Rihanna’s Country Music Debut

Rihanna has conquered the world of Pop music and so it appears she is now out to do the same in the world of Country. The 23 year old pop diva debuted her single “California King Bed” last night via the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Rihanna performed the song with singer Jennifer Nettles, best known to the world as the lead singer of Sugarland. According to Rihanna’s label, she made history with her performance, becoming the first black woman to ever perform on the show.


  1. That’s a good look for Rihanna, I like the song and she sounded pretty good. Good job.

  2. Jennifer Nettles totally out sang RiRi. What’s up with her hair it’s a setback. I love CKB and I can’t frigin’ wait for Man Down. Get it together Ms. Fenty!!!

  3. Rihanna’s got a good song but if this song is Beyonce’s, Nettles would never steal the song like this.

  4. Country singers are just excellent singers. Pop singers are not good singers. They rely on visual, rather than sound.

  5. I love Rihanna and the song, but i have to agree with @Monica. Because Bey and Jennifer have sung the country version of Irreplaceable before together on the AMA’s and Beyonce out sung Jennifer by a long shot.

  6. She sung. I couldn’t even hear her because they other lady sang her down to the pits. LAWD Rihanna. The Wig is horrid. And leave Beyonce out of this. We all know she can outsing them. Can we keep cute today.

  7. Beyonce outsung Jennifer in Irreplaceable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Beyonce fans really have one year and one eye. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Beyonce outsinging Sugarland. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Don’t you think her mic was too low at the begining,but by the time they reach the middle it got corrected. SMH black ppl always looking for the worst.

  9. glad rihanna did not over sing the song like most of these RNB artist who think they have to scream at you every time the go on stage

  10. A great performance…Jennifer Nettles is a super vocalist…Rihanna did a great job, just not the same kind of range…a very smart move…let Jennifer introduce Rihanna to core country fans…you couldn’t ask for a better reception…stage to extend her borders and increase her territory…this will be another number one for Rihanna and I won’t be surprised if Jennifer Nettles records this song or they record a duet together…she’ll definitely be getting tons of requests…it says a whole lot about Rihanna…she knew about Sugarland before this performance…in rehearsal…soundcheck…she was out sung on her own song…but, the chemistry was fantastic…this is how you grow…stepping out of your comfort zone…a new frontier…the wig, dress…more conservative…reinventing yourself…this is truly “Winning!”

  11. Rihanna has the potential to be a VOCALIST but she just needs to work on her control and breathing technique. Esp. when she goes up the scale with those higher notes. But I will have to say jennifer was blowin.

  12. OK somebody needed to turn up RiRi’s mic b/c i couldn’t hear a word she saying??? SMH

  13. From what I could hear rih sounded ok. And kudos to her for being the first african american to sing on this show.

    As for bringing up beyawnce in this post..whateva! Bey could outscream sugarland but NEVER outsing.

  14. @Monica, BUT IT IS NOT BEYONCE’S SONG. BOO-HOO, BOO=HOO. TAKE A LOOK AT the Beyonce Prince duet, he said he will never perform with her again. She is a stage hog. Take a look at her duet with Tina Turner…She stepped on Momma T’s dammmmm toes. Beyonce is a has-been and overrated.



  15. @JOHN how long do you think this potential is going to take? She has been in this business to long for people to still be saying this. Rihanna is placed in spots like this and it does her know good. How you let someone out shine you on your own song? Rihanna made no history she shames herself and the music industry, they pay for this stuff and she gets dogged everytime, no one is shouting on the Mountain top about this performance. Most of this song you could not hear Rihanna and when you did it was under her but this is Rihanna’s song she’s a disgrace to so many it’s not funny anymore she looks like Dionne Warwick in that pic and shes 22 or 23. But overall that was a hot mess and you know it. She made history alright she got played on her own song on National TV from a County Singer!

  16. BORED- Wow. I’m only speaking from a vocalist (myself) point of view. I said she has the potential, how long it takes, or if it will ever happen is up to her. Or maybe she’s already at her peak as far as vocals go. Only time will tell.

  17. Lmao at the delusional rihyodel stans lying as usual. Prince never said he wouldnt perform with bey again. He loves her & even covered her suga mama song. When prince & tina turner gonna ask 2 perform with rihyodel? Lmao never cause everybody knows she cant sing. And lol at rihyodel tryin 2 do everything bey does. Bey been performed with jennifer & clearly outsang her. Rihanna on the other hand looked stupid with that wig & like a horrible singer as usual. Lmao!

  18. @Everyone who think I am Bey fan,
    Yeah, I am a fan of Bey but also a fan Rih, especially “Loud”album is my fav. I only tell the fact that I feel. If it’s not Bey, but Alicia Keys or Christina Aguilera, I think they could perform better than Rih and Jennifer Nettles can not steal her shine. Rih’s voice is flat and did not stand out not only Nettles’ but also the music.
    I won’t stop if I tell the truth,OK?

  19. Rihanna sounded pretty good. She must have been working on her vocals. I like the song. The lady from Sugarland has real emotion in her voice

  20. @T Yes he did!!!!!! She was practically a bulldozer on stage with Prince. He said he will not work with her again. And she almost amputated Tina Turner’s foot. Beyonce gotta learn to humble herself and stop being extra and rambunctious on stage always trying to prove how much she can bring it. Well, guess what, she’s got switch up the stage act because it’s tired. As for Rihanna, the woman is where she is in the industry for a reason…she works hard for hers and constantly evolving head to toe. Oh, guess who got the most Pop songs in America??? The Bajan Pop Queen Rihanna. CONGRATULATIONS RIHANNA ON YET ANOTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT.

  21. @ROCKON It all makes sense now. The reason you’re always hating on the queen is cuz you’re a Rihanna stan. I never usually come to her posts, so I never knew that. Get ready to get your hate on cuz round 4 is about to be here, and the queen B is about to sting so stand back!!

  22. This is why rihanna is to me the best pop artist in the game right now regardless of what delusional people have to say, she uses every genre of music posisble it’s like she dabbles with a little of everything so i’m never bored, i don’t mind the fact that she does not “dance” unless your name is janet or ciara, these other chicks do nothing but show their cooch and spread their legs and call it dancing, i’m glad rihanna is sparing me, the only thing i criticize about her is maybe too many skimpy outfits, other than that, she makes better music then any of her counterparts, and i love good music.

    Btw: Poor beyonce fans , nobody is trying to be beyonce and no one is worried about her but you,rihanna is nowhere near trying to even write the letter B, so stop acting out, it’s insecure.

  23. @Rockon, you a beast girl. I like it and I like the truth you tell all the time. Idk if your an ass, but, I do know you can type and probably speak in complete sentences unlike Beyonce. 😉

  24. “she almost amputated Tina Turner’s foot”

    *Pass out dead
    *Wakes up
    *Laugh so hard then falls again

  25. rockon i never like you i thought u were a sh*t starter but u actually make some interesting points.

  26. I was a bit underwhelmed by the performance-but Im not a fan of CKB…props to Rihanna for branching out to a country show.
    From an entertainment point of view, I think it would have been cool if she and J.Nettles did a country song, rather than J.Nettles out singing her.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a Rihanna fan but it seems like when it comes down to actually singing, her people aren’t having her practice like she should. She can def hit notes, but its like she is out of breath or something.

  27. PS- I love her dress, and also how well recieved Rih was- very classy. Imagine a country artiste trying to perform at the BET awards lol

  28. Never heard Prince say that, UNLESS he told some folks personally(ROCKON?). But I’m sure it was just made up as always.

  29. Rihanna did a great job, she let Jennifer shine and then at the end she came in and DELIVERED big time.

    The Beyonce/Jennifer Nettles duet did not sound nearly as good at this one.

    Rihanna and Jennifer really complimented each other at the end and the combined sound was wonderful and beautiful, I wouldnt describe what Beyonce did with her as Beautiful, it did not come together and BLEND like this did, this is in a league of its own.

    Check the crowd and the youtube views (even her background singer) were ALL FEELING IT…

    Haters, get to the left with Beyonce.

    Rihanna is doing Rihanna, and doing a good job. She was not locked in a basement, denied an education and socialization in order to be a staruh like Beyonce, she is an everday island girl who had chores, school, responsibilities and is now living her dream. There is no comparison here, so give it a rest.

  30. That wig is horrible.

    Really puts the focus on her ape like features.

    Jennifer is an amazing vocalist, blow that ape right out the water.

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