after Madonna. Madge is still at it and selling out arenas and large venues…not bad for a 54 year old pop star!

    One day the Victoria Secret fashion show, the next, Kate Moss faux lesbo photo-shoot…Facebook interview with Andy Cohen…release Diamonds video…performing on SNL and the American Music Awards upcoming…films and fragrances…changes her look every 15 minutes and make it believable…been in the game, what 8 years…still fresh after not taking a break…I wait to see how she going to pull it off…amazingly, it appears…still doing well on BB 100 chart and itunes…singles’ queen…Rihanna is one a bad chick!

  8. Cynthinia, must you go on long tangents chock full of incorrectly placed ellipses for EVERY post on this site? You just mapped out the before’s, during’s and after’s of the girl’s entire career, her upcoming promo schedule, her motives, aspirations, intentions, motivations, AND gave a personal anecdote!

  9. …….her body looks great. Look this girl has already said she wants to be the farthest thing from a role model as possible, so its nothing different nor shocking from her. I just hope when she has children, if she chooses to, that’ll change.

  10. @ETC

    Just a big Rihanna fan! I also like Ciara and others…and use the ellipses for informal comments…I know it’s improper usage…Rihanna got so much hate and now the dust has settled…when she did “Disturbia”…I became a huge fan…I wish we had more mega-popstars, but we don’t!

    Our opinions matter…so, I voice mine…here and elsewhere…about our public educational system…politics…misconceptions about us voting for Pres. Obama because we’re dependent on the government…share beneficial info links…info please dot com…african americans by the numbers…comment on the huffington post on “white entittlement”…purchase and support many black music artists…a natural born cheerleader in my real time…because people don’t share enough of the good that they see…hate comes much easier!

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