Rihanna Makes Her Fashion Week Debut

Rihanna’s River Island collection finally made its debut earlier today during the opening ceremonies of London’s Fashion Week. However, despite having her name used to drum up an added bit of publicity for the event, Rihanna’s show was not officially part of the LFW line-up and was actually held off-site at an unused post office.

The British Fashion Council tried to have it both ways, including the singer’s collection in their official schedule and emails, but requiring that it be held at a separate location.

Despite the uneven support, Rihanna’s show was heavily attended and reportedly went off without a hitch. Reviews however, have been a bit more tricky.

The Daily Beat called the singer’s collection “slutty and tiresome,” while Elle magazine’s fashion director had a totally different take, calling the collection “high fashion” and a “nod to the street style of the 1980’s.”

You all can judge for yourself.

Pics and video below.


  1. Deréon and House of Deréon is looking pretty good right about now, eh?

  2. Interesting…sans the black sheer and red numbers, they’re very wearable. On a mannequin in a department store, the tan number, yellow and black printed pant will sell and do have hanger appeal. Those others are hideous, deliberately so…but the biker & tat crew can mix and match (a leather jacket, sneakers, 80s) the worst of it. Everything is marketing!

  3. I tried to find more pics but this appears to be it. All fashion shows have a certain amount of stuff they show for dramatic effect, but that appears to be all this show has. Where are the actual clothes? Nothing shown is even slightly original or even re-imagined. Its just stuff that looks thrown together. Rihanna should be ashamed to allow her name to be used in such a way. No thought went into this at all.

  4. Slutty and tired, if you look in the dictionary under Rihanna’s name that would be the def. She went in her closet took out some of her hooker clothes and paid some striving models too wear them. Not even a mannequin can do this justice. This is one collection that should stay in London when it comes to the US it should to straight to the dollar store for that amount…Her whole showing was tacky down to the music…

  5. This is quite typical of urban fashion lines by singers. They are cheaply thrown together to make a buck. Look at Dereon, nothing to brag about, it failed and shut up shop years ago. House of Dereon is now a Facebook page. Few singers really devote their time to it. Victoria Beckham was only able to do it because her singing career was in the toilet. You really can’t be successful at both. Each requires full time attention and few singers will give up music for fashion. It’s just a side hustle for them.

  6. To me these pieces seem like the kind of stuff Rihanna would wear….so it’s a win-win, right? lol

  7. @Kanyade

    So funny, insightful and true…cos Rihanna can rock these pieces and will I’m sure…people will buy them too…

  8. It is quite basic. Not my favorite. The only thing that maybe separates it from any other basic collection is the fact that it tries to some extent to mimic her style a little bit, but has nothing new or original..

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