Rihanna Debuts ‘Needed Me’ Video


‘Needed Me’ Video by Rihanna

Less than a month after debuting the visual for her single Kiss it Better, pop diva Rihanna returns with yet another visual, this time for her caustic new single Needed Me. The track is the third to be taken from her Anti album, which is still riding high on the Billboard Hot 200. Like Kiss it Better, me thinks Rihanna is hoping Needed Me will finally knock off Work which refuses to relinquish its hold on the Hot 100.

Rihanna had previously told fans via Instagram that she’d been trying to introduce new singles, but fans won’t let Work go. The song has so far spent twelve weeks on the charts, nine of which have been spent in pole position. Work is Rihanna’s longest reigning number single, and show’s no signs of slowing down.

Still, if you’re looking for something new, Needed Me might provide it. It’s an unremarkable single, as is the video which features quite a bit of nudity and unexplained violence. Whereas Bitch Better Have My Money used both to its benefit, the visual for Needed Me just seems to wanna shock.

There might be a more tame version of the video coming at a later time, but for right now only the explicit version has been made available.


  1. You can put your boobs away now, Rihanna. We’ve seen them in 3 out of your last 4 videos. We get it, you’re hot. 😆

  2. Meh. I liked Kiss it Better though. Better video and better song.

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