Rihanna: Fierce Fashionista

Rihanna and Fashion Week just seem to be made for each other. The singer has been making the rounds of all the events this week and has been looking extra fabulous while doing so. The fierce fashionista continued to flaunt her fabulous fashion sense while attending the 2nd Annual House Of Hype Directors Dinner in New York City. Decked out in sequins and lace from head to toe- Rihanna once again demonstreated why she is without a doubt the reigning Queen of Fashion.

Peep her below setting off a new trend. I predict you’ll be seeing these lace shades on everyone within the next few weeks.


  1. She is loving these glasses that you can barely see through!

    It’s a trend I hate and my hate for it began when Kanye starting sporting those “blinds” shades.

    Rih Rih looks flyy as hell though.
    She’s fun to watch 🙂

  2. Wow, that outfit is ugly as all hell and she still looks fab. I have never seen anything like it, that outfit is extremely ugly and she can give all the other industry chics a run for their money. Now I don’t think that bald headed Amber or Mr Gaga should be compared to Rih Rih for one second, but does anyone think Rihanna may be competing? She has been dressing outragious lately, like she must have read the comments people made about amber being the next Rihanna?

  3. UMMM….am I the only on that looked at this out fit? I think she look horrible all the time not fierce. Her outfit is UGLY Very UGLY……She always look nasty!!!

  4. Ri Ri, Keri, and Amber are the baddest in the game right now….Beyonce used 2 b but the long weave is really played out….Ri Ri u r my girl but u stole that lil highlight track from my girl Keri Hilson….i think that’s why she changed her piece to an auburn color now

  5. she look horrible, i seen her look better before. and am tried of the shades

  6. She is flyer than fly.

    There needs to be a new word added to the dictionary just for her fabulousness!

  7. I like this attire she is wearing it’s unique fashion sence and the glasses are hot to

  8. I so agree with Truthteller, this outfit is something I wouldn’t wear but for some reason, this is HOTT on her, sh look sooo pretty(no homo) But thats funny how a person could make the outfit, thats whats up, go girl:)

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