Rihanna Launches ‘Rogue Man’ in Atlanta


Hundreds of fans flocked to Macy’s at Lenox Square in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend to get a glimpse at pop diva Rihanna who was in town to launch her new fragrance Rogue Man.

The 26-year old fashion and beauty icon already has a hit on her hands, after having tweeted the link to purchase the fragrance at Macy’s online, it reportedly sold in minutes, despite its rather hefty $69 price tag.

Rihanna’s beauty brand continues to bring in big money for the Bajan beauty, who has also seen her MAC collections sell out in record time as well.

Rihanna is rumored to be working on her own brand of cosmetics, as well as a fashion line independent of the one she now has with River Island.


  1. Rihanna is really a chamaleon when it comes to her looks (I mean this in a good way!) She looks so fresh faced and pretty here.

    Glad for her success, but I will not be supporting such an overpriced product. Good to read that she is looking into her own brand of cosmetics and clothing.

  2. I don’t think its overpriced. Have you seen what fragrances cost these days? But considering her other female fragrances cost about $30, it was interesting to see this one priced about what celebrity fragrances usually sell for.

  3. Its being sold at Macy’s so you know there is gonna be a markup. I smelled her first fragrance and didn’t like it. Smelled too much like incense. Haven’t smelled the others. Good luck to her regardless. Her MAC collections were all nice.

  4. @sista/dana- those are extremely valid points…I think I have gotten used to the $29.99 celeb fragrances

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