Rihanna & Matt Come Out

Who knew a little poolside fun could cause such a commotion? Rihanna and Matt Kemp’s PDA moment at a hotel pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has got the entire internet talking. The couple, who have been spotted together on several occasions, openly kissed and did all the other things that people who are dating each other do. Matt took it to the next level, feeling up his superstar girlfriend in public and laughing for the cameras. As I posted yesterday, it is good to see Rihanna move on- but I hope it is Rihanna and not her fame and all the attention he will recieve from dating her, the unknown baseball player is enjoying so much.


  1. Chris brown who ?? loool (sorry but I just had to say that !!! )

  2. Feeling all up on her like that at a public resort wile the paps were snapping pics is straight up disrespectful. Rihanna had her back turned so she didnt know they were being photographed but Kemp darn sure did. I don’t see this lasting long. I agree Sista, he sees her fame and likes the attention he will get being in her company.

  3. Dang he’s a lucky man that’s all Im gonna say. @CICELY- I think she knew they were being photographed, there are more pics that’s why I say that.

  4. Chris was tryna leave her before the beat down and after. so i doubt Chris is crying.
    @cicely- he prob see her as a trophy. She is one of the most beautiful women in the music industry, just not the most classy. Great on the arm, but can you really take her home 2 moms. specially if she got a tv and seen those videos ummm nope.My son wouldn’t bring her home 2 me, talkin bout we serious mom.

  5. If you moved on then just move on, don’t try to convince anyone unless your’e trying to convince yourself. I don’t care about PDA in public but grabbing the butt like its a piece of meat is tacky. Have fun Rhianna but don’t play yourself in the media like this. Unfortunately people will give him thumbs up but will call you a wh*re.

  6. Exactly @ Koko. Now with ALL THESE PHOTOS coming out, it seems like a competition and Kemp is just having fun and doing it for show. Yes, being grabbed like that in public is disrespectful to me! I agree with KOKO. SMH.

  7. yes he is a fame whore, but then again so is she. let them do what they do, time will tell if it will last or not

  8. @colgate stfu plz cuz CB and rih don’t have to be linked together.. Its foolish ppl like u who can’t move on make it harder for them to get ova it.. Nd first off just cuz he got muscles don’t make him cute I seen a pic of his face up close and I give him a 6 out of 10 sorry but he isn’t war I thought he was.. Nd as far as them as couple I don’t feel chemistry all I get when I see them is a girl who wants d**k nd a man who wants p***y nd fame.. Just sayin

  9. @koko..THANK YOU.. There is one thing I can’t stand is attention whore..like rihanna whether matt is fling or a new boo we don’t need to know the day of like we was sittin here waiting by our laptops to see when ur gonna have a new guy like get ova self nd live ya life..nd if u keep this up year gonn shorten ur 15 mins bish

  10. @RUSERIOUS(im guessing that’s you)-Why are women who choose to show SOME skin trashy? If you could see that your son TRULY loved Rihanna and she loved him as well you STILL wouldn’t approve because of her videos? She’s making money the way she’s knows how you can’t knock her for that. Come on now…

  11. @12345- if its MY SON i would prefer him with a girl who makes $ with her clothes on. There are plenty of professions like that include singing, she CHOOSES to sing 80% naked. I don’t care if my son’s girl don’t live in a mansion & don’t push a benz. That’s just me, though, there are plenty of moms who don’t mind their son with a woman like that. Now if he’s grown, i can’t stop him but i wudn’t be embracing her with open arms. Give me a daughter-in -law making average income but got above average self love and esteem.

  12. Some skin?? understatement ya think??? Im not saying walk around like a muslim with just eyes showin and the tip of ur toes but c’moon…. Rhi does way more than “show a lil skin”

  13. I hope Rih has taken care of her own problems before inviting a new man in her life…….

  14. who the hell is Matt Kemp? Sorry for the language, Stephanie.

  15. LMAO @UnalteredBeauty

    But you know everyone keeps saying she’s so young so she should have fun… and then turn around and say she’s grown so she should be able to do what she wants. Make up your minds. I’m just looking at the fact that if you’re going to present yourself as a “role model” to those who went through domestic abuse with a loved one, you should be able to present yourself with a little more privacy rather than looking like a “fling” to some unknown baseball player who has the potential to do her just as dirty with a quickness. Take in mind, everyone wanted to down put Chris for being seen around with various females… BUT prove me wrong… I don’t recall seeing photos of Chris grabbing on some female like she’s a joke and a peace of meat. *SHRUGS* But then ya’ll up Rihanna for “moving on” and finding “new love.” I hope she doesn’t out play herself. SMH. Look like she’s headed down that road.

  16. This is just plain disrespectful, as a young lady in the industry or not should respect themself first so others can respect them. Rihanna respect yourself you won’t feel it now but as you get older and ready yo settle down you will have problems. Because know real man wants trash as his wife.

  17. I don’t believe in PDA at all, but TONS of people do. Since Rihanna is in da spotlight 24/7, she does have to be a lot more discreet, but anyone who MAY call her a wh~~~ or trashy woman would be over-the-top. It doesn’t matter whether we saw or see Chris B. grabbing on the SEVERAL women that he’s been spotted dating. We haven’t seen her doing the things that he has done either. She’s better than him on her worst day. Also, as I’ve said before, Rihanna did not start showing nearly this much skin on stage or off stage (especially off stage) until AFTER Chris B. released those nude photos of her. I think that she feels like everyone has seen her already. She has A LOT to get over. Everyone should just let her be. Don’t do her the same way that everyone did Michael J. Once they figured out that he had no STRONG family members to have his back AND he was very insecure or had low self-esteem due to years of abuse at home & into adulthood, the majority of people just kept tearing him down. Let’s build one another up.

  18. She deserves to happy. I hope he’s not using her as you some of you say, but I wish her luck with her new bf.

  19. But I will say, I dont like the last 2 pictures. I dont like the look in his face either.
    Was he trying to send some subliminal message?

  20. Stop blaming Chris for anything now! Rihanna is and have always been her and this is just her being her…. Certain things you just dont do in public and what she is allowing this man to do is one of them. Yes! everyone moves on but do it for the right reasons, I believe they are using each other, her to make Chris jealous and him showing who he is banging cause she is showing he’s getting something. But guess who will be the stupid one?

  21. @Bored- i agree. Now its Chris fault she cooses 2b naked and allow a man who obviously just starting dating 2 display her like meat 4 the world. Chris got that much power. Wow. I know women who have been abused, including myself- who have not starting walking around naked after. Rhianna was neva a modest girl clothing wise anyway. But you know what, she is in my prayers.


  23. They look like they’ve been together for years. I hope Rihanna decides to just enjoy life and not get too serious with anyone right now.

  24. I definitely know some people who have been abused & don’t walk around with their “clothes off”. I don’t know any who have nude photos released by the abuser that they used to think they could trust. That’s another kind of abuse that a majority of women won’t have to experience even if they have given pictures to a boyfriend or ex-husband before. I’m just saying that she has been wearing a lot less clothes since Chris released those photos. I never saw her wearing breast petals only before those pics were released. I feel like she thinks that she kept her clothes on more than other singers at first & everyone still ended up seeing her naked. So she just joined them instead of hiding. It would not have been my choice but I can understand that feeling & couldn’t begin to imagine the horror of having my parents, family, & friends all seeing me nude on the web. She’s human.

  25. Also, women (majority but not all)who grow up in an abusive home tend to have very low self-esteem regardless of financial successes, and they do allow men to have “that much power” over them. That’s why they allow themselves to be beaten in the first place. All women gravitate toward those who are like their dad in some way. It takes a lot to learn how to spot the signs and avoid that kind of man if you have/had a dad who abused your mom or you, especially if you still have a relationship with your dad.

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