Rihanna Kicks Off Her World Tour

Rihanna kicked off her highly anticipated “Last Girl On Earth” tour last night to a sold out crowd in Antwerp, Germany. Not a lot of news about the tour has come out yet, however what we do know from the good folks on Twitter who were there, is that the show ran for about 1 hour/fifteen minutes and featured 25 songs. The show started with Madhouse and closed out with Umbrella- which to date is the singer’s biggest hit. “Man Touch,” a never before heard single from the pop diva was also a part of the set list. Various (very) low quality videos of the tour opener can be seen here. Great quality photos can be seen below.


  1. I’m officially crushin’ HARD on Rihanna’s legs.

    Seriously. Them chits are sick!!!

    Congrats on the good reception of her tour! Nicki Minaj just might be missin’ out on a good thing.


    But i have to say, i was sent private high quality video from one of my good friends at rihanna daily. And it was her performing DISTURBIA, and truly i was abosoloutly DISTURB..She was wining on the floor, yelping and gasping for air….

    But congrats on her sucess, i heard Nicki Minaj is going on Gaga’s tour…O well, On to the next one

  3. can anyone say LADY GAGA.. now yall know rihanna was not dressin like this b4 gaga came out.. i mean wtf is that on her head only gaga wud do suthin like that. smh this is why i dont like her no more cuz she fake..

  4. LOL at Lady Gaga being the be all to end all in everything strange in fashion. Soem of you are so sad and alwyas looking for reasons to nitpick another sista.

    P.S. Lady Gaga is as original as Rihanna is. Grace Jones, Tina Turner and Cher did all this mess 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

  5. those outfits are a mess and she looks a fool grabbin on her crotch. it’s not cute when anyone does it

  6. Those performance outfits are scary, am I going to see rhianna or lady gaga??!! WTF. Ri Ri you need to calm all that EXTRA NESS downnnnnn! YOU CAN’T MAKE GRABBING your INVISIBLE SCROTUM SEXY!! So please cut that OUT! I don’t care how damn famous you are, take a seat rihanna an re-evaluate life. PA-LEASE!

  7. Call me a prude- I don’t like to see ladies grabning their crotch

  8. Co-sign with Cicely! I hate it when womes try to nitpick and accuse one artist of copying when the artist they like is doing the same thing! Newsflash: None of these artists out right now (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc) are original. But they are still great entertainers. Let them be!

  9. I went to her concert last night and I must say it was good, she was late… so the people were a little impatient (some started booing)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIE3LGqlpTA

    But still it was a good production…good job Rihanna.

  10. Desperate to be relevent again, diva? I’ll pass on this foolishness!

  11. Rihanna’s body is banging! Haven’t really heard much about the show though.

  12. People Saying rihanna tour was not going to sell.

    They try to put her down talking about how nicki minaj (Relevance?).

    Comparing her to Lady gaga (Loool).

    At the end of the day Rihanna fans love her and love her shows that’s all that matters. Congrats to her.

  13. @LMAO it’s obvious you can’t stand her reign!!! CTFU

    @ Starbright…sold out European tour, Sold out Madison Square Garden.

    You all just don’t get it. Rihanna IS relevant, still on top, #1 singles in the game, running the game her way!

    She is no more a gimmick than Beyawnsay and Gaga!!!!!




  14. She can sale out the world but it still dont amount to a bill of beans. Rihanna is just terrible when it comes to performing live and after seeing and hearing her live you know it’s not about her music and all in the look. This slutty and grabbing her self is not it. Her vocals are terrible she sounds like she has a echo and it’s the goat coming out. She dont know how to work a song, she did 25 songs in an hour and fifteen minutes shows it’s nothing. A artist with talent doing 25 songs would take 3 hours working each song. Rihanna practics a song and that’s how it comes out, with no nothing except grabbing her self and being half naked. Yes she will sale, but it’s not on a talent tip! 25 songs in an hour and fifteen minutes with changes? boils down to nothing!!!

  15. The best entertainer of the decade. Ri Ri has out done. Bknowles by far…I;m sorry…And you don’t see B jumping on RiRi tracks…I know ….

  16. these photo’s have GRACE JONES written all over It

  17. bored
    Feel better about yourself?Now can we talk about your accomplishments? Because surely with your choice of words you must outdo rihanna in every aspect of life right? So what is new with you ? What are you up to?

  18. I find it strange that blogs only post pics of most of her performances, never videos. Strange. Makes me wonder…..

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