Rihanna Makes History in Paris


Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour made a stop in Paris, France over the weekend. There, the 25-year old pop star reportedly made history, becoming the youngest artist ever to sell out the 80,000 seat Stade De France.

Rihanna took to Instagram to thank her fans, adding news that she is also only the third black person in history to sell out the stadium.

Tina Turner did so back in 2000 during her sold out ‘Twenty Four Seven Tour.’ While Prince broke records of his own during his ‘Welcome 2 America Euro 2011 Tour.’

I couldn’t do this alone, I needed 80’000 people to join me!!! And you did, so thank you for being the fans of a lifetime, we’re the ones they’re gonna talk about decades from now! You are the phanz that other faves could only dream to have!! I am blessed and honored and proud and humbled to be represented by you and to represent for you!!!! It’s a Navi thing!! #phuckyophanz #phuckyofav #thisiswhatrealstadiumstatusbelookinglikebitch #nobasiczone #THANKYOU #NavyRDie.,” Rihanna wrote to fans after her momentous gig.

The performance came as a welcome relief to the singer who was recently slammed by Holland fans who complained of the notorious party girl arriving late for a performance and putting on a lackluster show.

Rihanna’s tour resumes tonight in the U.K. where she will play the 74,500 seat Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.


  1. living a fast life^^^

    still a great achievement. i just wish i could read more of how professional she is, i.e. NOT showing up hours late, i.e. NOT delivering lackluster performances. if she could step her performance and pr game up she would literally be “on the top” of the top, of the world.

  2. I don’t get why she has to say f*ck your fav, or your fans…calm down!!! it’s a great achievement, take it in, live it and enjoy it, you don’t have to think about the “conmpetition”!!! and oh, how about actually taking the singing and performing part seriously to maintain this!!!

  3. Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Beyonce all follow their fan bases closely. Each is incredibly narcissistic and knows they have very vocal, and in many cases, childish fan bases who like to gas up their heads. Justin Bieber has actually pushed his Belibers to harass people on Twitter. Gaga and Beyonce haven’t done that, but they often spew the crap their Little Monsters and Beyhive have to say. Likewise, Rihanna’s Navy has gassed up her head and she often acts a fool in the name of them. These Twitter clans are often at war with each other (for example the Navy against the Beyhive) and that is why Rihanna is also making comments like the one you are talking about Marang_Dream.

  4. Congrats on the accomplishment but her ego, and badgal persona is is getting old, tiring, and it’s disgusting. I find it ironic that, not to long ago a certain artist released a snippet of a song that unarguably was about her naysayers/haters, and she got crucified by people saying she was arrogant, and attacking not as successful artist. Now Ms. Fenty here is CLEARLY bullying other artist telling them “thisiswhatrealstadiumstatusbelookinglikebitch” and everyone’s a-ok, not a peep (obviously not Dana)? ok…

    SN: I guess she’s run out of hair choices. She should do grey hair next, that’s about the only other one available. And I think it would be fashion forward for her, which is her greatest talent, oh a modeling. But congrats, she’s a pretty girl she just needs a step off her high horse and work on that attitude.

  5. Congrats to Rihanna and I hope she doesn’t allow her ego to continue to expand beyond her reach. There is no need to make such snide and toxic remarks! I’m a big fan, but I don’t like to see train wrecks, we have seen enough of that. If she’s speaking about or to Ciara, I think, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Ciara does seem happy and has a man, IDK, just an observation. Also, I don’t think she took kindly to the “bow down” crowd either. Her personal life seems in disrepair and she’s over-scheduled, over-committed, hence the unprofessional career moves.

    I believe her live performances will improve when she takes a Las Vegas installment gig, where she has the time to work on a well-crafted show. She can’t do it all, take no breaks and do everything well, especially while hurting. I love her “Love without Tragedy/Mother Mary”…she has issues to work out for sure! Congrats to her for making it this far, she’s cocky because she was well-hated before she started acting out and it’s been her numbers that has fueled her career, not just marketing and promotion or big endorsement deals.

  6. at Dana, you have a point with the Twitter warrings. i have to wonder sometimes, do those fans (stans) go to bed thinking about their fave? do they wake up thinking about how they’re going to “drag the lessers”? you can tell the ones who are really rabid because they are on Twitter/Tumblr almost 24/7 lol. that’s some dedication (that i will never achieve because i have better things to do). but hey, if they like it, i click on the next page and keep it moving. ha! it’s amazing to me, though.

  7. @ GET REAL, I think its because its not a song. Now had Rihanna made a song saying those things I think ppl would have chastised her too. But as of now, who really pays attention to Rihanna’s Instagram account except her fans?

  8. Americans love MANY performers for their TALENT and talent alone. We dont care where they are from. Only that they can entertainer, sing, dance, or act.

    But rihanna is much more than an entertainer to the folks of the caribbean. She is like the GREAT BLACK CARIBBEAN HOPE who they believe, will prove to the world that they are better than black americans. They are her primary rabid fans. They see her success as their success, and they are possessed with their quest to prove that their GREAT CARIBBEAN hope is the best in the world, but unfortunately she is not, and never will be. But they keep on trying to turn a lie into the truth. Kind of pathetic, I say.

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