What She Wore: Rihanna Rocks Chartreuse Sneaks

Who but Rihanna could make lime green look so good? The pop diva was spotted earlier this week arriving at LAX after returning home from a trip to Barbados. Wearing a head to toe Nike outfit that included a grey French Terry sweat suit and chartreuse sneakers, the singer looked stylishly low key as she made her way to her car.

Wanna copy Rihanna’s look for yourself ? Click here to get started.


  1. She did no more for them shoes than you would if you would have had them on, that’s the problem with this chick stop giving credit where none is due they are tennis shoes with a sweat suit, people do it all the time. I see Matt sent her clingy but back, cause that chick dont look happy and I saw in one pic before she left she had that evil eye lurking. Rihanna is crazy and this relationship is getting ready to do the same as with the one with Chris. She left her family of only spending actually one day with them to be with this dude and look at the end result… She looks really happy there!

  2. Rihanna is a fashion icon and there is no denying that. She just did more for Nike and those ugly colored sneakers than you or I ever could have.

    Indeed she does look super cute and people who would have never thought to buy those color shoes will definitely give them a second thought now.

    I swear the needless attacks on Rihanna, Ciara and Beyonce need to stop. Some of you are so miserable and transparent it it ain’t even funny.

  3. Bored… bitter much? funny how you know so much about someone you’ve never met. *smdh*

    poor thing looks like me when I get off a plane… exhausted, lol. the kicks are hittin, i actually thought of buying them recently but they were way too pricy for sneakers (i’d rather spend that money on heels, lol) so i passed. they’re hot though.

    I agree with Eileen… Nike must be loving her right now for that free advertising. lol

  4. @ Eileen

    I agree with your whole post…

    @ ZY
    lol…You as well..

    I think that they are all beautiful women and credit is due where it is…Now, people can disagree, but the negativity is really not necessary…She is still cute as a button

  5. ummm yea, i have shoes exactly like that, there is no big friggin deal. heck i even wear mine with pink sweats. smh. you ppl give theses celeb too much damn power. 🙄

  6. Bored is in every Rihanna post.You talk about her negatively every post.I dont understand people like you.Just ignore her if you dont like her.SMH

  7. Riri could wear a trash bag and still look fly as hell! lol 🙂

  8. She looks fine…and the shoes are…ok. (Y’all only care because it’s Rihanna. If she wasn’t an “It” girl of Hollywood, who’d care?)

    Tutu, I completely agree. And if you don’t participate in celebrity worship or say the slightest thing agaisnt one, somebody will swear you’re jealous or something.

  9. I comment just like everyone else, I just state from a no stan out look, not a groupie outlook. Like I said she did nothing for them shoes but what you allowed in your eye site. Green tennis shoes with a sweat suit with a chick with red hair, guess what? it done all the time but you made it something because of her… I dont give that credit and a fashion Icon is someone who has made a difference in the world, not your world. Lovely and Tutu really said it all. The media has created a lot of nothing!

  10. Half the things people do, say & wear almost always comes from what they see a celeb do or on videos, movies, whatever..so because it’s rih rih ya gotta take a stab at her?

    The chick is turning into a fashion icon…DEAL WITH IT!

  11. Bored Yet you swear by another artist, admit it, you love rihanna you wanna be her 🙂

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