Rihanna Models Gio-Goi

Clothes label Gio-Goi’s stable of famous fans is starting to look like a dream festival line-up. Rihanna is the latest star to wear the rock n’ roll clobber, following fellow singers Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Pete Doherty, Liam Gallagher and Kasabian’s Tom Meighan. Rihanna modeled for brothers Anthony and Chris Donnelly as part of a plan to take the brand to America. A New York shop is already on the cards. The singer had the lads round to her London hotel last week, posing in nothing but a cap and puffa. It must be a hard job for those fashion snappers. To view more of the range go to giogoi.com.


  1. Why does she always have to go for the skanky look, why not just model it and let that be that ? She looks like a Ghetto girl, so it that what the clotes represent?

  2. I understand she wants to be edgy but why does she always want to show her breast?

  3. Seeing her without makeup I have been able to notice they contour/airbrush the hell out of her nose. Weird.

    She looks seriously stoned in that pic.

  4. I think she looks good Rih would be one of the baddest models

  5. I love this picture!! She looks like a cute little boy.

  6. Foreign Black women usually have more class than Black American women,What is the matter with this child?

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